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Sell. Sell. Sell.
Simply put – to make money, I need to sell beer & cider. To sell beer & cider, I
need to drive customers in the door. To drive customers in the door I need a
solid product and a sure-fire marketing plan. And to drive profit, I need to sell
lots of beer and cider to lots of customers. How I’ll do all of this? I’ll build an
always-on marketing strategy that will keep customers coming in the door and
provide excellent customer service, quality product and an awesome
atmosphere to keep em’ coming back.
Smart Financial Planning.
Small Businesses often encounter surprise costs and expenses. Your $ will not
be one of them. To ensure you receive your money on-time, I’ve built all interest
payouts and full repayment directly into monthly overhead costs, that way I’m
saving to repay your investment dollars on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
to guarantee your money at all payout dates.
Solid Business. Solid Execution.
My top goal is to create a sound, organized and profitable business that will
ultimately see profits in Year 1, with all liabilities paid off by Year 5. From a
business perspective, organization, planning and cost cutting are key, while from
a customer perspective, operations must be streamlined, product and customer
service must be top-notch, and the atmosphere and brand of Ounces must
always exceed expectations.
Set Realistic Goals—and Achieve them.
Goal-setting will be key to the success of the business. Our goals are to:
1) continually grow sales, by 10% each month, 2) always look to keep costs low
and profits high, aiming to cut costs by 5% YOY, and 3) create solid partnerships
within the community, driving word-of-mouth and leveraging business