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we like it or not (is what he said)
it's happening to us. Advertisements are
all good; the news is all bad (McLuhan).
But how we receive bad news can change:
we're glad to hear unemployment's
increasing. Soon, all that will be
required of us will be one hour's
work per year (Fuller). X. They ask what
the purpose of art is. Is that how
things are? Say there were a thousand
artists and one purpose, would one
artist be having it and all the nine­ 
hundred and ninety­nine others be
missing the point? Arcata Bottom sign
said: Experiment endlessly and keep
humble. "Write to Center for the Study
of Democratic Institutions; they'll
know about the global services." I
did. They answered they knew nothing,
suggested writing to State Department.
Books one formerly needed were hard to
locate. Now they're all out in
paperback. Society's changing.
Relevant information's hard to come
by. Soon it'll be everywhere, unnoticed.
XI. ELECTRONICS. Day comes, the day we
die. There's less and less to do:
circumstances do it for us. Earth.
Old reasons for doing things no
longer exist. (Sleep whenever. Your
work goes on being done. You and it no
longer have a means of separation.)
We had the chance to do it
individually. Now we must do it
together: globally. War will not be
group conflict: it'll be murder, pure 
and simple, individually conceived.
Curiosity, awareness. They returned to
the fact we all need to eat to explain
their devotion to money rather than music.
When I spoke of the equation, work
equals money equals virtue, they
interrupted me (they didn't let me say
that nowadays there's no equation),
saying, "How can you speak of money and
virtue in the same breath?" XII. WHERE