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Hedrick  Belin  guides  the  overall  strategic  direc+on  for  the  Potomac  Conservancy,  
which   fights   to   ensure   the   Potomac   River   boasts   clean   drinking   water,   healthy  
lands,   and   connected   communi+es.     The   Conservancy   combines   the   grassroots  
power  of  10,000  members  and  online  ac+vists  with  local  land  conserva+on  and  
policy  ini+a+ves  to  strengthen  the  Voice  of  the  Na+on’s  River.    
He   has   over   20   years   of   nonprofit   fundraising   and   leadership   experience,   most  
recently   as   Vice   President   of   the   Metropolitan   Group,   a   strategic   communica+on  
and   resource   development   consul+ng   firm.   Before   joining   the   Metropolitan  
Group,   Hedrick   worked   for   several   conserva+on   groups,   including   the   Na+onal  
Park  Founda+on,  Izaak  Walton  League  of  America,  and  the  League  of  Conserva+on  Voters.  In  addi+on  to  his  
extensive  fundraising  and  management  exper+se,  Hedrick  has  experience  mobilizing  grassroots  advocates,  
formula+ng  public  policy,  partnering  with  public  agencies  and  developing  conserva+on  programs.  

Mark  Buscaino  is  the  Execu+ve  Director  for  Casey  Trees,  a  non-­‐profit  dedicated  
to   restoring,   enhancing   and   protec+ng   the   tree   canopy   of   the   Na+on’s   Capital.    
Mark   began   his   career   in   1983   as   a   forestry   program   volunteer   with   the   U.S.  
Peace   Corps   in   Benin,   West   Africa.   Since   then,   he   has   held   several   posi+ons  
including:  Deputy  Project  Manager  for  the  Urban  Forest  and  Educa+on  Program  
in   New   York   City;   Chief   Forester   for   the   District   of   Columbia   Urban   Forestry  
Administra+on;   and   Na+onal   Director   for   the   USDA   Forest   Service’s   Urban   and  
Community  Forestry  Program  in  Washington,  DC.      
Mark   is   an   Interna+onal   Society   of   Arboriculture   Cer+fied   Arborist;   member   of  
the  Metropolitan  Washington  Council  of  Governments  Climate,  Energy  and  Environment  Policy  CommiWee;  
the  Montgomery  County  Forest  Conserva+on  Advisory  CommiWee,  and;  Board  Member  for  the  Alliance  for  
Community   Trees.     Mark   received   his   Bachelor   of   Science   in   Business   Administra+on   at   the   University   of  
Maine/Orono;   a   Master   of   Science   in   Forest   Management/Silviculture   at   SUNY-­‐Syracuse,   and;   a   graduate  
cer+ficate  from  the  Harvard  Business  School’s  Strategic  Perspec+ves  in  Nonprofit  Management  program.  

Rock  Creek  Conservancy  |  4300  Montgomery  Avenue,  Suite  304  |  Bethesda,  MD  20814  |  301  579  3105