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1. Safety
The following symbols mean:

Read these operating instructions fully before
use and pay particular attention to sections
containing this symbol.

 Operation of the unit must be carried out according to the given operating instructions.
 The unit should be saved from shocks and falling.
 After transport or storage in humid conditions dry out the unit (2-3 hrs) before connecting it
to the mains.
 Do not make modifications in design of the unit.

 Connect only to a power supply with a voltage corresponding to that on the serial number
 Ensure that the mains connector is easily accessible during use.
 Before moving the unit, disconnect the mains supply from the mains.
 If liquid is spilt inside the unit, disconnect it from the mains power supply and have it
checked by a competent person.
 Do not operate the unit in premises with aggressive or explosive chemical mixtures.
 Do not operate the unit outside the laboratory premises.
 Do not operate the unit which have not been correctly installed or repaired.
 Under the action of high speed blending, bags can tear down, thus causing sample spillage
inside the chamber. Take all necessary precautions to ensure safe operation.
 Do not leave the operating unit unattended.
 It is the user’s responsibility to carry out appropriate decontamination if hazardous material is
spilt on or inside the equipment.



Operating Instructions, DM 400 Delta Mixer