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Answers  to  questions  concerning  Desteni  research,  Desteni  process,  and  
Equal  Money  
1)  What  would  the  world  be  like  if  everyone  followed  the  Desteni  Process?  
Considering  the  current  state  of  world  affairs,  no  one  would  deny  that  we  are  at  a  
junction  in  history  where  we  have  to  ask  some  hard  questions.  Those  are  the  
questions  that  have  become  untouchable  in  our  society,  because  we  rely  on  
governments,  institutions  and  the  so-­‐called  free  market  as  mechanisms  by  which  
we  seek  to  improve  the  world.  However,  our  historical  track  record  shows  that  
somewhere  along  the  lines  we  are  missing  something.  With  the  economic  
downturn,  countries  like  Greece,  Spain,  Italy  but  also  the  United  States  are  
demonstrating  the  precursors  of  what  is  coming  our  way  –  the  system  by  which  
we  organize  ourselves,  our  finances  and  markets,  is  beyond  repair  and  we  must  
take  those  hard  questions  seriously  for  the  good  of  all.    
Desteni,  or  Destonians,  are  a  group  of  people  who  are  willing  to  put  their  neck  
out  and  ask:  where  did  we  go  wrong?  How  come  our  world  does  not  provide  a  
decent  life  for  all?  How  come  the  levels  of  poverty  and  abuse  are  constantly  
rising  and  penetrating  further  and  further  into  the  fabric  of  our  society  -­‐  so  that  
children  are  willing  to  pick  up  a  gun  and  shoot  their  peers?    
We  realize  that  the  world  we  are  living  in  is  not  ‘out  there’,  somewhere  removed  
from  us;  we  realize  that  the  governments,  which  we  accuse  of  not  serving  us  
properly,  is  made  up  of  the  people  like  you  and  me.  This  is  the  decisive  point  that  
Desteni  has  begun  to  tackle:  the  realization  that  we  are  at  the  root  of  what  this  
world  has  become,  and  as  long  as  we  are  continuing  the  way  we  do  we  remain  on  
the  same  path.  The  result  of  this  will  one  day  stare  us  in  the  face,  each  one  of  us,  
because  we  all  rely  on  the  resources  of  earth,  we  all  have  basic  requirements  to  
live  in  this  world  and  we  all  want  the  same  –  a  happy  and  fulfilled  life.    
Through  meticulous  investigation,  Desteni  research  has  understood  the  
implications  of  emotions  and  feelings  and  how  these  are  interconnected  with  the  
way  we  communicate  in  the  world,  how  we  conduct  our  lives  and  how  we  come  
to  terms  with  our  small  and  big  decisions  –  but  moreover,  Desteni  research  has  
shown  how  these  behaviors  build  up  the  trajectories  of  our  individual  lives.  
Indeed,  these  human  trajectories  are  what  create  the  consequences  that  we  live  
collectively  day  in  and  out.  
From  a  point  of  introspection  we  can  see  that  the  state  of  our  human  nature  is  
such  that  we  are  not  easily  in  the  position  to  analyze  our  own  lives.  Yet,  the  
conventional  ways  of  analysis,  which  are  brought  to  us  by  those  who  have  
studied  psychology  and  psychiatry,  are  not  effective  because  these  approaches  
use  the  baseline  of  normalcy,  and  can  only  constitute  a  form  of  guidance.  
Normalcy  in  the  sense  that  we  measure  those  who  require  analysis  against  the  
general  population  and  thereby  accepting  the  status  quo  of  how  we,  as  humanity,  
operate.  Self-­‐understanding,  and  therefore  self-­‐change,  can  and  will  only  
originate  from  within  oneself.        

It  is  thus  important  to  mention  here  that  those  who  join  Desteni  are  not  
followers,  but  are  individuals  that  have  grasped  the  crux  of  the  problem.  Namely  
that  the  responsibility  for  self-­‐understanding,  and  thus  self-­‐change,  lies  within  
each  individual  and  is  not  achieved  through  an  outside  source  -­‐  be  it  a  
psychologist,  teacher,  parent,  and/or  government.    From  this  perspective,  the  
main  take-­‐home  message  is  the  aptness  to  take  oneself  seriously  enough  to  
conduct  an  inquiry  into  one’s  own  mind,  and  to  lay  bare  one’s  motivations  which  
are  couched  between  emotions  and  feelings  and  deeply  anchored  in  one’s  
memory.    This  is  an  intimate  process  of  self-­‐investigation  that  has  been  
described  as  our  task  with  “know  thyself”,  ever  since  the  days  of  Delphic  maxims.  
With  these  intentions  in  mind,  an  individual  comes  to  Desteni  and  is  provided  
with  the  required  support  to  conduct  a  self-­‐investigation  using  the  steps  of  the  
Desteni  Process.  Through  a  number  of  steps,  the  individual  teaches  him-­‐  or  
herself  to  become  attentive  to  one’s  own  thoughts  and  to  understand  through  a  
participatory,  self-­‐reflective  process  the  minuteness  of  fleeting  thoughts  and  
their  role  in  creating  specific  behavioral  patterns.  In  other  words,  the  individual  
learns  to  become  self-­‐aware  of  the  automated  thoughts  and  the  ensuing  
decisions  to  act  in  the  world.  This  puts  the  individual  at  a  junction  where  he  or  
she  can  see  the  consequential  future  trajectory  of  thought-­‐automated  decision-­‐
behavior  -­‐  and  most  importantly,  the  individual  can  intervene  by  no  longer  
following  the  automation,  thus  changing  their  comportment  in  the  world.    
Desteni  research,  which  cumulates  in  the  applied  process  called  Desteni  Process,  
has  reached  a  stage  where  the  effects  of  thought  patterns  as  they  manifest  in  the  
body,  with  the  potential  to  lead  to  illness  and  physical  deterioration,  can  be  
pinpointed.  This  is  a  valuable  resource  for  the  self-­‐investigating  individual  who  
not  only  becomes  attentive  of  his  or  her  thought  patterns  but  equally  of  the  
entire  body.  
The  benefit  of  such  self-­‐investigation  with  the  goal  to  change  oneself,  if  
multiplied  -­‐  as  it  is  suggested  in  your  question  -­‐  would  create  a  new  world-­‐
happiness.  The  change  would  be  so  profound  that  the  way  we  communicate  
together,  work  together,  raise  our  children,  and  share  our  relationships  
organically  evolves  human  society  to  new,  unprecedented  levels  where  we  
collectively  eradicate  the  problems  we  have  been  faced  with  ever  since  recorded  
history.  We  would  realize  that  these  problems  were  self-­‐created  and  that  we  all  
along  were  in  the  position  to  stop  them  but  we  did  not,  because  we  refused  to  
ask  those  hard  questions  and  provide  ourselves  with  practical  answers.    
One  can  think  of  Desteni  as  giving  the  best  possible,  practical  answer  to  our  
world  problems,  with  the  understanding  that  practicality  is  a  physical,  
accumulative  procedure  that  takes  years  to  accomplish.  Evidence  that  there  are  
individuals  that  take  themselves  seriously  enough  to  engage  in  the  Desteni  
Process,  and  are  committed  to  a  self-­‐change  that  transforms  their  lives  to  truly  
leading  a  life  of  being  ‘in-­‐charge’  of  it,  are  the  publicly  written  blogs  on  the  
Internet  under  the  theme:  Journey  to  Life  –  a  7  year  process  application.  For  
those  who  want  to  see  first  hand  some  of  the  steps  involved  in  the  Desteni  

Process  you  are  invited  on  the  Internet  –  you  can  find  us  on  Facebook:  7  Year  
Journey  to  Life  
2.  What  would  it  be  like  if  the  Equal  Money  System  was  in  place?  
The  answer  in  short  is:  it  would  be  ‘heaven  on  earth’.  Though,  throughout  our  
practical  investigations,  in  terms  of  understanding  the  world  system  and  
ourselves  as  the  participants  that  build  the  nature  of  this  world-­‐system,  we  have  
realized  that  our  proposal  for  an  Equal  Money  will  take  longer  than  expected  to  
be  implemented  as  a  world-­‐system  to  satisfactorily  co-­‐exist  as  equals  on  earth.  
The  foundation  of  it  is  that  if  an  individual  is  supported  from  birth  to  death  with  
all  the  money  or  access  to  the  means  required  to  live  in  the  best  possible  way,  
our  intrinsic  nature  would  change.  Though  over  time  we  realized  our  
conditioning  in  relation  to  our  survival,  selfish  interest,  desires  to  win  and  have  
more  than  others  don’t  only  exist  because  of  how  the  world-­‐system  as  our  
economy  and  politics  operate,  it  is  in  fact  the  nature  of  ourselves  individually,  
who  we  are  and  have  become  as  human  beings  which  means  that  in  order  to  
have  the  Equal  Money  System  in  place,  first  we  have  to  walk  through  a  most  
likely  lengthy  process  of  self-­‐correction  to  grasp  and  integrate  the  living  
principle  of  Life  in  Equality  as  the  law  of  our  being,  which  is  essentially  what  we  
are  conducting  through  Desteni  and  the  tools  to  develop  Self-­‐Honesty.    
This  individual  process  of  self-­‐honesty  and  self-­‐correction  enables  one  to  realize  
our  responsibility  to  our  own  life  and  that  of  others  within  the  consideration  of  
everything  and  everyone  being  one  and  equal,  we  just  haven’t  yet  lived  as  equals  
So,  if  we  genuinely  want  to  live  in  peace  and  harmony,  we  have  to  begin  
considering  what’s  best  for  all  which  in  the  context  of  Equal  Money  means:  
giving  each  human  being  access  to  all  the  necessary  means  to  live  well,  
eradicating  all  fears  of  survival  and  scarcity  through  removing  from  our  current  
economic  systems  all  money  created  as  debt,  and  developing  a  genuine  
democracy,  which  means  living  self-­‐responsibility  in  our  personal  lives  and  our  
participation  within  the  system  to  make  our  societies  functional  according  to  the  
values  that  we  stand  for:  equality,  integrity,  self-­‐honesty,  self-­‐responsibility  and  
always  considering  what’s  best  for  all.  
We  also  point  out  that  what  we  require  to  live  is  given  by  the  Earth,  so  Equal  
Money  means  giving  access  through  money  as  a  counting  and  management  tool  
to  every  person  and  as  such,  learn  how  to  live  by  the  principle  of  ‘Give  as  you  
would  like  to  receive’  and  actually  learn  what  it  practically  means  to  ‘Love  our  
neighbor  as  ourselves’  -­‐  these  are  the  ultimate  practical  living  principles  that  
constitute  that  idea  of  ‘Heaven  on  Earth.’  As  within,  so  without  means  that  self-­‐
change  and  self-­‐honesty  are  vital  to  make  of  Equal  Money  the  natural  outflow  
and  common  sensical  way  to  live  together,  so  that  no  matter  ‘whose  shoes  we  
place  ourselves  in,’  each  human  being  has  a  dignified  life,  and  this  is  the  point  
with  which  we  will  measure  the  effectiveness  of  this  system.  
However,  because  it  will  take  quite  a  long  time  to  integrate  these  living  
principles  in  each  human  being,  we  looked  at  other  political  mechanisms  to  

immediately  mitigate  the  current  suffering  that  is  happening  on  a  daily  basis  in  
this  world.  We  realized  that  it  would  be  best  to  support  already  existent  and  
known  proposals  within  the  basis  of  guaranteeing  Human  Rights.  This  is  how  we  
took  on  again  the  notion  of  the  Basic  Income  Grant  proposal  which  we  had  
investigated  back  in  2009,  and  it  was  only  this  year  that  we  decided  to  structure  
our  own  proposal  taking  the  notion  of  receiving  an  allowance  to  be  able  to  cover  
one’s  Fundamental  Living  Human  Rights  -­‐  which  are  the  right  to  food,  water,  
housing,  basic  services  like  electricity,  transportation,  education,  health  care  –  
and  promoting  this  as  an  allowance  available  to  eligible  individuals.  This  goes  
hand  in  hand  with  other  reforms  that  must  take  place  such  as  incentivizing  those  
that  do  work  with  earning  double  the  amount  of  the  Living  Income  Guaranteed,  
which  will  make  capitalism  work  in  the  way  that  it  always  should  have,  not  only  
benefiting  a  few  ‘at  the  top’  but  enhancing  everyone’s  living  standard  as  part  of  
the  national  mechanisms  for  social  support.    
So  this  is  what  we  are  focusing  on  at  the  moment  as  the  win-­‐win  solution  within  
our  current  economic  context  in  the  globe,  not  only  because  people  that  had  no  
money  will  suddenly  have  more  power  of  acquisition  and  become  part  of  the  
consumer  base,  but  also  because  those  that  are  already  successful  in  this  system  
will  continue  being  so  with  a  every  person  in  the  population  having  money  to  
spend.  The  basis  of  it  is  that  fundamental  human  rights  are  guaranteed  and  
natural  resources  are  nationalized  to  fund  the  Living  Income  Guaranteed  (LIG)  
and  as  such  reactivate  the  economy  in  a  sustainable  manner.  For  further  
information  on  other  economic  and  political  mechanisms  to  implement  within  
LIG,  visit:  http://livingincomeguaranteed.wordpress.com  /  
3.  How  has  the  Internet  helped  Desteni  reach  a  wider  audience?  
The  Internet  has  been  instrumental  in  two  ways.  On  the  one  hand,  it  is  a  great  
platform  for  Destonians  to  proliferate  some  of  the  recorded  steps  of  the  Desteni  
Process,  for  example  in  blogs  or  video  recordings,  as  well  as  for  the  
dissemination  of  Desteni  research  findings.    
On  the  other  hand,  we  are  faced  with  many  who  quickly  want  to  categorize  
Desteni  into  one  of  the  existing  approaches  that  advocate  ideas  on  how  to  
improve  the  world.  They  find  this  difficult  to  do,  which  causes  frustration  and  
counter-­‐productive  attitudes  that  keep  the  individuals  from  doing  a  proper  
investigation  into  our  research  findings,  and  our  overall  goal  of  creating  a  world  
that  is  best  for  all.  Because  we  cannot  easily  be  slotted  into  any  existent  
approaches,  many  will  refer  to  “isms”  that  they  are  vaguely  familiar  with,  causing  
misinformation,  which  requires  us  to  clarify  our  research  and  stance.    
However,  there  are  also  those  individuals  that  will  take  the  time  and  read  
through  the  material  with  care.  These  are  the  people  who  are  suspending  all  
preconceived  notions  of  what  it  is  that  we  are  sharing,  and  are  able  to  grasp  the  
fundamental  problem-­‐solution.  These  individuals  are  able  to  let  go  of  the  self-­‐
reflexive  reactions  that  we  all  bring  to  information  and  material  that  touches  
upon  the  ways  we  have  identified  ourselves.        

4.  How  many  people  have  taken  Desteni  classes?  How  many  Desteni  
members  are  there  worldwide?  
The  Desteni  Process  is  composed  of  a  collection  of  courses  and  activities.  The  
course  Desteni-­‐I-­‐Process  Pro  which  is  on  offer,  provides  the  full  suite  of  support,  
including  regular  buddy  chats,  and  assistance  in  creating  a  structured  time-­‐line  
of  memories  which  forms  the  basis  for  the  deeper  investigation  into  automated  
behavior  patterns.  This  is  the  most  intensive  course  a  self-­‐investigating  
individual  can  follow.  We  also  offer  an  Agreement  Course  that  supports  the  
individual  in  deconstructing  the  internalized  behaviors  regarding  intimacy  and  
relationships.  Both  of  these  courses  are  payable.  Alternatively,  we  offer  a  lighter  
version,  the  Desteni-­‐I-­‐Process  lite,  which  is  a  free  course  conducted  on  the  
Several  hundred  individuals  have  made  their  way  through  the  courses.  Active  
Desteni  Process  participants  generally  write  daily  blogs  and/or  produce  vlogs  
that  are  rated  by  the  Desteni  community  and  beyond.    
5.  Will  you  clarify  the  difference  between  the  Desteni  Income  Plan,  
Structural  Resonance  Training,  and  the  Desteni-­‐I-­‐Process?  
First  of  all,  as  we  are  a  research  group  conducting  applied  research  in  the  context  
of  our  lives  and  society,  the  naming  conventions  for  our  work  are  in  flux  and  are  
improved  upon  where  we  see  fit  over  the  months  and  years.    
Structural  Resonance  Alignment  Training  was  launched  in  2009  and  was  
renamed  to  Desteni  I  Process  in  2011.  In  2012  we  introduced  the  free  version  of  
Desteni  I  Process,  the  Desteni  I  Process  Lite.  This  necessitated  that  we  rename  the  
payable  course  Desteni  I  Process  Pro  (DIP  Pro),  for  the  sake  of  clarity.  The  Desteni  
Income  Plan  refers  to  the  financial  component  of  the  Desteni  I  Process  in  that  
those  who  wish  to  be  agents  -­‐  in  other  words,  selling  the  service  -­‐  can  earn  a  
commission  by  introducing  newcomers  to  the  Desteni-­‐I-­‐Process.  A  Destonian  ,  
who  has  completed  the  necessary  requirements  is  also  able  to  become  a  buddy,  
which  refers  to  someone  giving  guidance  throughout  the  process  by  assisting  
others  to  complete  course.  A  buddy  is  equally  in  the  position  to  earn  a  
6.  Can  you  explain  the  concept  of  “the  power  of  ten”?  How  successful  has  it  
been,  now  entering  its  fourth  year?  
The  “power  of  ten”  refers  to  the  structure  of  the  agent  system  as  mentioned  
above,  which  is  available  to  DIP  Pro  participants  who  are  very  active  in  their  
process  of  self-­‐investigation  and  self-­‐change.  As  previously  stated,  these  
individuals  can  introduce  others  to  join  the  Desteni-­‐I-­‐Process  Pro  and  therefore  
earn  a  commission  when  the  newcomer  becomes  a  paying  participant.    
The  “power  of  ten”  also  refers  to  the  number  of  paying  participants  a  Desteni  I  
Process  Pro  Buddy  can  assist  throughout  the  course  material.  A  limit  of  ten  new  

individuals  per  buddy  is  put  into  place  to  guarantee  the  highest  quality  of  
The  number  of  DIP  participants  is  below  our  expectations.  We  are  constantly  
improving  the  course  and  making  it  more  attractive  and  comprehensible  to  a  
much  broader  audience,  because  we  are  interested  in  increasing  our  number  of  
Basic  timeline  questions:  
In  what  year  did  you  and  Bernard  defeat  all  the  demons  in  the  demon  
To  answer  this  question,  we  need  to  understand  that  demons  are  nothing  new  or  
unusual  in  the  context  of  human  nature.  If  you  look  around,  every  culture  
encompasses  an  archetype  of  a  demon  -­‐  our  ugly  side  that  stands  in  the  way  of  
togetherness  and  happiness.  Some  religions  even  feature  a  concept  that  is  
referred  to  as  the  ‘demon  dimension’  –  here  I  am  pointing  to  Tibetan  Buddhism.  
Moreover,  through  art  history  we  are  aware  of  the  rich  depictions  of  demonic  
beings,  which  come  to  life  on  our  canvasses,  on  building  facades,  on  artifacts  and  
in  books.  
In  our  research,  we  inquired  into  the  phenomena  of  demons  by  drawing  on  these  
perspectives.  We  realized  that  we  are  succumbed  to  a  separation  between  the  
altruistic,  good-­‐natured  side  of  the  human  and  the  demonic,  possessed  side.  Why  
is  that  human  nature  is  split  like  this?  Why  cannot  the  constructive,  creative  part  
of  us  take  on  our  demonic  ways  and  resolve  them?    
When  asking  these  questions  we  entered  into  the  inter-­‐dimensional  existence,  
which  we  typically  refer  to  as  ‘heaven’.  This  is  the  space  of  our  existence  that  was  
shrouded  in  mystery  because  we  had  little  or  no  direct  access  to  it.  It  takes  a  
dedicated,  concerted  effort  to  have  been  able  to  enter  here.  We  were  able  to  
enter  through  an  opening  in  the  physical  body  that  we  call  the  inter-­‐dimensional  
portal  (For  a  timeline  in  relation  to  the  process  of  the  opening  of  the  portal,  
please  listen  to  The  Story  of  Sunette).  Once  we  entered,  we  found  that  there  are  
indeed  beings  –  demons  -­‐  that  upon  death  have  left  their  physical  bodies  behind  
but  were  not  able  to  pass  on  into  the  deeper  dimensions.    Before,  and  also  after,  
the  opening  of  the  portal  we  have  been  able  to  communicate  with  demons,  but  
before  the  portal  opened  we  had  no  means  to  effectively  assist  the  beings  to  
release  themselves.  At  this  stage,  we  had  no  entry  into  heaven  and  were  unable  
to  assess  the  situation  there.    
Our  main  question  was:  Why  isn’t  heaven  -­‐  all  the  beings  of  heaven  -­‐  helping  the  
demon-­‐beings  to  free  themselves?  Why  do  demon-­‐beings  exist?  So,  with  the  
opening  of  the  portal  and  direct  access  into  all  of  heaven  -­‐  we  started  to  
communicate  with  the  beings,  and  we  continued  our  investigation  to  understand  
how  demon-­‐beings  became  trapped.  Our  research  findings  showed  that  these  
trapped  demon-­‐beings  had  a  history  on  earth  that  was  rooted  in  trauma,  abuse,  
possession  and  violence.  It  then  became  evident  that  those  demon-­‐beings  we  

encountered  where  people  like  you  and  me  that  had  through  their  memory  and  
self-­‐conduct  been  possessed  into  a  demonic  state,  unable  to  get  out.    
We  were  able  to  assist  these  beings  to  free  themselves  by  giving  them  the  tools  
to  self-­‐investigate  and  understand  the  motivations  and  mechanisms  of  their  own  
behavior.  In  other  words,  we  introduced  the  demon-­‐beings  to  “Self  Forgiveness”  
and  so  it  was  not  myself  with  Bernard  alone  who  brought  about  these  
developments,  it  was  the  beings  in  all  of  heaven  that  had  started  practicing  “Self  
Forgiveness”  as  a  process.  They  showed  this  process  to  the  demon-­‐beings  who  
then  started  to  practice  it  and  released  themselves  from  the  memories  of  past-­‐
life  traumas,  which  were  the  cause  for  their  entrapment  into  a  demonic  state  
within  heaven.    
If  you  are  interested  in  a  detailed  step-­‐by-­‐step  historical  record  in  how  we  went  
about  this  investigation  into  the  demon-­‐dimension;  how  the  demon-­‐beings  went  
about  their  self-­‐investigation;  and  how  this  ceased  the  demon-­‐dimension  to  
exist;  we  invite  you  to  read  the  blogs  written  by  Bernard  Poolman,  they  can  be  
found  at  http://creationsjourneytolife.blogspot.com  -­‐  and  search  with  the  tag:  
We  walked  this  process  with  the  Demons  during  2006  /  2007  
When  did  you  speak  at  the  Kinesiology  meeting  where  you  met  Andrea?  
 End  of  2006  
When  did  you  first  launch  the  Desteni  Income  Plan?  
The  SRA  Training?    
Desteni  I  Process?  
This  is  answered  in  our  response  to  Question  5.  

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