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"Oh my god! Ian Kinney! You probably don't even remember me! My name's Jane Lastname!
Our brothers used to play hockey together. I had the biggest crush on you growing up!"
I didn't know what to say. Of course I remembered her. I hadn't thought about her in forever,
but I certainly hadn't forgotten about her. She was the first girl I had ever like-liked. She was
the first girl I had ever tried to look nice for. She was the first girl I had ever wanted to do
mouth stuff with. And now here she was, looking just unbelievably beautiful, and saying she
used to have a crush on me too. This was officially the highlight of my life up until this point. I
decided to just do my best to try and play things cool.
"Oh, wow, Jane Lastname. Of course I remember you. How have ya been?"
"I've been great! How have you been? How's your sister?!"
"I've been good. Cait's good. How's your brother, Jason? Is he still playing hockey?"
"No, he gave that up a long time ago. He's actually going to school to become a vet."
"Oh. That's weird. I thought you had to go to war to become a vet."
Jane laughed.
"No, silly. A veterinarian."
"Oooh. That makes more sense. I just don't get why you didn't say kitty doctor."
Jane laughed again. We sat down next to the bonfire and continued catching up. We talked
about all the fun we used to have together at the hockey rink. We talked about all that had
changed in our lives over the last five or so years. We talked about our families, and our
friends, and our pets. We talked about everything. The minutes turned to hours with the two
of us just lost in conversation. This crazy ass party kept going on around us, but it was like we
were off in our own little world. I really liked talking to her too. She was funny, but even more
importantly; she really seemed to find me funny. And I really liked making her laugh. She'd
flash this little smile every time she started laughing, and it was just like the prettiest thing ever.
It would send fireworks shooting around inside of me every time I saw it.
We had been talking for over two hours straight when we were finally interrupted by one of
Jane's friends. She stumbled over to us and started complaining to Jane about having to pee.
Jane admitted she had to go to the bathroom as well, and told her friend she'd accompany her
inside. But before she got up; she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. Then she
whispered in my ear, "Don't move. I'll be right back."
My heart was racing as I watched Jane and her friend head into the house. It really felt like
there was something magical between us. A dude sitting on the other side of me tapped me on
the shoulder to offer me a joint. I accepted it; and I started looking around at this giant party I
had been ignoring. There were now an insane amount of kids there. And then, all of a sudden,
out of like completely nowhere, about half of them shouted, "CCCOOOPPPPSSSSSS!!!!!"
Sirens and flashing lights filled the air while kids scrambled in every direction. I just
momentarily froze next to the fire with the joint in my mouth. Finally, my brain caught up to