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A brief experience on journey through hardware developments for image
processing and it’s applications on Cryptography

Sangeet Saha1, Chandrajit pal2, Rourab paul3, Satyabrata Maity 4, Suman Sau5
Dept of Computer Science & Engineering 1, A. K. Choudhury School of Information Technology2,3,4,5
University Of Calcutta, Kolkata, India
92, A.P.C Road,Kolkata-700009
[Sangeet.saha87, palchandrajit, rourab.paul, satyabrata.maity, sumansau]

Image processing, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Application Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC) ,
Digital Signal Processor(DSP) image thresholding, Security ,RC4

The importance of embedded applications on image and video processing, communication and
cryptography domain has been taking a larger space in current research era. Improvement of
pictorial information for betterment of human perception like deblurring, de-noising in several fields
such as satellite imaging, medical imaging etc are renewed research thrust. Specifically we would
like to elaborate our experience on the significance of computer vision as one of the domains where
hardware implemented algorithms perform far better than those implemented through software. So
far embedded design engineers have successfully implemented their designs by means of Application
Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and/or Digital Signal Processors (DSP), however with the
advancement of VLSI technology a very powerful hardware device namely the Field Programmable
Gate Array (FPGA) combining the key advantages of ASICs and DSPs was developed which have the
possibility of reprogramming making them a very attractive device for rapid prototyping.
Communication of image and video data in multiple FPGA is no longer far away from the thrust of
secured transmission among them, and then the relevance of cryptography is indeed unavoidable.
This paper shows how the Xilinx hardware development platform as well Mathwork’s Matlab can be
used to develop hardware based computer vision algorithms and its corresponding crypto
transmission channel between multiple FPGA platform from a system level approach, making it
favourable for developing a hardware-software co-design environment.

Vision processing incorporates human perception and intelligence which makes the field most
interesting to the research community as it can mimic human behaviour in the computer system by
means of video surveillance system, integrating more intelligence to machines such as robots, as well
as in ecology, biometrics and medical applications. Interestingly, recent NASA’s mission “Curiosity”
on Mars, sending valuable images and information of Mars environment in a secure communication
channel, transmitted images also need to processed exhaustively to find out any vital information
about Mars.