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Official Apex Reviews Interview: K. Williams (OP-DEC: Operation Deceit) Thanks for joining us for this interview, K. We're looking forward to sharing more about your book and other efforts with our readers. What inspired you to craft this quite intriguing tale of mystery, suspense, and dark, dangerous secrets? I grew up watching a lot of Film Noir of the war era, documentaries and the like. I've always been fascinated by my grandparent's generation and the political/social issues they were faced with. What's the significance of the book's title? I actually had a hard time naming the book. Originally I was just going to call it deceit. The bulk of a spy's trade is in deceits and the story revolves around a major coverup that unravels in the heroin's lap. However, that didn't seem sufficient. Historically, military operations are all named on a carefully outlined acronym system, so I thought something more in line with the military aspect would be stronger for the book. Yet, I struggled. Then one day, a colleague of mine at Empire State College came up with OP-DEC: Operation Deceit. It sounded fabulous! It incorporated both of the items of which I was thinking and had that hard bite of military espionage flavor. How does Claire feel about being displaced from her beloved Boston at such a young age? Claire is what I call an "internalizer". She loves her aunt very much, though you get the defiant aspect of Claire's personality when they first meet. These two are very much alike, strong willed and willing to do what it takes to survive. Claire is crushed to lose her mother, but feels safe with her Aunt. So, leaving Boston allows her to pocket the emotions and go on with her life in an environment that is supportive and removed from the incident. The next instance you see her, she's grown up and you have the impression she's a rather somber stoic, whereas the other young women are carefree and excited about the future. Likely this is due to her shaky past. Claire's memory of Boston is tainted by the loss of her mother and the memories of that evening, so leaving is actually a relief to her, and you see that in how reluctant to return she is. What is it about Carsten that makes him so mysterious? Carsten appears to have dropped from the sky. All those present at the dinner party, except Claire's father, know nothing about him but rumors. In addition, Claire was displaced from her family home, but she is still in contact with her father, either through her aunt or brief visits, yet this man never comes up until the visit following her graduation. Carsten is as displaced as her, which she gathers not only from his sudden arrival but his West European accent, a dog whistle in the climate of World War II. He's polite, attractive and attentive and has a compelling presence. The truth about him is always veiled and he behaves in a manner that gives the impression everything should already be known about him because he knows everything about her. What kinds of reactions have readers had to the book thus far? The reactions have all been positive. I was blessed to work with a great designer at inHouseGraphics.com, Scott Deyett, to make a beautiful cover that captures the essence of the book and draws prospective readers into my text. People are very excited to read the story when it's presented to them. Once read, they can't wait to recommend it to friends and family and I've been asked if I'll


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