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Episode Two
A Tenth Street Christmas
By Ian Kinney
I was nineteen years old.
And life was good. I had recently moved out of my parents' house for the first time. I was now
sharing a place with four of my best friends. There was Gabe the Gambler, Matt the Nerd,
Brandon the Manwhore, and Tony the Troublemaker. Unfortunately, the only house that the
five of us could afford to rent was in the absolute worst part of the city. The part of the city
known as "Tenth Street".
My parents had tried to talk me out of moving to such a rough neighborhood. They said I'd get
robbed and murdered. But I was young and stubborn. I wanted to be with my friends and have
parties. So I refused to listen to them. I did, however, eagerly accept their moving out present
to me. My very first cell phone. A Motorola RAZR. They wanted me to have it just so they
could check in with me from time to time. I didn't complain. I mean, it was like the hottest cell
phone out at the time. Just sayin'.
Anyways, everything to do with the new house started out awesome. Every night, my
roommates and I had something fun going on and hot girls stopping by. But, unfortunately, it
wasn't too long before we started running into problems. First, Brandon's car got broken into.
Next, Matt had a package stolen off the front porch. And then one night, we actually caught
some guy snooping around and peeking through our windows. It was unnerving to say the
least. Still, we tried our very, very best to make that house a home. Especially once Christmas
rolled around.
My roommates and I really wanted to do something special for our first Christmas together.
And after a drunken brainstorming session; we decided on Secret Santa. We'd each pull the
name of another roommate out of a hat, and then we'd buy him a super sweet gift. I pulled
Gabe's name. And I was kind of upset. Not because I disliked Gabe or anything. I just had no
idea what I was going to get him. But I knew it had to be something awesome. So, one
afternoon, about a week before the holiday; I went to the mall to track him down the perfect
I arrived at the mall and began walking around. After checking out a few stores and finding
nothing, I decided to take a break and grab some lunch at the mall's food court. I got my tray
from Taco Bell and sat down to eat. At first, I felt a little insecure about dining all alone, but I
glanced around, and I noticed a number of other people also sitting by themselves. And that
made me less uncomfortable. One of the people I noticed was a girl seated only a few tables
away from me. She had her back to me, and I kept waiting for her to turn around so I could tell
whether or not she was hot. Finally, she turned her head ever so slightly, revealing her
face...and my heart completely stopped. It was Jane Lastname.