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The Social Corporatist Manifesto
by: Stan Przhegodsky

Mission Statement:
• Technologically achieving the post-scarcity of global resources, rendering
the concept of isolated wealth outdated.
• Working as a transition towards Technocratic / Scientific Socialism
(Bourgeois Socialism, where the human species is the Bourgeois, and the
machines are the Proletariat) and National Communism (a global
federation of Technocratic Socialist territories/syndicates—former
Capitalist states), preferably followed by Pyotr Kropotkin's system of
Anarchist Communism, once the necessary technological prerequisites are
achieved, specifically the ability to transform the species to become able to
inherit information, in order to render the concept of government of all
forms, from family unit to state, permanently obsolete and biologically

The Four Stages (Social Corporatism and what follows):
1. Social Corporatism:
The Aim of a Post-Scarcity Economy, which is the proper precursor to a Socialist
economy that will not degenerate into corruption and Shared Poverty.
2. Technocratic Socialism:
Humanist Totalitarianism, maximizing the efficiency and contentedness of every citizen
by means of Suggested formulas for private living; there is to be no violent enforcement,
financial or physical, of Totalitarianism; a “Stage 1” society, where post-scarcity
economics has eroded the concept of a Capitalist state, creating a Technocratic Socialist
“state” (a publically owned, incorporated territory, as opposed to bordered land deriving
from conquered territory by private monopolists).
3. National Communism:
World-Federalism / Alter-Globalization, composed of Technocratic Socialist “states”.
4. Anarchist Communism:
The Technological Erosion of the Family Unit as the final end to Hierarchy by way of
manipulating human evolution, allowing offspring to biologically inherit education; the
world is to be composed of Autonomous, Incorporated Individuals, voluntarily
collectivizing in Free Association.

Social Policy:
• Class Collaboration:
- All social classes, determined by Merit and momentary position on
the socioeconomic ladder, are expected to collaborate on the basis
of mutual interest; collective bargaining is to be used to determine
not only wages, but working conditions and standards of life
• Meritocracy:
- The election to job positions based on the merit of a citizen’s
ability; the elections can either be based on a council of academia,
or a direct democratic process
• Directorial Government:
- The position of Head of State is to be held by a small council of
merited individuals that represent each major branch of Public
• Freedom of Speech & Expression:
- Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the
freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people
peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a
redress of grievances
Fiscal Policy:
• Economic Nationalism:
- Heavy investment into infrastructure development and its upkeep;
enactment of policies which mitigate or prevent “brain-drains”

• Tripartite Corporatism:
- All Public Enterprise is to be incorporated; Private Enterprise is to

be regulated; abolition of Private Enterprise is prohibited; no Private
Enterprise is to overtake Public Enterprise unless a nationwide
referendum is held on the issue; Public–Private Competition of
Enterprise: Public Enterprise is to meet Basic Needs; Private
Enterprise is to meet rapid, changing Consumer Demand
• Class Collaborative Taxation Policy:
- Top 1% to pay 40% of Federal Income Taxes
- Top 50% to pay 20% of Federal Income Taxes
- Low Income Households are Tax Exempt
- Prohibition of Inheritance Tax
Legal Policy:
• Criminal Rehabilitation:
- All criminals are to be treated as victims of either circumstance or
biology; rehabilitation, not punishment, is to be the official state
policy on Criminal Justice
Health Policy:
• Universal Healthcare:
- All citizens are to have access to the best quality healthcare, in
order to have the health necessary to contribute to and be a
productive member of the national workforce
• Nationalization of All Fitness Centers:
- Restrictions are based solely on contagious health conditions
• Legalization of all substances
- Access to potentially harmful substances is to be determined on a
citizen’s ability to process them
• Liberal Eugenics:
- The installation of a public program that will eventually allow

parents to cheat the genetic lottery and design the health and
appearance of their offspring within reason; no offspring is to be
designed sick; abuse of the program by its managers is to subject the
guilty to a military tribunal on the charge of harming National
Education Policy:
• Free & High Quality Education for All Citizens:
- All education must meet first world standards, with a heightened
emphasis on both STEM fields and financial & time management
from an early age; no citizen is to be left uneducated—citizens
refusing education before the age of 16 will be subject to a physical
health screening and analysis of environment to remove any
biological or environmental factor that deters and demotivates a
citizen from wanting to obtain a quality education
Military & Weapons Policy:
• “Swiss” Gun Law:
- To maintain a high gun ownership rate, so that individuals have
“equal access” to violence; “equal access” is to be obtained after a
citizen is processed through a military training facility; the military is
to have no right to infringe upon the rights of innocent citizens
and is allowed to use force against a dictatorship, if the state
degenerates into a dictatorship; the military is to serve the citizenry
Religious Policy:
• State Atheism:
- No religious organization is to receive tax exemption; no religious
organization is to be treated as anything other than a NonGovernmental Organization; all citizens are free to practice any
religion they wish; no religious organization is to advocate positions
which would mislead and misinform the population in the fields of
science; no religion is to be taught as dogma in any Public Enterprise

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