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Charge System Detergent
- Emul sif iers

- to remove water-soluble soil

- Ant i-St at s

- to control static and lint

- Surf act ant s

- to aid in overall cleaning

- Soil -Suspenders

- to prevent re-deposition

- N-Ta-Germ

- to eliminate organic odors

1. Add 13 ounces per 10 gal l ons of solvent in your base tank and filter
2. To maintain this concentration add 1.3 ounces per gal l on transferred
to the working tank

Compl et e Is Loaded With The Necessary Ingredients
To Give You The Best Cleaning Possible
Along With Odor Elimination!
www.kl eerwit e.com


Dry Cl eaning Det ergent

Compl et e