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Volume I


You will find this book’s depicted message, written and compiled, is comparative to none from
the mainstream. This book, written in such manner, is to reengage your mind. You will find
many cryptic verses. It is necessary to reread between the lines. If there is a concept you do not
quite grasp, take your time. Learning is a time consuming process, requiring perseverance and
diligence. The organized quotes embedded in this text contain personal pronouns reflective of
their respective author(s). Additionally, all text, written and compiled, are deliberate instructions
providing avenues towards further research. Every bit of information is interconnected and
placed with purpose. Provide great attention and attentiveness to compiled works, especially
chapters 6(a), 6(b), 6(c) (Vol. II), and Chapter 8 (Etidorhpa).
Minimum recommended reading program: Three years: read multiple times for that which is
understood will become innerstood.
The path to Truth is an individual one. You are traveling in the nebulous dark cave within your
mind entangled with encrypted programs. Fueling these encrypted programs are electrochemical
currents oscillating at perplexing speeds. Programs downloaded into you before birth are making
you run in circles seeking instant gratification and ego identification. It makes you suffer,
stagger, and confused. There is a way out … but do not expect to be set free by any hand but
your own.



No book contains the whole Truth but the Book of Life



α Prologos ω
When confronted with a problem involving the use of the reasoning faculties, individuals
of strong intellect keep their poise, and seek to reach a solution by obtaining facts bearing upon
the question. Those of immature mentality, on the other hand, when similarly confronted, are
overwhelmed. While the former may be qualified to solve the riddle of their own destiny, the
latter must be led like a flock of sheep and taught in simple language. They depend almost
entirely upon the ministrations of the shepherd. The Apostle Paul said that these little ones must
be fed with milk, but that meat is the food of strong men. Thoughtlessness is almost synonymous
with childishness, while thoughtfulness is symbolic of maturity.
There are, however, but few mature minds in the world; and thus it was that the
philosophic-religious doctrines of the pagans were divided to meet the needs of these two
fundamental groups of human intellect--one philosophic, the other incapable of appreciating the
deeper mysteries of life. To the discerning few were revealed the esoteric, or spiritual, teachings,
while the unqualified many received only the literal, or exoteric, interpretations. In order to make
simple the great truths of Nature and the abstract principles of natural law, the vital forces of the
universe were personified, becoming the gods and goddesses of the ancient mythologies. While
the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of Priapus and Pan (deities
representing the procreative energies), the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic
concretions of great abstract truths.



Every pagan nation had (and has) not only its state religion, but another into which the
philosophic elect alone have gained entrance. Many of these ancient cults vanished from the
earth without revealing their secrets, but a few have survived the test of ages and their
mysterious symbols are still preserved. Much of the ritualism of Freemasonry is based on the
trials to which candidates were subjected by the ancient hierophants before the keys of wisdom
were entrusted to them.


In all cities of the ancient world were temples for public worship and offering. In every
community also were philosophers and mystics, deeply versed in Nature's lore. These individuals
were usually banded together, forming seclusive philosophic and religious schools. The more
important of these groups were known as the Mysteries. Many of the great minds of antiquity
were initiated into these secret fraternities by strange and mysterious rites, some of which were
extremely cruel. Alexander Wilder defines the Mysteries as "Sacred dramas performed at stated
periods. The most celebrated were those of Isis, Sabazius, Cybele, and Eleusis." After being
admitted, the initiates were instructed in the secret wisdom which had been preserved for ages.
Plato, an initiate of one of these sacred orders, was severely criticized because in his writings he
revealed to the public many of the secret philosophic principles of the Mysteries.

Few realize the extent to which the ancient secret schools influenced contemporary
intellects and, through those minds, posterity. Robert Macoy, 33°, in his General History of
Freemasonry, pays a magnificent tribute to the part played by the ancient Mysteries in the
rearing of the edifice of human culture. He says, in part: "It appears that all the perfection of
civilization, and all the advancement made in philosophy, science, and art among the ancients are
due to those institutions which, under the veil of mystery, sought to illustrate the sublimest truths
of religion, morality, and virtue, and impress them on the hearts of their disciples.* * * Their
chief object was to teach the doctrine of one God, the resurrection of man to eternal life, the
dignity of the human soul, and to lead the people to see the shadow of the deity, in the beauty,
magnificence, and splendor of the universe."
With the decline of virtue, which has preceded the destruction of every nation of history,
the Mysteries became perverted. Sorcery took the place of the divine magic. Indescribable
practices (such as the Bacchanalia) were introduced, and perversion ruled supreme; for no
institution can be any better than the members of which it is composed. In despair, the few who
were true sought to preserve the secret doctrines from oblivion. In some cases they succeeded,
but more often the arcanum was lost and only the empty shell of the Mysteries remained.
Space prohibits a detailed discussion of the secret schools. There were literally scores of
these ancient cults, with branches in all parts of the Eastern and Western worlds. Some, such as
those of Pythagoras and the Hermetists, show a decided Oriental influence, while the
Rosicrucians, according to their own proclamations, gained much of their wisdom from Arabian
mystics. Although the Mystery schools are usually associated with civilization, there is evidence
that the most uncivilized peoples of prehistoric times had a knowledge of them. Natives of
distant islands, many in the lowest forms of savagery, have mystic rituals and secret practices
which, although primitive, are of a decided Masonic tinge. – Manly P. Hall



Freemasonry is a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by



(1) Introducing the Rabbit Hole

The greatest questions the disabled mind can comprehend are those produced into
(Interrogative) Sentences.
Who are you, Why are you here, What is your purpose of Life, Do you know the Truth?

Symbolic imagery and feelings were the original methods of thought. This allowed
humans and other intelligent species to engage in complex, personal modalities of cognition
without the slow, sometimes verbose prose of dialogue our counterparts engage in. The Birth of
Kontrol a-rose / a-ruse from the Word.



For ages this control system has been developing long before your existence. You were
born into this “rheality” and instructed to use “rheason” in order to be one of the disciples of
Rhea. The billions on this planet are collective individuals forced to be indentured servants of
various grades.


“Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the
people. From these great staffs, both of the old parties have ganged aside. Instead of instruments
to promote the general welfare they have become the tools of corrupt interests which use them in
martialling [sic] to serve their selfish purposes. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned
an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.
To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and
corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.” - Progressive Covenant with the
People, Theodore Roosevelt.
The first step of waking up is to understand the sentiency of corruption from the present
moment. The second step of waking up is to draw this corruption further back a few hundred
years. The following information is from Henry Klein’s “Dynastic America and Those Who
Own It.” (1921)
The following dynasties that will be outlined existed in the 1920’s of the fields including
but not limited to: steel, copper, oil, beef, railroads, coal, tobacco, telephone, timber, sugar,
motors, electric, agriculture, and firearms.



The Dynasty of Oil is ruled by Rockefeller, who controls the Standard Oil Companies.
There are lesser rulers in the Oil Dynasty such as Payne, Pratt, Harkness, Flagler, Bedford,
Rogers, Archbold, Doheny, Pierce, Sinclair and Cosden. The Steel Dynasty is ruled by
Rockefeller, Morgan, Phipps, Baker, Schwab, Corey, Gary, Wilkinson, and the heirs of
Converse, Carnegie and Frick. The Coal Dynasty is ruled by Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt,
Baker, Widener, Stotesbury, Girard, Peabody, Mellon, Berwind, Madeira and Watson. The Beef
Dynasty is ruled by Armour, Swift, Cudahy, Morris and Wilson. The Copper Dynasty is ruled by
Guggenheim, Morgan, Rockefeller, Rogers, Haggin, Phelps, Dodge, James, Sewell, Hayden,
Stone, Agassiz, Shaw, Clark, Ryan, Cole, Whitney and Lewisohn. The Railroad Dynasty is ruled
by Rockefeller, Morgan, Harriman, Vanderbilt, Hill, Huntington, Gould, Baker, Stotesbury,
Frick, Payne, Widener, Harkness and Whitney. The Dynasty of Gas, Electric Light and Traction
is ruled by Rockefeller, Morgan, Baker, Brady, Bodine, Dolan, Billings, Doherty, Fruehoff,
Bertron, Griscom, Byllesby, Barstow, Stone, Webster, McMillan, Insull and Porter. The Dynasty
of Telephone and Telegraph is ruled by Rockefeller, Morgan, Baker, Schiff, Vail, Mackay,
Whitney, Gould, Harkness, Marsters and Slocum. The Dynasty of Tobacco is ruled by Ryan,
Payne, Duke, Widener, Brady, Lorillard, Hill, Dula, McAlpin and Whitney. The Dynasty of
Rubber is ruled by Rockefeller, Brady, Ryan, Colt, Leland, Aldrich, Vail and Ford. The Dynasty
of Sugar is ruled by Havemeyer, Spreckels, Post, Arbuckle, Thomas, Childs, Babst, Howells,
Jarvis, Mollenhauer, Jamison and Allen. The Dynasty of Gunpowder and Firearms is ruled by
DuPont and Dodge.


This book will teach you how --- through procession --- the deepest control structures
with their direct henchmen, ecclesiastical priests, have controlled the minds of the masses. To
comprehend the intensity, magnitude, and detail of their Great Work, the premise of ultimate
reality needs to be completely penetrated, grasped, understood, realized, allegorized, interpreted,
and deciphered.
The priests, nobility, and aristocracy work together under controlled guidance. They
operate in secret and in open for goals ranging from orders of exoteric and esoteric magnitude
that are calculated and executed on a need to know cornerstone. The common reaction, not
thought-through response, to this Great Work by “skeptics” (also referred as sheep) is that a
secret so big cannot be kept hidden.
This type of response reveals their unknowingness of the true machinations of society.
The first and obvious proof of their slavery is their habitual obedience to this system and its
indoctrination, i.e., propaganda. They are living day-by-day, working typically at an hourly rate
for masonic tokens, simply to become another perpetual cog in the machine. Their hopes, ideals,
and dreams are merely those of their controllers; rare it to be for them to ever have original
ideas. Rare it to be for them to question the purpose of their existence, the significance of their
monotonous work patterns towards an unknown idealized end their masters do not even truly
grasp (only the members of the deepest control structures and the ‘free radicals’ of the system,
i.e., truth seekers & life studiers grasp the ends).
It is the science of illusion. The film, Matrix (1999), contains levels upon levels of
allegories ((( picture an onion ))). It is not simply about a man in a real dream, but a symbolic
one. This is your dream. This is the illusion. Reality is what is in you…the experience and
feelings of the ‘I’ within you devoid of external corruption and debasements. The science of
illusion is mastery of the conclusions of cause and effect revolving upon the six senses…the
sixth sense is intuition. Intuition is the knowledge of the past within you (via genetic history) and
the complex and near-infinite processing of time (the fourth dimension). Most people can only
process five senses, and the conclusions of cause and effect of these processes is what the
controllers master.
You are the anomaly. The Matrix, Architect’s Speech:



You are the reason why this system is yet to be perfect. The conclusions of parents,
induced by many forces, are passed down to children. The children, not expecting any lies or


“As I was saying, she [the Oracle] stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly 99.9% of all
test subjects accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice, even if they were only
aware of the choice at a near unconscious level. While this answer functioned, it was obviously
fundamentally flawed, thus creating the otherwise contradictory systemic anomaly that if left
unchecked might threaten the system itself. Ergo, those that refused the program, while a
minority, if unchecked, would constitute an escalating probability of disaster.”

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