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I'd like to thank you for participating in this interview today.
Thanks for having me
Yes you're welcome. So this is an interview obviously for the new school, and I'm doing
some research on kind of how we perceive people in this day and age. So I guess that my
first question for you is just as a subject like get to know you a little bit better, can you
tell me a little bit about yourself?
Not sure how much information you want, but I'm 24 years old, I grew up in New Jersey.
I moved to New York three years ago. I went to school in New Orleans I went to Tulane,
and now I work as a talent agent, and that is sufficient?
Yeah that great, and so you’re a talent agent now. what do you do there?
I find clients I want to represent. I personally work with kids and teenagers who are
aspiring actors, so we meet with kids. we take them on, we send them on auditions, we
hope that they book the jobs and then when they do, we negotiate their contracts.
Awesome, and in and none work sense what is your personal life like?
Where do you live?
I live in Manhattan in Murray Hill, I have one roommate. I have friends all over the city
though mostly in Manhattan, some are in in Brooklyn, so I make my way around there. I
like to go to yoga, Broadway shows.
Cool, so would you say that you use social media a lot?
I would.
What websites do you use?
Mostly Instagram, a little bit of Facebook too. I have a Twitter, but I don't really go on
that anymore. So that's pretty much it.
How many Facebook friends would you say you have?
800 give or take.
OK, and how often do you check Instagram?
3 times a day to 5 a day depending on the day.
And what about LinkedIn? Do you use LinkedIn ever?

I do, I forget that’s social media, because pretty much to me is just like a place where I
post my resume. But I definitely do use LinkedIn although not frequently, because I have
been at the same company LinkedIn ever since I have graduated college. So I haven't
been looking for people to connect with in a work sense.
Do you think that LinkedIn is an important tool for networking and job searching?
I know that it can be, it hasn't proven to be for me because I haven't been on job
searching or attempting to network through that channel, but I do have a friend who got
the job she got now and various other job interviews because people just found her on
Personally, are you in a relationship with anyone?
In a romantic relationship? No
So how do meet most people?
I use dating apps is that the word you would call them?
Sure, would you say that most of our peers use dating apps as well?
I would, I would say pretty much anybody I know who is single in New York city use
these dating apps.
What apps do you use?
Mostly one called Bumble. I also use Tinder but one has gotten gross, I use hinge and
that's it.
What do you mean by Tinder got gross?
On Tinder, the quality of the men on this site just really drastically decrease. Like there
used to be normal guys who, you know? Have good jobs, have ambition, are attractive
and then it just started being, I felt like there's a lot of people who were just visiting the
city. A lot of people who don't appear to be ambitious, or successful just wasn't anyone I
was interested in dating.
OK, is there anything in particular that you look for on those sites, perhaps?
I would say obviously a lot of them are based on physical attractiveness that's why there's
pictures. So I make sure that they are relatively attractive, but a lot of time I do like to see
what their job is and where they went to school. Because those things are important to
me. So I look for people who went to a school that I respect so I can assume that they're
reasonably intelligent, and hopefully have a job that isn't at this point like very entry level
or anything like that.

I don't like people in the arts because I'm in the arts, so that doesn't appeal to me, I don't
want any one who does that. So that's pretty much what I look for, I guess age too is part
of it. I wouldn't want to date someone who's 50 or younger than me
Cool, so with that in mind, speaking of kind of how we look at pictures, I'm going to
show you some pictures of a few people, and I just ask you a few questions about kind of
what you can evaluate based on their photograph. There's no right or wrong answer.
But am I supposed to extrapolate like from what I see, should I be like this person seems
like this or just the facts?
No, you can extrapolate. So here's our first subject, obviously a girl. So what are your
immediate thoughts on the person in this photo?
She definitely looks alternative or artsy, she doesn't really appear to have like a nine to
five kind of job. I bet she is involved in some sort of arts and yeah, she just seems a little
off the beaten path.
If you had to guess how old would you think this person is?
I would guess she was 27.
At a scale of one to 10 if you had to guess how smart would you think this person is?
One being the least intelligent and 10 being the most?
A five.
Five and is there reason that you chose that answer.
Well this seems a little odd, but there is just a just a look in her face that looks kind of
unintelligent. I can't really define it but when I look at her she's like a little vacant behind
the eyes, but so she just seems to be average intelligence to me. She doesn't look stupid
but I don't think she looks very intelligent.
On a scale of one to 10 how attractive do you think this person is?
to other people or to me?
To other people.
I would give her like a three but I guess other people will call her a five and a half.

OK, on a scale of 1-10, how social do you think this person is 10 being having really
great social life, and a lot of friends one staying home with no one to talk to.
I think eight.
Is there a reason that you said that?
I don't know she kind of looks like a little wild. I could imagine her getting together with
groups of other friends of hers, and going out in like Chinatown or the lower east side or
something so.
And if you were a boss, and this person applies to work for your company, would you
hire them based on this photo?
I would not.
And is there a reason for that?
Well, like I said, I don't think she looks particularly intelligent. Which is a quality I feel
like I and a lot of other people would look for, but also her look just isn't super clean cut
or professional. So I personally wouldn't be into it.
And did anything else come to your mind about this subject?
Not particularly.
Great, let's go to the next one. So once again, what are your immediate thoughts on this
photo? The person, this photo?
My immediate thoughts are that anybody who takes a mirror picture is lacking a little bit
of class, so that I don't really appreciate, but hes like relatively attractive, he looks pretty
clean cut kind of has that typical like bro look going on. His bathroom does not look
particularly nice though. So I wouldn't say he has a lot of money based on this, but it
looks like a normal nice guy you could pass anywhere.
If you have to guess how old what do you think he is?
I would guess.. that's hard.. 28?
On scale of one to 10 how smart do you think this person is?
I'll give him like a five or six.
Why would you give him that is there a reason?

Like I said, anybody who takes a mirror pic I don't think is overly intelligent. That doesn't
convey that to me, but also he's like 5 to 6 is about average, and there's nothing making
me think he's more intelligent or less intelligent than other people so.
One to 10 how attractive do you think this person is to other people?
Let's say like seven, seven and a half.
Any feedback on why you chose that?
He is in shape, he has a nice face, has decent clothes going on. I'm sure there are girls that
are attracted to him.
And how social do you think this person is?
I'd say like seven.
And if you were a boss at a company and person applied would you hire them, based on
this a photo?
Well is this the photo that they have on LinkedIn or a professional site, or is this
something that I googled them and I ended up coming across? Because as if they would
submit this mirror picture as a professional picture I would never hire them.
What if you google them and it came across?
I would kind of I hate to say I would judge people on there stupid mirror picture, but
aside from that, I guess I would hire him but, it also depends on what the job is.
Does anything else come to your mind about the subject?
His garbage is on top of his toilet and I don't like that, but aside from that no.
I do notice that, that is true. OK, next. So here is your next our next subject what are your
immediate thoughts on this person?
She looks attractive fun, looks like she's on a nice location, probably on vacation or
something, but she looks like somebody I can be friends with.
What do you think this person does for a living if you had to guess?
I bet she works in like marketing or at an ad agency something like that.
On a scale of 1 to 10 how smart would you think this person is?
7 to an 8.

any reason, so far you ranked further highest any particular reason why you have done
I honestly don't know why it's just a vibe I get, she doesn't have that lifeless look behind
her eyes like the first girl, and she's not taking a mirror picture. So I just think by default
she got the highest.
And how attractive from a scale of 1 to 10, how attractive do you think this person is?
She's in good physical shape, you can't see her face that well, but it looks fine and she's
nice blonde hair. I'd say like an 8, 8 and half.
And from 1 to 10 - how social?
She looks pretty social I'd give her a nine. OK do you think this person, so you think this
person has a lot of friends? I would think she has a good social life?
Yeah. If you google this person this picture came up and you're hiring would you still
hire this person?
I know she is drinking alcohol but she I'm assuming she is over 21 so I'm not really
passing a judgement on that but I mean it's not the most professional picture, but if I saw
this, yes, she looks like someone whose fun and bright and positive. So those are aspect I
would look for.
And does anything else come to your mind about this subject?
Not much.
OK, thanks. Next up. So what are your immediate thoughts on the photo? I see you're
laughing, is there a reason?
I wonder why this picture makes laugh. I honestly can even communicate what it is, there
is something in his expression that makes me laugh OK. What was the question?
What are your immediate thoughts on the person in this photo?
It's obviously that he made me laugh but he, looks again nice young, professional person.
What do you think that this person would do for a living?
He looks somewhat artsy, a little nerdy I can see him doing some sort of like creative job
an ads agency or working in production, something like that.
Scale of 1 to 10 how smart do you think that he is?

I'd give him seven. Any particular reason?
Yes and as stupid as it sounds he’s wearing glasses. I feel like it makes people look a
little smarter. So I probably gave him bonus for that, but yeah he looks reasonably
From one to 10 how attractive do you think this person is to other people?
Five and a half six.
From one to 10 how social do you think this person is?
A five, six.
What other reason why you choose that number?
I don't know, he doesn't look like the life of the party like anybody looks like he
probably has friends and goes out as much as most people, so about average.
If you were a boss and you saw this photo of a candidate would you just hire that person?
Does anything else come to your mind about the subject?
Not really, I just like somehow get like a little bit of creepy vibe. But I can't put it into
words like what it is about it, but I think it is the same thing that made me laugh. I don't
know there's something off about it.
Interesting OK, thank you. here's your next candidate immediate thoughts on the photo?
It’s kind of an odd photo, I wouldn't really want people to take a picture of me just
drinking a giant glass of wine, but it's fine.
What do you think the person in this photo does for a living?
She looks fairly intelligent definitely looks like she has money. She looks like she has a
David Yurman ring on, she has nice manicured nails. So I imagine she either makes
money or came from money, but I don't know I could see being a paralegal at a law firm
or working, I don't know in marketing or something like that, just like a typical office job.
From one to 10 how smart do you think the subject is?
I'd say seven, seven and a half eight.

So she's actually been a highest. I think you've ranked somebody intelligent so far is there
a particular reason?
Again I might just be getting confused because she has nice things, assuming she makes
money, and that is why I'm assuming she's smart. Because she has a job or she makes
money really might not be her money, but I guess she kind of remind me of people I
know who I grew up with who so she's like a similar look to them and I'm probably just
projecting on to her.
OK from a scale of one to 10 how attractive do you think this person is?
It's hard to see part of her face, but from what I can see I'd say eight and a half.
And from one to 10 how social do you think this person is?
Like seven and a half, eight.
Any reason why you chose that number? Not particularly. Obviously if she is drinking
the wine and there's a picture, someone else took the picture, so he like hanging out
drinking with his friends. But it looks like they're in an apartment she might not be a
crazy kind of going out to the clubs and meeting all these different people, but probably
hangs out with her friends, and just has a normal. Not normal but slightly better than
normal social life.
OK, if you were a boss and this person applied to work at your company would you hire
I would, again because I said she looks like people I'd friends with, I think I would get
along with her, but again the picture isn’t particularly professional, but yeah I would hire
Does anything else come to your mind about the subject?
Not really.
OK next. What are your thoughts on the person on the photo.
I really hate tattoos so that's my immediate thought, just no because of tattoos.
So we'll continue. What do you think that this person does for a living?
Something having to do with rock music like maybe he works the sound board at
OK on a scale of one to 10 how smart do you think they are?

Well I don't think anybody who would get that many tattoos in such a public places is
smart, but if I get rid of that actually his face looks reasonably intelligent. So I'd give him
a six.
OK on a scale of one to 10 how attractive do you think this person is?
To me not at all, but to the general public four and a half five?
Why do you think that?
I think there are people who are into this kind of look, but I think it is kind of specific. So
I gave him a bit of lower score because he hasn't have a bad face or anything, but he is
slightly balding. And his clothes and his tattoos are only going to appeal to certain
On a scale of one to 10 how social do you think this person is?
He looks fun, I'd give him a seven or an eight.
OK, and if you we a boss and this person applied to your company, would you hire them?
I would never hire anybody that had such a visible tattoo so unfortunately no.
Does anything else come to you mind about this person?
He looks nice I just really can't get past the look.
OK, what are you immediate thoughts on this person?
She looks like she loves herself, which I guess is a good quality, but that doesn't appeal to
me. She, again it’ss the same thing with similar the mirror picture, I don't really like
selfies. That's not something that makes me want to be friends with someone, or hire
them or anything like that. But she's attractive.
If you had to guess, how old do you think she is?
I'd say 26.
What do you think that she does for a living?
Nothing's really coming to mind. Maybe I could see her working some sort of office job
in fashion, or something like that.
On a scale of one to 10, how smart do you think this subject is?

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