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The Decade’s Logo Users, 10 years supporting activities around the world in the spirit of the ‘Water for Life’ Decade

Of these Target 10 was a pledge to cut in half the proportion of people without
sustainable access to safe drinking water. At the Johannesburg World Summit
for Sustainable Development, in 2002, this target was expanded to include basic
sanitation, and water as a resource was recognized as a critical factor for meeting all the Goals.
Given the magnitude of the task, in December 2003, the United Nations General
Assembly, in resolution A/RES/58/217, proclaimed the period 2005-2015 International Decade for Action ‘Water for Life’. The decade officially started on World
Water Day, March 22, 2005.

What is it for?
The Water for Life has been supported by its logo users.
Using the logo is a declaration of support for the principles of the Water Decade
– It means facing the challenge to focus attention on action-oriented activities
and policies that ensure and achieve the Water for Life Decade goals. It means
sustained commitment, cooperation and investment from stakeholders from all
parts of the world.
Since 2005, the logo users have supported all kind of activities, organized by
ordinary people from all walks of life, in the spirit of the ‘Water for Life’ Decade.
Between 2005 and 2015 the ‘Water for Life’ Decade has been supported by more
than 270 different types of initiatives and projects from a diverse range of stakeholders around the world.
Each use of the logo thus represents support for the values of the United Nations
– with its commitment to human rights and development.