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Rock Creek Conservancy
Green Ribbon Panel Profiles
125th Anniversary

Lisa  Alexander  is  the  Execu+ve  Director  of  Audubon  Naturalist  Society.  Founded  in  
1897,   the   Audubon   Naturalist   Society   is   the   oldest,   independent   environmental  
organiza+on   serving   the   DC   metro   region.   The   117-­‐year-­‐old   organiza+on’s  
headquarters   at   Woodend   Nature   Sanctuary   shares   its   boundary   with   Rock   Creek  
Park.   Before   serving   as   Execu+ve   Director,   Ms.   Alexander   served   as   ANS’s   Deputy  
Director   and   Director   of   Environmental   Educa+on   for   ANS.   She   launched   the   ANS  
GreenKids   Program,   an   environmental   educa+on   partnership   with   public   schools  
that  has  served  more  than  30,000  school  children  since  its  incep+on  in  2005.    
Ms.   Alexander   previously   worked   on   numerous,   na+onally   based   educa+onal  
programs  and  outreach  efforts.  She  served  as  an  Educa+onal  Resource  Specialist  in  
the   Na+onal   Digital   Library   of   the   Library   of   Congress,   the   Director   of   Product  
Development   for   Delta   Educa+on,   the   Science   Product   Manager   for   the   School  
Division   of   Addison-­‐Wesley   Publishing   Company,   and   as   Na+onal   Science   Consultant   for   ScoW,   Foresman  
and  Company.  In  addi+on,  Ms.  Alexander  has  been  a  science  supervisor  and  instructor,  is  a  Maryland  Master  
Gardener   and   has   worked   as   a   community   and   school   advocate.   She   is   the   2008   recipient   of   the  
Montgomery   County   “Outdoor   Educator   of   the   Year”   award   and   was   honored   by   The   Washingtonian  
magazine  as  a  2009  recipient  of  their  Green  Award  for  her  work  with  GreenKids.  She  lives  with  her  husband,  
two  sons  and  dog  just  steps  from  Rock  Creek  Park  where  she  enjoys  frequent  hikes.  

As   a   principal   in   Barker   &   ScoW   Consul+ng,   Doug   Barker   assists   leading  
regional,   na+onal,   and   interna+onal   nonprofit   organiza+ons   with   leveraging  
the   power   of   informa+on   technology   for   organiza+onal   advancement   and  
mission   success.   His   exper+se   includes   change   management   and   cons+tuent  
rela+onship   management   strategy   and   implementa+on.   Prior   to   founding  
Barker   &   ScoW,   Doug   was   Vice   President   and   Chief   Informa+on   Officer   for   The  
Nature  Conservancy.  There  he  provided  informa+on  technology  leadership  for  
this   global   organiza+on   of   3,000   staff   in   over   400   offices   located   in   30  
countries.   Prior   to   joining   The   Nature   Conservancy,   Doug   was   the   nonprofit  
industry  lead  for  the  consul+ng  prac+ce  of  Arthur  Andersen  in  Washington  DC.  Currently,  Doug  serves  as  a  
judge   for   CIO   Magazine’s   pres+gious   CIO   100   Awards.   He   received   a   B.A.   in   Psychology   and   an   M.B.A.   in  
Finance  and  Strategic  Marke+ng  from  San  Diego  State  University.  
Along  with  his  professional  pursuits,  Doug  loves  the  outdoors.  He  was  a  founding  board  member  for  Rock  
Creek  Conservancy  and  is  spearheading  a  community-­‐wide  ini+a+ve  to  plant  hundreds  of  na+ve  trees  in  his  
Washington  DC  neighborhood.  

Rock  Creek  Conservancy  |  4300  Montgomery  Avenue,  Suite  304  |  Bethesda,  MD  20814  |  301  579  3105