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Stephanie   Meeks,   president   and   chief   execu+ve   officer   of   the   Na+onal   Trust   for  
Historic  Preserva+on  since  2010,  developed  an  ambi+ous  strategic  plan  centered  on  
direct  ac+on  to  save  imperiled  places  and  to  engage  new  audiences  in  preserva+on.  
Under  Stephanie’s  tenure,  the  Na+onal  Trust  launched  an  effort  to  draw  aWen+on  to  
the   connec+on   between   older   buildings   and   vibrant   ci+es   and   has   spearheaded  
research   reflec+ng   the   benefits   of   historic   preserva+on   in   today’s   urban   areas.    
Melding   past   and   future,   the   organiza+on   moved   its   opera+ons   to   the   historic  
Watergate   building   and   created   a   dynamic,   state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art   workplace.   A   new  
leadership   development   program   iden+fies   and   trains   emerging   professionals.   The  
Trust   launched   a   $200   million   fundraising   campaign   to   support   this   work;   former   First  
Lady  Laura  Bush  serves  as  Honorary  Chair.  
Prior  to  joining  the  Na+onal  Trust,  Stephanie  served  as  CEO  of  The  Nature  Conservancy  capping  her  17-­‐year  
career   with   one   of   the   world's   largest   and   most   influen+al   conserva+on   organiza+ons.   She   worked   to  
protect   world-­‐class   places   like   Oklahoma’s   Tallgrass   Prairie   and   Brazil’s   Pantanal.     She   currently   serves   as  
Vice  Chair  of  the  Board  of  the  Potomac  Conservancy  and  served  as  a  director  of  RARE,  a  U.S.-­‐based  group  
using  social  marke+ng  to  address  environmental  challenges  around  the  world.  She  holds  a  B.A.  in  English  
from  the  University  of  Colorado  and  an  MBA  from  George  Washington  University.  

Michelle   Moore,   CEO   of   Groundswell,   is   a   social   enterprise   entrepreneur   and  
former  White  House  official  who  helped  build  the  global  green  building  movement  
as   a   senior   execu+ve   at   the   U.S.   Green   Building   Council.   McGraw-­‐Hill’s  
GreenSource   magazine   called   Michelle   a   “relentless   agent   for   change.”   Michelle  
has   developed   and   launched   new   global   climate   programs   for   the   Clinton  
Founda+on,  created  mul+-­‐billion  dollar  public-­‐private  partnerships  for  the  Obama  
Administra+on,   and   cut   red   tape   and   bureaucracy   to   get   legacy   infrastructure  
projects   built.   Michelle   is   a   Track   Advisor   for   Clinton   Global   Ini+a+ve   on   city   and  
state  infrastructure,  a  Senior  Fellow  at  the  Council  on  Compe++veness,  and  serves  
on   the   Board   of   Directors   of   the   Smithsonian   Science   Educa+on   Center.   Michelle  
holds  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  from  Emory  University  and  Master  of  Science  in  Foreign  
Service  from  Georgetown  University.  

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