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XX. What is a drawing?
No one knows any longer. Something
that doesn't require that you wait
while you're making it for it to dry?

Something on paper? Museum director
said (Tobey, Schwitters), "It's a
question of emphasis." Thanksgiving.
Art. Transportation plan (eventually at no
monetary cost, conveyances recognized
for what they are: extensions of each human
being and his luggage): short distances
costly (to taxi for one block is a 
luxury), long trips cheap as dirt
(crossing continents, oceans). Effect of
videophone on travel? That we'll 
stay home, settling like gods for
impression we'll give of being
everywhere at once? XXI. Everywhere
where economics and ploitics obtain
(everywhere?), policy is dog eat dog.
Take taxi tolls between cities. Those
in one town higher than those in the
other must drive home alone. Relaxation
of rules, ties (Take marriage), is
indicated. Now that we've got the
four-lane roads, we won't have any use for
them. (Good for roller-skating, he said.)
Refuse value judgments. Since
time lags were inordinately long,
change's now welcome. Advertising's
discredited itself. When they
advertise something, we avoid it.
There's nothing we really need to do that 
isn't dangerous. Eighth Street 
artists knew this years ago: constantly
spoke of risk. But what's meant by risk? 
Lose something? Property, life?
Principles?? The way to lose our
principles is to examine them, to give 
them an airing. XXII. Heaven's no
longer paved with gold (changes in
church architecture). Heaven's a motel.
She changed part of the loft: wall-to-wall
carpeting, mobile TV. No conflicts.
Twenty­two telephone calls were made 
by Betty Zeiger "disrupting efficiency 
of federal agencies...dedicated to 
pursuit of peace." State Department
said Hawaii speaker was a woman.