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As   President   of   Anacos+a   Watershed   Society   (AWS),   Jim   Foster   leads   the  
organiza+on   toward   its   goal   of   restoring   the   Anacos+a   River   to   a   fishable   and  
swimmable  status.  Jim  works  to  build  partnerships  among  stakeholders,  advoca+ng  
for   the   river,   educa+ng   people   about   the   watershed,   restoring   wetlands,  
implemen+ng   demonstra+on   projects,   and   work   with   communi+es   to   improve  
access  to  the  river.      He  is  commiWed  to  resolving  local  water  quality  issues  at  the  
source,   resolving   legacy   toxic   sediments   in   the   river,   reducing   trash,   and   controlling  
stormwater  quality  and  quan+ty  through  stewardship,  public  affairs,  educa+on,  and  
recrea+on  ac+vi+es.      
AWS   administers   the   District   Department   of   the   Environment’s   Green   Roof,   Riversmart   Communi+es,  
Schoolyard   Greening,   Watershed   Stewards   Academy,   and   Nash   Run   trash   trap   programs.   These   robust  
programs  help  embed  demonstra+on  projects  in  the  community  while  reducing  stormwater  impact  to  the  

Aler   serving   in   the   first   Peace   Corps   group   in   Tanganyika,   Denis   Galvin   joined   the  
Na+onal  Park  Service  at  Sequoia  Na+onal  Park  in  1963  as  a  Civil  Engineer.  In  a  38  
year   career   he   served   in   parks,   regional   offices,   training   centers,   and   service  
centers  and  concluded  his  career  with  16years  in  the  Washington  office.  For  nine  
of   those   years   he   was   Deputy   Director,   serving   in   the   Reagan,   Clinton   and   Bush  
administra+ons.   As   the   highest   ranking   career   official   he   represented   the   Na+onal  
Park   Service   in   over   200   Congressional   hearings.   In   1991   he   was   awarded   the  
Pugsley  medal  for  outstanding  service  to  parks  and  conserva+on.  In  2001  he  was  
given   the   Presiden+al   Rank   Award   for   excep+onal   achievement   in   the   career  
senior   execu+ve   service.   Since   re+ring   in   2002   Mr.   Galvin   has   con+nued   in   the  
conserva+on  field.  He  served  as  a  member  of  the  Second  Century  Commission  co  
chaired  by  Senators  Howard  Baker  and  BenneW  Johnson.  He  was  a  consultant  on  
the   Ken   Burns’   film   ‘The   Na+onal   Parks:   America’s   Best   Idea’.   In   2011   he   was   elected   a   Fellow   of   the  
Na+onal  Academy  of  Public  Administrators.  In  2013  he  received  the  George  Melendez  Wright  award  for  his,  
‘dis+nguished  life+me  record...on  behalf  of  America’s  na+onal  parks’.  Currently  he  serves  on  the  Board  of  
the   Na+onal   Parks   Conserva+on   Associa+on   and   is   an   Advisor   to   the   Coali+on   of   Na+onal   Park   Service  

Rock  Creek  Conservancy  |  4300  Montgomery  Avenue,  Suite  304  |  Bethesda,  MD  20814  |  301  579  3105