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The role of the Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) is relatively new. Working as part of
the multidisciplinary team they make an important contribution to Emergency Medicine
(EM). Through collaboration between Health Education England (HEE) and the Royal
College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), the College have granted access to the
specialty training curriculum for EM. With permission, we have adapted the curriculum
identifying common competencies, acute presentations and procedural skills to provide
a framework for ACPs in EM. The following competences are considered core for EM.
Trainee ACPs (tACP) are expected to have attained at least level 2 competence in all
common competences and successfully achieved all the major and acute
competences and practical procedures, as set out in the curriculum, by the time of
completion of their programme and application for credentialing as an ACP.
ACPs are able to look after patients with a wide range of pathologies from the lifethreatening to the self-limiting.

They are able to identify the critically ill and injured, providing safe and
effective immediate care.

They have expertise in resuscitation and skilled in the practical procedures

They establish the diagnosis and differential diagnosis rapidly, and initiate or
plan for definitive care.

They work with all the in-patient specialties as well as primary care and prehospital services.

They are able to correctly identify who needs admission and who can be
safely sent home.
This curriculum sets out the intended aims and objectives, content, experiences,
outcomes and processes of the educational program intended to provide ACPs with the
knowledge and expertise to be safe, expert practitioners functioning within the
multidisciplinary EM team.
Skills and behaviours that Emergency Clinicians need to be effective and to
communicate with patients, carers and their families, and how these will be assessed are
mapped out in the curriculum.



The purposes of this curriculum are to define the process of training and competence
required for:

Successful completion of ACP training in EM.
The successful completion of additional paediatric competences for ACPs
working with children.

Duration of training is covered in more detail in section 4.2.1