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Day 2.
On this day prices for food will be 10 times higher, 5 times higher for other items,
than on the first day. There won’t be such leaps in the future, so it’s important to
overcome this day, as you can…
Quest of the day "Opposition": find proof of the beginning of the epidemic. Given by
How to find: Saburov’s night and morning letters.
If you have already completed the “house of
Living” quest, you can tell Alexander about
that house. Otherwise, talk to Anna – she’ll
say that children are talking about houses
smeared with blood, called silent houses and
Kapella might know something. Talk to Kapella,
but don’t ask her about the beginning of the
plague. Children really did come running to her
with scary stories about such houses, but they
forgot the important part – where the houses
are. But Spichka might know. Go to Spichka’s
house. He’ll say there’s one nearby, but won’t
give any further directions. Go to Isidor’s
house, put on all the clothes you have, take
some immune medicine and enter. Find a woman
close to the second room, talk to her, take the
key and prepare to run – her sisters have appeared close to the entrance and will
infect you if you come too close. Take the key to Saburov. He’ll request you telling
the other rulers of the proof – talk to Georgiy Kain and Olgimskiy – they’ll agree to
give Alexander emergency powers. Return to Alexander – you’ll get a used revolver
(30% repaired) and some ammo.
Quest "House of Living": establish a shelter for people for the time of epidemic.
Given by Lara ravel.
How to find: talk to Kapella, from a letter.
You’ll have to collect money from Julia Ljuricheva (3000), Younger Vlad Olgimskiy
(4000) and Maria Kain (2000) and buy food supplies with the money. The required
minimum of food is 3 loafs of bread, 3 meat jerky and 3 dried fish. In case you have
already found the evidence of the plague, Maria will tell you to visit Victor – he’ll
give you some extra money (4000). The money received is ALMOST enough for the
products – you’ll have to get the rest by selling your items or having saved food the
day before.
Having bought the products, return to Lara. She’ll mark the house you need to bring
it to on the map – it’s a two storey building west of the Clot. Head there. Talk to
the Executor in front of the house – he’ll say the house is already infected and thus
unsuitable, so bring the products back to Lara. Quest completed. Your reward is:
hazelnut (3), peanut (3), walnut (2) and a lens.
After completing the quest you will be able to use the results as proof in the main
Quest "Let's run from here!": set up Eve Yahn’s and the Stamatin brothers escape from
the town. Given by Eve.
How to find: talk to Eve, Eve’s letter.
Eve will say, that Andrey Stamatin is able to help escape from Town. Go to the pub,
talk to him – he agrees on Eve’s plan, but won’t go anywhere without his brother –
Peter. Peter doesn’t want to leave, because he’s the one who made the Polyhedron.
Return to Andrey, then to Eve. Talk to Maria, but don’t ask her directly, for the
least thing she wants is the departure of the architects. She’ll inform you of
Alexander having a grudge against Peter for quite a long time. Convince Peter with