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Q uick Start B at t le
The first 8 pages of this booklet get you playing the D&D Miniatures Game
quickly, teaching you the basics. When you’re ready, the rest of the rules await
in the pages beyond. You can also learn the basics using the online demo at


Game Play
During a battle, you and your
opponent take turns moving your
creatures across a battle map,
making attacks and using fantastic
powers. Defeat your opponent’s
creatures and you win the game.

For your first battle, you and your
opponent each control a single
creature: either the Human
Sellsword or the Yuan-Ti Swiftscale.

Miniatures and Stat Cards
Find the Human Sellsword and the
Yuan-Ti Swiftscale miniatures, and
their corresponding stat cards. Set
aside the other miniatures and stat
cards for now. (You’ll use them later,
but not in your first Quick Start
You only need to use some parts of
these stat cards for your first battle,
as shown to the right. For more
information on how to read a stat
card when playing with the full rules,
see page 12.


Human Sellsword
Attack Actions: The options the creature
can choose from when it makes an attack. Each
attack lists an Attack bonus and tells you how
much Damage the attack deals if it hits.

Abilities: These are always in effect. You

don’t have to decide whether you want to use a
creature’s ability.