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The Modernised Technocratic Model Information Document
Presented by: /urbanate/

Goals of the MTM:

To archive a post-scarcity economy based upon the principles
of Thermoeconomics and energy accounting.

To unite the entirety of our species under a single, global
government – the Technate.

The banishment of poverty, disease, war, hunger, politics,
selfishness, class, individualism and natural death.

To bring about the technological singularity as soon as

To achieve effective immortality via the digitisation of brains
and consciousness.

The creation of a Matrioshka brain.

Social and Religious Policy:

As a part of creating a Technate that is both global and stable. The
MTM aims to create a Monocultural Technate. This Monoculture will
combine the traits of human cultures (including extinct, historical
cultures) that are the most compatible with social stability.

The MTM Technate will adopt the logical and (relatively) culturally
neutral language of Lojban as its official language.

The MTM Technate will replace existing religious systems with a
state system of “Material-Spiritualism”. This system rejects the
supernaturalism and the antiquated dogma that is prevalent in
current religion. The goal of Material-Spiritualism is to provide an
outlet for healthy spiritual fulfilment and to further install positive
attributes and role models in the mind of the populace.

The primary goal of Material-Spiritualism itself is to hasten the
creation of an AI. This AI will eventually be given total control over
all computers in the Technate, not only allowing for it to take over
the functions of governance but to achieve effective omnipresence.
Essentially crating our species own artificial Deity.

The MTM will assign positions within itself based upon a person’s
demonstrated technical ability.

The MTM shall abolish both social and economic classes. Everyone
within the Technate shall simply be a Citizen.

The Technate shall implement and operate on a functional calendar.
A calendar in in which the days of the year are listed consecutively,
one through three hundred and sixty-five.

Education Policy:

The educational period of a Technate citizen would last twenty
years, from the age of five through to twenty-five.

Education within the Technate would be broken up into three
different phases.

The first phase of education would be the primary phase; it
would cover all of the educational elements that every
citizen of the Technate will require – regardless of later


Secondary education would be provided in three different
streams. At the end of their primary schooling, citizens would
be placed into a secondary stream based on their aptitude,
interests and psychological profile.


Academic – This stream would provide citizens with
both a well-rounded view of general academic
subjects and specialised education in the field that
the student chooses (STEM fields would have the
highest intake levels, art and related subjects would
have strict numbers limits). All students in this stream
will have gained a Doctorate in their chosen field at
the end of their educational period.

Vocational – This stream would provide citizens with
both a base level, general education in many different
vocational fields (Primarily: Construction, basic
Nursing and Information-Technology) and specialised
education in a professional trade.

Military – This stream would provide citizens with all
of the education and training required to be the most
adaptable and professional military force our species
has ever seen. Officer candidates would be selected
from the most suitable citizens after three years in
this stream.

The final phase of education in the MTM Technate is State
Service. State Service would start at the age of twenty-one
and last until the age of twenty five. For more information,
refer to the Military Policy section.

Economic Policy:

The MTM Technate will abolish all forms of price system
(Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, etc.).

The MTM Technate will create a twenty-four hour inventory
control. A system that will allow for all items and resources
to be monitored and tracked in real time, from production to
final distribution.

The MTM Technate aims to eventually replace all human
labour with automation.

A citizen of the Technate will work for the Technate from the
age of twenty-five to forty-five. At the age of forty-five, the
citizen will retire from work.

The average working week of the Technate worker will be
four hours a day, four days a week.

All labour complaints will be handled by the department of
labour relations (a sub-department of the department of
Social Relations). This will make workers unions obsolete.

All workers will be organised into seven work groups,
operating on a staggered work schedule – this will ensure that
the Technate is productive every single day of the year.

Each work group would further be broken up into six different
work shifts (four hours to a shift); this will ensure that the
Technate is productive twenty-four hours a day.

Labour policy:

Health policy:

The Technate will provide an unprecedented level of health
care to its citizens. This care will be provided as a free
service to all citizens.

The Technate will ensure that the distribution of healthcare
staff and the population of healthcare staff are at such a
level that waiting lists for all but the most complicated of
medical procedures no longer exist.

The Technate will practise a strict system of eugenics. The
goal of this program is to eliminate genetic disorders.

The Technate will legalise drugs that are demonstrated to
have a low direct impact on health and social unity.

Euthanasia will be freely available to all Technate citizens of
sound mental health.

The MTM will do away with lawyers and jurors. All cases will
instead be presented before a panel of three judges. The
agreement of at least two of the judges is required for a

The maximum number of years that a person can be
incarcerated for is twenty years. In the event that a person is
found guilty of crimes that combined hold a sentence of more
than twenty years, that person is executed.

The vast majority of convicts will spent their sentence in
rehabilitative labour facilities. Traditional prisons will only be
for those that are too infirm for rehabilitative labour; these
prisoners will instead be required to serve the Technate by
regularly giving blood.

Legal policy:

Military policy:

The military of the Technate is central to the MTM. The
MTM views the military as a force of social unification,
rather than petty conquest. The MTM Technate would aim
for a society that is one-hundred percent militarised
(militarised, not militaristic).

The Technate will maintain two parallel military forces.

The Technate military would be comprised of the
professional, career soldiers that were placed in the
military stream during schooling. The Technate
military will be comprised of two branches, the
Mobile Infantry and the Fleet (an amalgamation of
both the navy and air force).


The second military force will be the Citizens Guard.
Unlike the Technate military, the Citizens guard is a
purely defensive force of reservists. The Citizens
Guard primary duty would be to maintain and
construct the extremely extensive defensive
fortification systems that the Technate will build all
over the world.

At the age of twenty-one all citizens (not in the military
education stream) are required to serve in the Citizens
Guard fulltime. This period of State Service would continue
fulltime, until the age of twenty-five. After the end of
their State Service, citizens will still be classed as part of
the Citizens Guard and required to attend periodic training
a set amount of times per year. Citizens will be relieved of
their duties in the Citizens Guard when they turn forty-five
(the age of retirement).

The MTM Technate will set up a paramilitary scouting
organisation for children in the primary phase of education.
This organisation will help shape the youth of the Technate
into productive members of society.

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