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I would like to thank Jill Bowman of the
Department of Corrections for her ongoing
assistance and support throughout this
project, as well as the rest of the Corrections
team, who provided a literature review and
also extremely useful feedback on the first
draft of this report.
I would also like to acknowledge the work of
Glynn Rigby, Tim McKinnell and particularly
Debbie Nield of Zav├ęst Licenced Investigators.
Their tireless work in facilitating access to our
research participants was vital to this study.
Many thanks too to my colleague at
Independent Research Solutions, Ben Elley,
whose writing abilities and sharp eye for
research detail were key to this project.
I am also extremely grateful to Professor Greg
Newbold of the University of Canterbury who
oversaw the research from start to finish and
provided excellent peer review. His editing of
the final report greatly aided in its clarity.
Finally, to those who took the time to
participate in this research, my thanks seem
insufficient. I hope the findings of the report
contribute to policies that assist others to find
the path that you have found, and that this
illustrates the importance of your input more
than I possibly could.
Dr Jarrod Gilbert
Lead Researcher
20 August 2014