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The Decade’s Logo Users, 10 years supporting activities around the world in the spirit of the ‘Water for Life’ Decade

The Water for Life Decade has seen the world wake up to the challenge of the
global water and sanitation crisis. The United Nations, through UN-Water and its
partners, has sought to highlight key water issues and help facilitate a political
platform for them.
But the crisis is too great for any one organisation, no matter how vast, to act
alone. The Water Decade’s Logo User programme has sought out private individuals, companies, events and educational programmes that are involved with
Civil society organisations have borne the weight of the world’s water challenge,
and the use of the logo has been the means in which the United Nations has offered support and a platform for these groups.
Through the use of the Decade’s logo, we have provided a platform, a recognition
of their efforts, and support where we could. We can’t solve the water and sanitation crisis alone, but we can provide a support network for others to “stand on our
shoulders”, to crudely paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton.
The use of the logo is also an acknowledgment that these creative, vital, tireless,
often selfless, collectives and individuals are not alone in their struggle.
To all the logo users we thank you. For your time. For your energy. Your passion.
Your vision. But mostly for waking up to the challenge of water and sanitation, and
for having the drive to go out into the world and open the eyes of others.
We look forward to supporting you in the future, and we’re excited to see what
fresh ideas you have planned for tomorrow.
Josefina Maestu, Director, UNW-DPAC, May 2015