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Hana Borowski

Age: 19
Birthday: October 28th
Gender: Female
Race: Japanese-American
Nationality: American
Height: 5'0”
Size: 115 lbs
Health: Suffers Type 1 Diabetes. Otherwise, healthy.
Assets: Soft skin, healthy hair, doe eyes, long lashes
Flaws: Bad eyesight, small hands, short fingers, short stature.
Sexuality: Graysexual
Gait: Normal
Voice: A little high, and tends to break in places when stressed.

Intelligence: She can be a bit slow on the uptake, and takes everything a bit too seriously—
not in the way of being a stick in the mud, just more that she can't read social cues very well.
Temperament: Soft-spoken and introverted, but very compassionate when it comes to other
people. She has a natural desire to reach out—but her introverted nature goes hard against it
to the point that she can't bring herself to do much.
Happiness: She's content, but one wouldn't call her happy. She doesn't have the life she
wishes that she could lead.
Attitudes: Mostly positive—while certain personality traits lean towards negative, she's usually
quite positive.
Self-Knowledge: To her own knowledge, she knows herself—but not her limitations. Instead of
going the distance, she undersells herself often.
Unconscious Aspects: She's always holding herself back based on disappointment in herself,
yet she never knows exactly how to improve herself.

Habits: Spacing out, avoiding eye contact, trying to make herself as small as possible—more
to be elaborated.

Family: Parents, and an aunt and uncle who have twin boys.
Friends: One friend she met in elementary school, Alyssa. They drifted apart in high school,
and Jane has been too nervous to reconnect.
Colleagues: None
Birthplace: Komeido, Koto, Japan. (Currently living in Zion, IL)
Childhood: Relatively normal, suffered from social anxiety and her diabetes, especially as a
child. The one friend she did have invited her over often and they would watch disney movies
and play games well into the night. Her parents opened a small restaurant after she started
school, so they were often busy.
Education: Okay. She got mostly B's, but never went below a C. She's currently enrolled in
university, mostly for minor education like strengthening her arithmetic and the like. (She has
no set goals as far as career is concerned, but she would much rather be doing something
rather than nothing.)
Hobbies: Knitting, Sewing, Gardening—she's actually really bad at cooking, despite her
parents' business, Reading, and Wall Climbing. Although she can't cook, she is actually pretty
decent at baking.
Beliefs: She's very much adopted the mindset of, 'You're nice to me, I'll be nice to you'. She
believes that everyone has the potential to be a good person, if given the help and chance. As
well as, people should remain equals and always try to help each other. She's alive, so she'd
rather be there aiding others instead of turning the other cheek.
Values: See beliefs.
Lifestyle: As stated, she's very introverted. She doesn't get out of the house much save for
commuting; she has a blog which some people follow, mostly because she likes to share
pictures and ideas concerning her few life events.

Marital Status: Single! She's actually content this way, for now. (This character is Demisexual
as well--she won't feel attraction until she falls in love.) That isn't to say that she wouldn't try,
though. She's a stickler for romance, after all.
Religion: None to speak of! She actually doesn't believe in that kind of thing. She does
believe in ghosts and spirits, though, and even borders on the line of superstitious.
Profession: None right now. She's still a young adult, and she earns her keep by washing
dishes and keeping her parents restaurant clean after hours.
Possessions: She has a stuffed turtle she's had since she was a baby, whom she has
affectionately named Ti-Ki. She also owns several self help books that she received from her
school counselor in middle school, but she's had yet to touch several of them.
Wealth: She actually doesn't have much income. Her parents will occasionally giver her
money to spend when they've had a good day in the restaurant—granted that she's earned it,
of course.

Wants: To one day be independent enough to make it on her own.
Hopes: To one day have a “perfect” life—this is including having a relationship and a child.
Fears: Being stagnant; in other words, stuck with her parents well into adulthood. It isn't that
she doesn't love them—she just wants to create a life for herself and live the way she wishes.
(Though she may occasionally stress over this so much, that it'll often times consume her
Thoughts: Mostly about what she can put on her blog next, as well as occupying herself with
daydreaming about the future.
Memories: She has many memories that she holds close; most of them, she wishes to hold
onto and reminisce when she is having a down day.
Resentments: She regrets not trying to make more friends as a child; she was in and out of
the hospital a lot as a child, and tended to miss school because of it. Thus, her introverted
nature stems from her lack of knowledge where social interaction is concerned.

Dreams: To be more extroverted, and find a balance of the life she hopes to have. She wants
to one day be a respectable wife and mother, one of those classic housewives who can bake
and hold their own against whatever hardships she encounters.
Denial: She doesn't have much denial in her, to be honest; maybe the fact that she actually is
a better person than her mind leads her to think.

Says: She stalls a lot in her sentences, but she doesn't cuss a lot. She actually has a very
clean mouth!
Eats: She has an aversion to chicken and pork, but she quite enjoys red meat and
vegetables. Fish is alright, but definitely not her favorite. She doesn't like spicy food, but
sweets are a weakness of hers. (She absolutely hates sour stuff, though!)
Wears: She likes to wear fitted and loose clothing, often light fabrics. She also makes a lot of
her own clothes using other outfits she comes across in second-hand stores.
Buys: Lots of books and fabric! She also tends to stock up on ingredients when her parents
request it of her.
Works At: Nowhere!
Plays At: Being an introvert means that she doesn't leave the house often—but when she
does, she can sometimes be found at the park.

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