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CUSTOM 3-D MOLDS . . . page 4-5

our sweet H istory
The Chocolate Works franchise concept is the brainchild
of second-generation chocolatier and owner, Joe Whaley,
a West Point graduate and veteran of the Iraq war,
whose family has been crafting and selling high quality
gourmet chocolates for over 40 years.
“We’re in the enjoyment business,” says Joe, who, as a
child, would sneak out in the middle of the night to pack
truffles in the converted factory in his family’s garage.
“There’s nothing like chocolate and candy to put a smile
on people’s faces.”
Chocolate Works is proud to be one of the largest suppliers
of chocolate gift products to corporate customers in the
US and around the world. We’ve worked with businesses
of all sizes to create custom items like chocolate business
cards and uniquely molded novelties, including a life-size
Yankees baseball bat for the 2010 Playoffs. In addition, we
are known for having innovated the coloring of corporate
logos for custom chocolates, and, through the years,
have amassed over 12,000 chocolate molds.

Important Order Information

Please allow 2-4 weeks lead time on custom orders. Rush service is available
upon request. Rush charges may apply.

CUSTOM LOGOS . . . page 6-7


When submitting artwork for custom molds and sugar paper designs, all
electronic art must be sent actual size as a pdf, eps, tif, or jpg format in high
resolution (300 ppi or greater).
Please note we can not guarantee color matching as it is a food product.


No set-up fees will be charged on exact reorders. Artwork must be exactly
as previously ordered. Any changes will require new set-up fees. Reduced
production time may also be available on reorders.

GIFT BASKETS . . . page 8-9


All cancellations and/or changes must be confirmed in writing. All work done
up to the point of cancellation will be billed. Any changes to orders already in
production may result in delayed shipping and additional charges. Once an
order ships, it may not be cancelled.


A one-time mold/set-up fee applies to all custom items. Custom mold fees
start at $250. Custom sugar paper set-up fees start at $20 per unique design.
Custom logo chocolate coin set-up fees start at $75 per side.

Shipping Information

Chocolate has a shelf life of one
year or longer if stored at room
temperature away from heat,
humidity, direct sunlight, and
strong odors. Store separately
from all other types of foods.
Chocolate items containing
cookies, pretzels, grahams or
other items have a shelf life of
3-6 months.


Kosher certified products
are available upon request.


We aim to provide the specific
products shown here. However,
on occasion, substitutions of
equal or greater value may be

DIPPED TREATS . . . page 10-11


For your convenience, gifts can be shipped to individual recipients. Shipping
and handling charges will apply to each shipment. Please inquire about cost
estimates when placing your order.


Shipments to or from any location over 70° may require overnight shipping,
and insulated packaging and ice. For quality purposes, we do not ship over
weekends unless Saturday delivery is requested. Please ask for estimates. 

HOLIDAY BASKETS . . . page 12-13


Shipping lists must be submitted in the proper MS Excel spreadsheet format.
Any other format that needs to be retyped or reformatted will incur additional


Any address corrections or changes that occur may incur additional fees,
which may be billed in a separate inovoice.


Additional services such as printed gift cards, matching cards to shipping
labels, folding and/or inserting customer supplied cards, etc. may be available.
Additional fees may apply. Please inquire when placing your order.

nothing like
“ There’s
chocolate & candy

to put a smile on people’s faces .

-Joe Whaley Founder, Chocolate Works

GIFT TOWERS . . . page 14-15

CUSTOM COINS . . . page 16