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First of all, I am indebted to my advisor, DR. Chandra Subhash, who shaped my
research skeleton and provided the kind instruction and comments. I would like
to thank Dr. Chandra Subhash, for his earnest guidance and valuable
experience sharing. I also appreciate Professor E. V. Rammana

who not only

helped me establish clear framework of ERP but also especially take care of me
during my undergraduate study.







acknowledged. In particular, I want to thank production planning head of Gafat
Engineering Factory engineer Million Erko. Receiving his kind replies and useful
information really made me feel warm and incentive. I also appreciate
Engineer Tafesse hunduma, sharing his abundant practical experiences and kind
suggestions during software development. Moreover, I am grateful to my sister
Rahel Kassahun and Yetnayet Alemu for their kindly help in writing and editing
the paper throughout my work. Special thanks go to my best friend Estifanos
Gidey, who added various colors on my school life this, two-year time period.
Parental consideration and support is the last but not least factor that I have to
note. My parents always treated me with encouragement instead of pressure
during my school life. Thus I can devote myself to this work without the fear of
disturbance in the rear. I dedicate this thesis to them deservedly.