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Central- Site Deployment Design
Router links to remote sites via

Video 8 - Network Foundation - Preparing the Infrastructure for VOIP:
Network Foundations:
Key roles of catalyst switches:

Provide power over Ethernet (POE)

Dual VLANs / Voice VLANs/ Aux VLANs

Class of service (COS) / Quality of service (QOS) – ability to prioritize vlan (voice traffic) over other traffic
How you can power a phone

Inline power
Cisco Pre-Standard POE
IEEE 802.3AF
Midspan Power – (power patch panel) – Sits in between switch and device and plugs into a power source
Benefit being that you do not have to replace switch with one that is POE
Wall Power

#Show Power Inline
Delay power shut off for
Phone that reboot when
They are plugged in.
# Power inline delay shutdown

Video 9 – Preparing the Infrastructure for VOIP, Part 2 –
Cisco IP Phone Boot Process
1. Cisco Switch detects PoE capabilities
2. Switch sends vlan via CDP
3. IP Phone receives DHCP request including option ISO
4. IP phone contacts TFTP server, receives configuration file.
5. IP phone registers with cme router.
Configuring DHCP services on router:
Exclude any necessary IP addresses
Create DHCP Pool
Define network
Define default router (gateway)
Define DNS settings
Configure IP Helper-Addresses, if necessary.
Show which devices have received IP via DHCP – Show IP DHCP binding