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Rachel   Goslins   accepted   President   Obama’s   appointed   as   execu+ve   director   of   the  
President’s   CommiWee   on   the   Arts   and   the   Humani+es   in   2009.   Prior   to   her  
appointment,  she  worked  in  the  fields  of  documentary  film,  arts  administra+on,  and  
copyright  law.    
Her  award-­‐winning  feature  films  include  ’Bama  Girl,  a  documentary  following  a  black  
woman   running   for   homecoming   queen   at   the   University   of   Alabama,   and   Besa:   The  
Promise,   a   film   about   Albanian   Muslims   who   saved   Jews   during   WWII.   Rachel’s   work  
also   includes   television   produc+ons   for   PBS,   Na+onal   Geographic,   Discovery,   and   the  
History  Channel.  She  served  as  the  programming  director  for  the  Impact  Film  Fes+val  
at   the   2008   Democra+c   and   Republican   Na+onal   Conven+ons,   and   as   the   director   of  
the   Independent   Digital   Distribu+on   Lab,   a   joint   PBS/ITVS   project   focused   on  
distribu+ng   independent   films   online.   Prior   to   her   film   career,   Rachel   was   an   interna+onal   copyright  
aWorney  in  the  office  of  Policy  and  Interna+onal  Affairs  in  the  U.S.  Copyright  Office  and  a  li+gator  for  the  law  
firm  of  Gibson  Dunn  &  Crutcher.  In  2012  she  was  awarded  a  Henry  Crown  Fellowship  at  the  Aspen  Ins+tute.  

George  Hawkins  serves  as  General  Manager  of  the  District  of  Columbia  Water  and  
Sewer   Authority   (DC   Water).   On   his   arrival   in   2009,   Mr.   Hawkins   launched   an  
ambi+ous  agenda  to  transform  DC  Water  into  a  customer-­‐oriented  enterprise  that  is  
driving  innova+on  and  delivering  improved  value  to  its  ratepayers.  
The   core   goal   is   to   improve   aging   infrastructure   while   complying   with   stringent  
regulatory   requirements.   DC   Water   is   implemen+ng   the   $2.6   billion   Clean   Rivers  
Project   to   nearly   eliminate   overflows   of   sewage   and   stormwater   to   the   Anacos+a  
and  Potomac  Rivers  and  Rock  Creek.  DC  Water  is  also  nearing  comple+on  of  a  $470  
million   waste-­‐to-­‐energy   program   to   help   manage   solids   being   removed   from  
reclaimed  water  
while   genera+ng   13   megawaWs   of   green   power.   DC   Water   is   also   driving   industry-­‐
leading   efforts   in   customer   engagement,   including   a   vibrant   social   media   presence,   in   science   and  
engineering   research   and   development,   and   in   product   development   and   licensing.   DC   Water   is   designing   a  
social   media   program   to   encourage   innova+ve   ideas   from   staff   and   to   support   a   u+lity   driven   business  
incubator  for  businesses  and  local  jobs.  In  2014,  DC  Water  devised  a  crea+ve  solu+on  to  beWer  match  the  
financing  of  its  $2.6  billion  Clean  Rivers  Project  with  the  project’s  life-­‐expectancy.  The  Authority  became  the  
first   U.S.   water/   wastewater   u+lity   to   issue   century   bonds   with   a   100-­‐year   final   maturity.   This   issuance  
enables  DC  Water  to  spread  the  costs  of  the  project  over  the  minimum  expected  life  of  the  tunnels  and  be  
supported  by  future  ratepayers  who  will  also  benefit.  The  $350  million  sale  was  also  the  first  “green”  bond  
issue  in  the  U.S.  debt  capital  markets  cer+fied  by  a  third  party.  
Mr.  Hawkins  began  his  career  prac+cing  law  for  the  Boston  firm  Ropes  &  Gray,  and  is  a  member  of  the  Bar  in  
MassachuseWs   and   the   District   of   Columbia.   He   graduated   Summa   Cum   Laude   from   Princeton   University  
and  Cum  Laude  from  Harvard  Law  School.  Since  1999,  Mr.  Hawkins  has  taught  Environmental  Law  and  Policy  
for  the  Princeton  Environment  Ins+tute  at  Princeton  University.  

Rock  Creek  Conservancy  |  4300  Montgomery  Avenue,  Suite  304  |  Bethesda,  MD  20814  |  301  579  3105