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It had been a little over two years since that party where I had first reunited with Jane
Lastname, my old childhood crush. And I hadn't seen or spoken to her since that night. I had
imagined running into her again so many times, but I never thought it would actually happen.
However, here she was. No more than thirty feet away from me. I took a second to get my shit
together. I tried to track down all of the charisma and charm that I had inside of me. Then, I
stood up, grabbed my tray, and walked over to her table.
"Hi, is this seat taken?"
Jane looked up to respond but then froze. That magical smile of hers began to slowly creep
across her face.
"Hi, Jane."
She jumped out of her seat and immediately hugged me. The same way she had hugged me
two years prior when we had first reconnected.
"I can't believe it! What are you doing here?" she said, visibly overjoyed.
"Well, I'm at the mall, Jane. So, ya know...I'm golfing."
"Haha. Shut-up."
"Sorry. But yeah, I'm just kinda shopping. Taking a quick lunch break."
"Yeah, me too. Sit down. How have you been?"
I joined Jane at her table, and we started catching up while finishing our lunch. We talked
about inadvertently getting separated that fateful night a couple of years ago. We talked about
all the stuff that was currently going on in our lives. We talked about our pets. Even though we
hadn't seen in each other in forever; I felt like I was having a conversation with one of my best
friends. Plus, there was that damn smile, man. It was just so pretty. It once again began
sending fireworks exploding throughout my body every time it flashed across her face.
Jane revealed that she was at the mall trying to find the right Christmas gift for her friend and
coworker, Jasmine. I explained that I was there looking to complete a similar task for my
roommate, Gabe. So, after we were done eating, I suggested that we finish our shopping
together. And she gleefully agreed.
We ended up walking around the mall together for hours. We stopped in almost every single
store and just kinda screwed around. It was so much fucking fun, man. We weren't even really
shopping. We were just talking, and sharing stories, and making each other laugh. We each
kept coming up with horrible suggestions for the other person to buy their friend. She tried
getting me to buy Gabe every Meg Ryan movie ever on DVD. I tried getting her to buy Jasmine
a $300 gift certificate to the mall's soft pretzel stand. In reality, neither one of us were getting
anywhere near finding an actual present. But we were both having too great of a time to care.
The mall was crowded with other holiday shoppers and completely decked out with festive
lights and decorations. Soon, Jane and I came upon the classic staple of Christmastime
shopping...SANTA! We stopped to watch some of the little kids sit on Santa's lap and tell him all