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protest. Again my hesitance returned. I could simply close the
door, sit back down and resign myself to fate. Little did I
know, my godless providence was calling me far beyond the grey
bars of this prison. Mustering all of the strength that I could
collect, my legs journeyed a step beyond the doorway. Then soon
after, another step. I began creeping down a long hallway
scarcely lit by torches hanging to the left and right. Scattered
along the walls of the dark corridor were more cells filled with
other prisoners, mumbling words and uttering incoherent curses.
Nearly halfway down the hall, a noise provoked my
attention. It sounded akin to the tread of a giant, for the
ground below trembled with every tremor. Peeking from behind a
large, partially broken metal grate in the right wall, I spotted
the source of the unearthly footsteps. In the room beyond, a
gargantuan, bloated figure stepped into dim light and began to
patrol the room. I ducked below the metal bars and began to
crawl past when I heard the footsteps nearing me. I stilled and
silenced myself. When I peeked upward, I saw a corpse impaled on
the jutted out bars of the grate. Around its head was a sack and
flies swarmed its flesh. The quakes ceased and I heard an
inhumanly deep rumble above me. Suddenly, an enormous hand
grabbed the corpse, and in one swift motion, tore the dead body