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libitum. Data were pooled and analyzed using the general linear model of
SAS and the multiple ranges of Duncan’s test. Mean of body weight at
with other treatments (P
in Virginiamycin group at starter and grower periods (P > 0.05). Feed
grower period it was higher in Virginiamycin group (P < 0.05). Results
of this experiment indicated that above mentioned medicinal plants can
be used as antibiotic alternatives in poultry diets.
Key Words: medicinal plants, antibiotic, broiler, performance

P359 Effect of different levels of edible mushroom On
Performance and immune system of broiler chickens. A. Safaei*1,
F. A. Khesht2, and A. Parandeh3, 1Department of Animal Sciences,
Faculty of Agriculture, Research Science of Azad University, Tehran,
Iran, 2Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture,
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran, 3Department of
Animal Science, Islamic Azad University, Varamin, Tehran, Iran.
With regards to recent increasing tendency for use of mushrooms in
Iranian poultry industry, we studied the growth performance and immune
system of broiler chicken supplemented with the mushroom Agaricus
were randomly allocated to 3 experimental treatments. Each treatment
consisted of 5 replicates of 10 birds, each were given a nutritionally balanced basal diet or the basal diet supplemented with 15 and 30 g of dried
mushroom/kg of feed for 6 wk ad libitum basis. Average feed intake,
total period and average antibody titer against Newcastle at 13-d, sheep
red blood cells (SRBC) at 25 d of age and weight of bursa of Fabricius
at 42 d were calculated. Dietary mushroom inclusion of 30 g/kg dried
P < 0.05) improved growth performance compared with control diet at 42d. Utilization of 30 g dried mushroom/kg
improved (P < 0.01) antibody responses against Newcastle at 13-d and
immune response against SRBC compared with control group at 25 d.
0.05) in compared with normal size at 42 d of age. The present results
suggest that dietary supplementation with dried mushroom especially
at levels of 30 g/kg can improve performance and immunological
responses of broiler chicks.
Key Words: mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, immune system,

P360 The effects of garlic herb in comparison with organic selenium and vitamin E on carcass fat and performance of broilers.
Department of
Poultry Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Tarbiat Modares University,
Tehran, Iran.
Garlic herb (Allium sativum
humans and animals having antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.
It has been found to demonstrate antimicrobial activity, possess lipid
lowering effects and improves productive performance of broilers. This
work was conducted to study the value of garlic herb in comparison
with organic selenium and vitamin E as different dietary antioxidants on
Poult. Sci. 91(Suppl. 1)

the performance parameters, abdominal fat deposition and liver lipids
concentration in broilers. The experiment was conducted using a total
of 192 d-old male broiler chicks (Ross 308). Birds were randomly allocated to one of 4 treatments and 3 replicates in a completely randomized
design. Treatments were control, garlic (15g/kg), organic selenium (0.3g/
kg) and vitamin E (2g/kg). On d 42, 3 broilers from each pen killed and
dissected to evaluate the abdominal and carcass fat. The liver lipids were
< 0.05) reduction in abdominal fat deposition of the chicken carcasses
P < 0.05) reduction in abdominal fat content
effect on abdominal fat or performance of broilers. In conclusion, garlic
herb could be used as antilipidemic agents in broiler diets to lower
abdominal fat and in fattening increase the carcass mass and improve
performance of broilers.
Key Words: garlic, organic selenium, vitamin E, abdominal fat, broiler

Growth performance and immunity of broilers fed
Toyocerin- supplemented diets. D. Solà-Oriol1, R. Dolz2, M.
Nofrarias2, M. Castillo*3, and A. C. Barroeta1, 1Universitat Autònoma
de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain, 2Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal,
Bellaterra, Spain, 3Rubinum Animal Health S.A., Rubí, Spain.
The aim of the present work was to study the effect of dietary Toyocerin
supplementation on gastrointestinal tract health and performance in
broilers. A total of 264 one-day old male broilers (Ross 308; average
BW = 46.5g) were used from 1 to 35 d of age. There were 2 feeding
periods: 1 to 21d (3,000 kcal AMEn/kg, 22% CP, and 1.23% total lys)
and 21 to 35d of age (3,148 kcal AMEn/kg, 19.0% CP, and 1.10% total
lys) and 2 experimental treatments: 1) cereal and SBM based diet
(Control) and 2) Control + 0.1% of Toyocerin (B. cereus var. toyoi;
(4 pens of 22 birds each) according to individual body weight. Feed
intake and individual weight were recorded weekly by pen (on d 7, 14,
21, 28 and 35). Four birds/pen on d 7 and 2 birds/pen on d 14, 21, 28
and 35 were euthanized for digesta and mucosa tissue collection. From
1 to 7d of experiment, higher body weight (BW; 151.7 vs. 139.7; P <
0.001), average daily gain (ADG; 15.0 vs 13.3; P < 0.05) and average
daily feed intake (ADFI; 21.6 vs. 20.0; P < 0.05) was observed for birds
fed the Toyocerin supplemented diet than those fed the control diets.
Toyocerin supplemented birds also showed higher average daily gain
(ADG) and improved feed conversion ratio (FCR) from 14 to 21 d (P
FCR were observed for birds fed the Toyocerin supplemented diet (P
< 0.05). Overall (1 to 35 d) lower ADFI (P < 0.01) and FCR (P < 0.05)
were observed for the birds fed the Toyocerin supplemented diet. At 7d,
higher villus height to crypth depth ratio was observed for Toyocerin
supplemented birds and goblet cells tended to be increased over the
control group. The IgA concentration in bile tended to be increased in
those animals fed the Toyocerin supplemented diet (P = 0.107) and the
number of antibodies against IBV (14d) and IBDV (35d) was higher (P
< 0.05). Moreover, higher ileal TRFLP similarity was observed for this
group at 35d. According to the results, dietary Toyocerin supplementation may improve broiler performance and immune response mainly
Key Words: broiler, B. cereus var toyoi, immune response, performance


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