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I am thankful, glad and proud for everything because of her. Since 17
years old I had a dream to travel the world, to go to Canada, USA,
Australia, but it wasn’t cheap to study abroad.
We waited.
I started to work in a company to sell cars when I was 18, I worked extra
hours every week to make extra money, even with my family support, I
wanted to be independent and I did. I saved a great amount of money
and went to a tourism agency and bought my “Au Pair exchange
program” to USA, but I was only 19 years old and I needed to finish my
degree, so I just invested in my future, planning and waiting again.
I went to university and with 21 years old I got my business degree, what
a gift to my mother! She accomplished her dream to her child, even with
no one to support her from the beginning. She took care of her child and
builded an empire with a solid base to me.
After I got my degree, I supposed to go to USA as an Au Pair, but I did
not know English at all, and my mother make a question for me: Do you
want to do a huge party for your graduation? My answer: No, I want to
travel to learn English before finally live 1 year as an Au Pair in USA.