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Greg   Kats   has   played   substan+al   roles   in   developing   the   energy   efficiency     and  
green   building   industries,   and   is   a   long-­‐+me   thought   leader,   innovator   and  
investor   in   the   transi+on   to   a   low   carbon   economy.   He   is   President   of   Capital   E  
which  works  with  ci+es,  corpora+ons  and  financial  ins+tu+ons  to  design,  scale  and  
implement   clean   energy   and   low   carbon   strategies.   Capital   E   invests   in   early   stage  
cleantech/green   firms,   and   Greg   is   a   partner   in   Cleanfeet,   funding   innova+ve  
green  energy  and  agricultural  projects.  
Greg   previously   served   as   Managing   Director   of   Good   Energies,   a   mul+-­‐billion  
dollar   global   clean   energy   PE/VC   fund,   where   he   led   investments   in   smart   grid,   energy   efficiency,   green  
materials  and  green  buildings.  He  served  for  5  years  as  the  Director  of  Financing  for  Energy  Efficiency  and  
Renewable   Energy   at   the   US   Department   of   Energy.   Greg   was   the   Founding   Chairman   of   IPMVP   and   built   it  
into   the   interna+onal   energy   and   water   efficiency   design   and   verifica+on   standard   for   >$50   billion   in  
building  efficiency  upgrades.  He  recently  helped  design  the  World  Bank’s  large  new  green  building  financing  
program.  Greg  is  a  founder  of  both  the  American  Council  on  Renewable  Energy  (ACORE)  and  the  country’s  
first  green  bank.  In  2011  he  was  the  first  recipient  of  the  US  Green  Building  Council’s  Life3me  Achievement  
Greg  Chairs  the  congressionally  established  board  guiding  the  greening  of  430,000  federal  buildings,  serves  
on  the  Mayor’s  Green  Ribbon  CommiWee  guiding  the  greening  of  the  District  of  Columbia,  and  served  on  a  
Na+onal   Academy   of   Sciences   board   on   strengthening   US   global   compe++veness.     He   earned   an   MBA   from  
Stanford   University   and   a   BA   from   UNC   as   a   Morehead   Scholar,   and   is   the   author   of   Greening   Our   Built  
World.  Greg  serves  on  a  half  dozen  boards  and  regularly  tes+fies  on  clean  energy/green/financing  issues.  A  
solar  PV  system  powers  his  family  DC  home  and  an  electric  hybrid  car.  

Many  people  today  know  Ike  LeggeE  from  his  two  terms  as  County  Execu+ve.    But  
his   background   and   involvement   in   civic   life   of   Montgomery   County   goes   far  
deeper,  with  a  unique  life  of  experience  that  has  prepared  him  to  lead.  
He   was   raised   in   a   large   family   in   Louisiana,   and   against   all   odds,   aWended   college.    
Aler   gradua+on,   he   served   as   a   U.S.   Army   infantry   Captain.   His   tour   of   duty   in   the  
Vietnam   War   earned   him   the   Bronze   Star   Medal,   the   Vietnam   Service,   and  
Vietnam  Campaign  Medals.    
LeggeW  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  from  Southern  University;  a  Master  of  Arts  degree,  
and  a  Juris  Doctorate  degree  from  Howard  University;  and  a  Master  of  Laws  from  
George   Washington   University.   Diverse   community   service   preceded   his  
appointments  to  the  Montgomery  County  Human  Rela+ons  Commission  (now  Human  Rights  Commission)  
that   he   then   Chaired   from   1983   –   1986,   and   his   work   with   the   Commission’s   Hearing   Panel   on   Employment  
Elected   to   the   Montgomery   County   Council   in   1986,   he   served   four   terms   with   work   on   the   Educa+on  
CommiWee,  as  chair  of  the  Transporta+on  and  Environment  CommiWee,  and  three  terms  as  President  of  the  
Council.     In   November   2006,   Mr.   LeggeW   became   the   first   African   American   elected   as   Montgomery   County  
Execu+ve.  Mr.  LeggeW  began  his  third  term  in  2014.  
Mr.   LeggeW   was   honored   with   Howard   University’s   Dis+nguished   Alumni   to   the   Maryland   Bar   Associa+on  
“Advancement  of  Public  Service  Responsibility”  Award,  and  the  Montgomery  County  Collabora+on  Council  
for  Children,  Youth,  and  Families  “ Time  Well  Spent  on  Behalf  of  Montgomery’s  Children”  Award.    He  and  his  
wife,  Catherine,  live  in  Burtonsville.  
Rock  Creek  Conservancy  |  4300  Montgomery  Avenue,  Suite  304  |  Bethesda,  MD  20814  |  301  579  3105