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11 April 2013

P.O. Box 1502
Luxembourg L-1015

Patent No. 2006238988
in the name(s) of Lucite International UK Ltd.

Your Ref: 3375553;6827258
Batch Number: SMBM-0000102743
Dear Madam/Sir
Renewal Fee Payment Advice
Thank you for your renewal fee payment, received on 11 April 2013, for the above patent.
This patent has now been renewed to 18 April 2014, by which date the next renewal fee will be
Please note, however, that a payment may be made up to 6 months after the due date provided
that it is accompanied by the appropriate additional fee(s). If payment is not received within
that time the patent will cease.
As our fees are revised periodically, I recommend that you check with us prior to making your
next payment. You can do this by contacting us on 1300 65 1010, or by email at
Yours faithfully
Electronic Records Administration

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