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He pulled over and immediately began shouting at me through his lowered window.
"Oh, hey, man. Umm. There was an incident with a monster."
"What?! What the fuck are you talking about? How stoned are you? Get in the god damn
I climbed in and began to explain to Rob about being by the bonfire when the cops showed up,
and then hiding in the neighbor's yard, and then encountering a mysterious beast, and then
running like a madman throughout the neighborhood. I continued to explain that we now had
to return to the party so that I could meet back up with Jane...
And that's when my heart broke.
Rob explained that, not only was the party on a "completely different fucking road", but also
that everybody there had been forced to leave. And that he'd been driving around trying to
find me because some dude said I stole his joint and took off running when the cops arrived.
And lastly, that there had been a girl looking everywhere for me as the party emptied out. But
she had eventually given up and left.
I was devastated. I tried getting Rob to drive back just to be certain Jane was gone, but he
assured me that he had watched her leave. He said she had asked him and a bunch of other
people if any of them knew where I was; but nobody did. So, she got into a car and left with
her friends. He then made a comment about her being super, super hot. And I just felt like
The rest of the ride home from that party was brutal. I kept going over everything that had
happened in my head. My old childhood crush had suddenly walked back into my life; only to
then walk right back out of it even faster. And worst of all, I apparently still really liked her.
And I think she really liked me too. But now none of that mattered. Because I was afraid of
monsters. And she was gone forever.
Or so I thought.
Jane From Forever Ago will return with Episode Two: A Tenth Street Christmas