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Jerry   N.   Johnson   currently   serves   as   General   Manager   of   the   Washington  
Suburban   Sanitary   Commission.   The   Commission   provides   water   and   wastewater  
service  for  1.8  million  residents  in  Prince  George’s  and  Montgomery  Coun+es.    
Prior   to   coming   to   WSSC,   he   served   as   the   General   Manager   of   the   District   of  
Columbia  Water  and  Sewer  Authority  (DCWASA)  for  12  years.  Johnson  is  na+onally  
known   as   a   turnaround   specialist.   As   the   first   General   Manager   of   DCWASA,   he  
guided   it   from   an   unrated   agency   to   one   with   a   double   A+   credit   ra+ng   in   two  
years.   He   developed   long-­‐term   capital   and   financial   plans,   a   comprehensive   rate  
strategy   in   addi+on   to   resolving   major   opera+ng   and   regulatory   agency   issues.  
Public/private   partnerships,   infrastructure   planning,   and   organiza+onal   development   are   also   among  
Johnson’s  areas  of  exper+se.  
Prior  to  joining  DCWASA,  Johnson  served  as  Deputy  City  Manager  for  Opera+ons  in  the  City  of  Richmond,  
Virginia.  During  his  tenure  in  Richmond,  he  also  served  as  Director  of  Public  U+li+es,  responsible  for  four  
separate   u+lity   opera+ons   including   gas,   electric,   water   and   wastewater   providing   service   to   the  
metropolitan   Richmond   area.   He   also   served   as   the   General   Manager   for   the   Metropolitan   Richmond  
Conven+on  and  Visitors  Bureau  and  the  Director  of  Community  Facili+es  for  the  City.  
Before  moving  to  Richmond,  he  was  Assistant  to  the  City  Manager  for  the  City  of  Alexandria,  Virginia  and  
was   a   Senior   Planner   for   the   City   of   CharloWesville,   Virginia.   He   graduated   with   a   Business   Degree   from  
Ferrum  College;  a  Degree  in  Urban  Affairs  and  Economics  from  Virginia  Tech  and  completed  the  Program  for  
Senior  Execu+ves  in  State  and  Local  Government  at  the  JFK  School  of  Government,  Harvard  University.  He  
serves   on   a   number   of   boards   and   commissions   and   holds   leadership   posi+ons   in   several   na+onal  
organiza+ons.   He   has   numerous   honors   and   awards   resul+ng   from   his   professional   accomplishments   and  
community  involvement  and  has  a  number  of  publica+ons  to  his  credit.

Lori  Kaplan  is  the  President  &  CEO  of  the  La+n  American  Youth  Center  (LAYC).  
She  has  lead  LAYC  to  its  na+onal  prominence  as  an  award-­‐winning  network  of  
youth  programs  in  Washington  DC  since  1987.  Under  Kaplan's  direc+on,  LAYC  
has   helped   guide   thousands   of   low-­‐income   youth   to   beWer   opportunity,  
while   crea+ng   pioneering   organiza+ons   and   schools.   Kaplan   serves   on   the  
board  of  DC  Alliance  for  Youth  Advocates,  and  Youth  Radio  and  Youth  Media  
Interna+onal,   and   she   has   served   on   the   board   of   Leadership   Washington,  
the   Nonprofit   Roundtable,   and   served   as   an   advisor   to   the   Clinton   Global  
Ini+a+ve   conference   and   as   a   panelist   on   the   Reconnec+ng   Youth   work  
group.  Kaplan  has  received  numerous  awards  including  Washingtonian  of  the  Year  in  1997,  the  Lewis  Hine  
Award   for   her   work   on   child   labor   issues,   and   most   recently   the   Community   Champion   Award   from   the  
Hispanic   Heritage   Founda+on   and   being   named   one   of   Washington's   50   influencers   by   the   Washington  
Informer  Chari+es.  

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