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The Temples of Fallen Angels .pdf

Original filename: The Temples of Fallen Angels.pdf
Author: simona rich

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I like Sri Lanka – it's a beautiful country with
lush vegetation and smiling sun-kissed people.
It offers one of the most beautiful train rides in
the world through tea plantations, mountains
and forests; all kinds of exotic fruit grow there,
and there is an amazing variety of wildlife.
However, there is one thing that really goes
against my being in Sri Lanka, and that's
charging foreigners for entry into temples.
Temples are the houses of God. They should be
open to people of all faiths and countries. If
they're closed to a particular sex or nationality,
then they are not houses of God, but houses of
greedy and ignorant human beings or demons.
'Demon' may seem like a strong word, but a
demon is nothing more than a negative force
that needs energy in order to survive in the form
of human faith or blood sacrifice. Perhaps,
rather than describing it as a negative force, it's
better to say that it's like an absence of energy.
So, to prove its validity, it needs constant 'life'
channelled into it through human faith or
animal sacrifice.

When a foreigner is expected to purchase a
ticket in order to be allowed to visit the house
of God, the temple becomes yet another tourist
hub, attracting only those who have merely
material eyes to see.
Then, the temple truly becomes a tourist spot,
losing its sacred nature. There's no spiritual
benefit in visiting any temple with an entry
ticket in hand, because spirituality can never be
purchased with money.
In most cases, the temples that are not open to
all are human temples, rather than the ones
dedicated to demons. If they were truly houses
of God, they would welcome all, as the Divine
spark is in all. How could a creator, the
originator of all, deny entry to any of its
children? That, of course, applies not only to
Buddhist and Hindu temples in Sri Lanka, but
also to mosques that deny entry to women.

For countries in the Arab world and others in
which people still consider it common sense to
prohibit women from entering mosques, I
encourage the men there to think about how
they would feel if they grew old and, because of
their advanced age, were denied entry to the
mosque. This kind of age discrimination seems
totally unreasonable. This thought process
should be transferred to the case of women, so
everyone can understand how foolish this
discrimination and incongruity is.
However, since human beings are prone to
making errors, they fall victim to greed,
jealousy, and discrimination. This erroneous
mind-set leads them to charge for entry into the
houses of God, favoring those whom they
perceive to be richer and denying entry to a
certain part of humanity for other reasons, thus
extinguishing any Divinity that was in the
temple in the first place. Yes, the egos of those
who consider themselves superior by having
full access to the temple might be pleased, but
God can never dwell in an ego-ridden place.
It's better to deny entry to the holders of

different faiths than to charge people to enter
the house of God or to discriminate between
God's equal creation of male and female
(though not best of course, as it still shows
human fallibility). Denying one aspect of God’s
creation to enter the temple is denying the
absolute perfection of two aspects of creation,
without any of which the whole creation would
come to naught.
Incongruities, as such, really cause chaos and
ignorance in people's minds. We inherently
know that two opposites are of equal
importance, but when it's constantly ingrained
in us that one part, in this case male, is
somehow superior, it causes a huge amount of
friction within us, and the ability to hear one's
inner voice is lost, because harmony is

The sun doesn't discriminate; it shines on
Hindu as well as Muslim, on woman, as well as

man. It's the man and his perverted thinking
that discriminates against God's creations.

Temples should be sources of Light, giving
hope and illumination to all, rather than
temple priests being selective about who
should receive such treasures.

Any attempt to limit access to God is in direct
contradiction to God's unconditional love for
all creation.

Some people say that the angry, discriminating,
or jealous gods of certain religions are demons;
I believe that major religions of One God
believe in the same original creator, and it's

only perverted human minds that place
boundaries around the Only Creator and project
their own beliefs and fears onto It, thus making
It look different in different religions.

I don't go to temples where entry is limited in
some way, because I know that God doesn't
dwell there; the spirit may originally have been
there, but it was driven out by fear-based people
trying to profit from their fellow brothers and
sisters or by feigning importance by denying
entry to those of another sex or faith. Where
material gain or discrimination is the focus, a
spiritual atmosphere is non-existent.
I understand the installation of donation boxes.
Although in certain spiritual places they are too
numerous and visible, this is much better than
charging for entry, because it enables those who
don't have money to visit anyway. I love how in
Sikh temples a pilgrim is allowed a night's rest
and is given free food. This clearly shows
adherence to the spiritual attitude of

unconditional love and care.
Moreover, those rare, special places where
donation boxes are hard to find, and the people
are focused only on the Divine, are houses of
spiritual relief. The people there seek out the
donation boxes to give in thanks for the
experience of peace and happiness the place
Though the only real temple is the temple
inside each and every one of us, I really love
external houses of God. When I see them, I
remember my inner temple. They are beautiful
reminders of what's inside, but unfortunately
many of these external temples no longer reflect
the spiritual riches within.
Houses of God where entry is available only
upon purchasing a ticket are comparable to zoos.
Animals that God willed to be free are captured
and caged, and not only do they lose their
freedom, but they are also used for profit
without any benefit for themselves. They are
used as money-generators for ticket sellers.

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