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Audrey   Peterman   is   an   environmentalist   and   a   leader   in   the   movement   to   connect  
urban  communi+es  with  the  treasures  in  our  publicly  owned  lands.  A  journalist  by  
training,   she   specializes   in   engaging   communi+es   in   conserva+on   and  
environmental   protec+on,   showing   the   benefits   and   inspiring   par+cipa+on   in   the  
enjoyment  and  protec+on  of  natural  resources.  

System  (2012).  

Mrs.   Peterman   and   her   husband   Frank   drove   12,500   miles   around   the   country   in  
1995,   discovering   grandeur   in   the   Na+onal   Park   System.   Amazed   to   count   fewer  
than   a   handful   of   black   and   brown   visitors   among   thousands   of   tourists   in   na+onal  
parks,   they   resolved   to   highlight   these   spectacular   treasures   that   make   up   our  
collec+ve   natural   heritage.   They   co-­‐authored   Legacy   on   the   Land:   A   Black   Couple  
Discovers   Our   Na3onal   Inheritance   and   Tells   Why   Every   American   Should   Care,  
(2009)   and   wrote   Our   True   Nature:   Finding   a   Zest   for   Life   in   the   Na3onal   Park  

Through   their   company,   Earthwise   Produc+ons,   Inc.,   they   consult   with   the   federal   government,   serve   on  
na+onal  nonprofit  boards  and  convene  events  that  draw  aWen+on  to  the  parks.  They  launched  the  Diverse  
Environmental   Leaders   (DEL)   Na+onal   Speakers   Bureau   to   broaden   involvement,   and   to   respond   to   the  
imminence   of   climate   change.     The   Petermans   were   named   “Environmental   Heroes”   by   Vice   President   Al  
Gore  and  the  Na+onal  Oceanic  and  Atmospheric    
Associa+on   in   2000,   and   presented   with   “Orchid   Awards”   by   the   Urban   Environmental   League   of   Miami-­‐
Dade  in  September  2014.  
Carter  Roberts  is  the  President  and  CEO  of  World  Wildlife  Fund  in  the  United  States.  
WWF,  the  world’s  largest  network  of  interna+onal  conserva+on  organiza+ons,  works  
across   100   countries   and   enjoys   the   support   of   5   million   members   worldwide,  
including  1.1  million  in  the  U.S.      
Roberts   received   his   MBA   from   Harvard   Business   School   following   a   BA   from  
Princeton   University,   and   subsequently   held   marke+ng   management   posi+ons   for  
Procter  and  Gamble  and  GilleWe.  He  went  on  to  lead  The  Nature  Conservancy  before  
coming  to  WWF  in  2004.  
Roberts  leads  WWF’s  efforts  to  save  the  world’s  great  ecosystems  by  linking  science,  
field  and  policy  programs  with  an  aggressive  ini+a+ve  to  work  with  markets  and  businesses  to  lighten  their  
impact   on   the   planet   through   sustainable   resource   management.   To   this   end,   he   has   worked   with  
communi+es  and  heads  of  state  in  North  America,  Africa,  La+n  America  and  Asia;  and  has  built  partnerships  
with  some  of  the  world’s  largest  corpora+ons.  
Roberts   has   authored   academic   papers   as   well   as   editorials   for   global   publica+ons   ranging   from   Fast  
Company  to  The  Washington  Post  to  Conserva+on  LeWers.  He  serves  on  the  Boards  of  the  Nicholas  Ins+tute  
for   Environmental   Policy   at   Duke   University   and   the   Grantham   Ins+tute   for   Climate   Change   at   Imperial  
College  and  the  London  School  of  Economics,  and  is  a  member  of  the  Interna+onal  Finance  Corpora+on’s  
Advisory  Panel  on  Sustainability  and  Business.  He  also  serves  on  the  UN-­‐  and  World  Bank-­‐chaired  Advisory  
Board  of  the  Sustainable  Energy  for  All  (SE4All)  ini+a+ve;  and  was  appointed  to  President  Obama’s  Advisory  
Council   on   Wildlife   Trafficking.   He   lives   in   Washington,   D.C.   with   his   wife   Jackie   Prince   Roberts   and   their  
three  children.  
Rock  Creek  Conservancy  |  4300  Montgomery  Avenue,  Suite  304  |  Bethesda,  MD  20814  |  301  579  3105