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Original filename: Clixsense-strategy-guide.pdf
Author: Phil

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I welcome you on clixsense and all the best!
This document will show you how I was able earning $464.33 in 12 months just via
my personal work (without including any referrals earning) using few tips that I found
will bring you more income as you never thought possible in less time even when you
don’t have any money. I am also providing an update to my earning from Apr to Sep
2015 on last page.
This document contains the followings:

Yearly earnings

Program’s description in full detail

Tips that I discovered to maximize my earning

Closing remarks

Since you joined this or about to, will be the best decision you took or about to!
To begin with:
Clixsense is over 8 years old which program started on February 2007.
That program started as PTC only earning program where earnings were impossible.
During the program’s course, the admin gradually started adding following earning
streams to give more towards members (Standard or Premium):

PTC (paid to click ads by solving captchas)

Clixwin (depending on membership type, you get X number of chances to win)

Offer walls

Tasks (including receiving $5 per $50 completed tasks interval)

Bonuses, including ClixAddon since July 2014 (to maximize your earning)

By making this program even more profitable towards members (not a get rich quick
scheme program), the admin still managing improving this in less time than any other
similar programs especially those running longer as you’ll soon discover as go
through this document. My personal earnings are major proof of this! Not sharing my
experience in this program is equivalent as robbing you of your earnings.

Yearly earnings

Image1: the above image was my closing balance as March 31, 2015 and last year
earning (image above) doesn’t carries any bonus as I will explain further down.
As you might recall that I earned $464.33 starting April 2014 – March 31, 2015, below
table1 shows income streams arriving with such amount and again without referral






Bonus (*) It includes “daily check list bonus and as well $5 per $50 completed tasks,
as you see on above image I receive $10 extra (all will be explained further down)
Now imagine earning that much from your favorite PTC programs such as Neobux
and Wordlinx! Since I took the optional membership fee last year at $17 and
deducting this from my earning still leaves me with $447.33! Not bad I’ll say!
A note on wordlinx: This most expensive program including membership fee and
referrals (renting), in fact, the cost to rent 100 referrals cost $30/per month and no
one earns over 100% profit and the rest earn no more than 50%! The admin reported
one of the pro member earned $360 per year, deduct any cost (memberships,
referrals renting and ads cost) that earning will extremely lower.

Program’s description in full detail
While I am discussing this program, I need to note this has nothing to do with other
programs. I came across too many ads where advertisers have shown videos how to
earn on clixsense while their advertisement has absolutely to do with such program.
This document only covers clixsense and programs associated where earnings get
deposit directly on that program accounts.
Offer Walls: There some offers which are free and paid. Here some example,
gambling which most of them requires member making deposits, daily surveys,
online games flash playable on PC and smart phone devices (no need downloading)
and all of them required playing those games minimum 2 to 5 minutes in order
getting paid and viewing videos. In fact most offers I completed are surveys, videos,
online game and links clicking.
Doing Tasks: Tasks involves making search via the internet and many more. We can
have access to higher paid job when reaching level badges (level 1 to 3). You can
create an account via e-mail or signing up via Facebook. You’ll get all information on
your dashboard. Be informed by creating or doing tasks aren’t the place to advertize
affiliate links such PTC or others where you earn from directly from referrals. Again
on clixsense we earn $5 per $50 completed task interval of the overall task
completed. (More details on page 5)
Bonus: We can earn upgrade bonus when one or more referrals who upgrade their
account, and daily check list bonus, this is daily bonus for visiting X numbers of
websites, completing X numbers of offers and tasks (this also will be explained
further down)

ClixAddon (optional): This AddOn is completely spyware free software which is run
via google chrome, and other browsers was added on July 2014 to maximize your
earnings. This software allows all members earning higher bonuses for being one
hour on clixsense each day (I will explain further down also).
Optional membership: Clixsense offers premium membership at $17 per which allows
you earning more on PTC and other bonuses. That membership can be payable via
paypal and other pay processors or you can upgrade your account via your earnings
(you can reach that in less than two weeks to a month; believe me when I said that)

Payouts: Payouts start at $10 with no maximum and they’re processed each Monday
& Friday. Sometimes due to technical issues or holidays, payouts on queues might
take longer to process but clixsense always pays! Also there no maximum!

Clixsense has a generous daily bonus for doing all as illustrated on image2
(Note circle on ClixAdOn bonus)

Tasks: See the following condition when number of task are require (Table2)
Number of offers completed?
2 or more

Number of tasks require

About “daily bonus checklist bonus, this bonus can be earned when doing what
Image2 and table2 illustrate daily and without or with ClixAdOn installed (see next
table to see the amount of maximum bonus to earn applicable to all members)
ClixAdOn installed?
Minimum time require
Max daily bonus
1 hour
1 hour
Table3 assume members did according Image2 and table2 daily; otherwise that
bonus will not be paid. ClixAdOn software is completely optional.

To prevent members considering clixsense as set and forget program, percentage
received from referals doesn’t get included in calculation for receiving that bonus.
That bonus is based on direct earnings (aka your own).
Why? Too members who did signup in the past were hardly active and just earning
from referrals. As you may see, it’s important in being active! Yes, we do received
from referrals but that is separate from “daily bonus checklist bonus”
Since April 2014, I made a choice to complete as many tasks each even when
completing two or more offers. You already know that with 2 or more completed
offers which make tasks optional as seen table2 previous page.
By doing those task increases your earning big time including receiving those $5 per
50 completed task interval.
Here few pointers:
1. Try completing offers and tasks “see images and tables” from previous page
before doing PTC (It’s important giving honest answer in daily surveys offers)
otherwise earnings will be reversed.
2. Offers, I know on weekend are esually dry days and due lack of daily surveys,
there those offer walls online game are also available and those low earnings
offers, I recommend completing those offers on dry days, they count toward
“bonus checklist bonus” and if you still don’t succeed on any giving days, it’s
get better on next day or so.
3. Level 0 badges task are less available but when there are some, be sure you
answer those test questions carefully.
4. There’re times where the amount of tasks availabilty is quite low but try again
in few hours each day and it will kick in or if not then you’ll do better next day
5. I discovered lots tasks were impossible due task makers fault, by sending
ticket to crowdflower, many times I got credited in cash for my efforts
Again, I understand that clixsense seems to be lot of works, however, there’re other
programs offers lot of incomes doing least work (see below for examples)
High cost programs (None PTC)

1. Auto pilots program/earn while sleeping: Those things are meant to be as set
and forget programs. There are lots of them on the web but ownners never tell
any prices associate with those such as advertising for example. What if you
don't get any signups when advertising your offer? No signups means no
garanteed earnings!
2. Social trading plaform: Most advertising tells you how easy to earn but fail
mentioning risk. As of matter of facts, those platforms allow to copy other
traders as if your were investing. Now, here the catch, when you copy traders
action, all they trades (buy/sale) are instantly copied to your account, in other
words, you hire them to invest for you. What if they're wrong, you loose money
plain and simple.
3. Automated stock trading softwares: Those softwares(free or paid) are
available to download and run from your system. It also trades stock instantly
without your intervention. What if the owner of software preset data to steal
money from you and how does this garanteed earning?
4. Scams/false advertisements: I came though many advertisement claiming how
you can earn through clixsense while their’s offers has nothing to do with
clixsense at all. In fact, few advertisers even show a video on clixsense
screen, after clicking on offer I then realize their programs have nothing to
with. This lying to it’s purest form! Most of those programs if not all, are
running anymore. Therefore, carefull with those advertisements and
High Cost PTC Programs:
1. Neobux: I have to be carefull what I'm saying here! Yes this program one is
best for instant payout but it's one of the most expensive one in memberships
and as well referrals renting. I even have a golden golden membership and we
earn big times here. However, per each 3 months I only manage in keeping
between $100 to $200 when all expenses are paid by me! Not really profitable!
2. Others: There lots of other PTC programs which been running over 11 years in
which has the highest paid membership for $25/month, doesn’t even offer half
what clixsense has to offers
In closing this section, as you may see with those high cost program, earning on
those programs without any effort are next to none

Final remarks:
By following few examples (tips) that I gave throughout this document, I guarantee
you’ll earn on clixense and will make it easier for you to convince your downline how
easy it is!
Understand earning on your own as well “produces greater results”
All is ever needed on clixsense is your time!
By joining this program, you took the best decision and the best is yet to come.
By being active and follow trips I provided throughout this document, your earnings
will reach higher as never before as I’ll see my earning on this year and last year
This year earnings are very good, compare with Apr 2014 to Mar 2015 earning!
Apr 2014 – Mar 2015






As you may see, it’ll get really interesting in next 6 months.


Apr 2015 – Sep 2015 (6 months)

*include $5 for completing $50 completed task
Again, it’s impossible not earning here!
I know that money doesn’t grow on trees but when clixsense, members are
advertising, this mean garanteed earnings for active members. All earning stats seen
here are the thruth and without lying. Once you follow through this document, it be
easier for convincing your referrals how easy to earn by creating similar document!
Please Note:
For those who came through this documement via search engines, I included a
program’s link for your convenience. While pressing on “ctrl”, click on image

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