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A Mutual Aid Publication by The Icarus Project
First edition, 2015.
Your input and ideas are welcome for future versions of this guide.

Icarus Community Contributors:

NS, Teja Jonnalagadda, Melissa, Joshua#7, Jen, Brianne Nelson, Denise Auld,
Lawrence S Grillo, Pretty Broken Riot, lsnnj, Ben, Moleman64, Cheyenna Weber,
Daniela Capistrano, JSC, Sum Kitteh, Christa, Q, Deborah Machon, Lily Swann, L.P.,
Person, Jac, Paola Barba, Bryce Wagner, John, Amiyu, Jomal, Katherine, Maree,
Daniel Spencer, Perla C., Elizabeth, JP, Sunlit Doorway, Renee Garcia, Alison, Emma,
Real, Limeymama, KR, Dominic Bradley, KiWan, Fred Abbe, Amy H., Amalia, A.R.Corsi,
Sam, Echo, Suki, Avery, Corvus, Sara, Kate, Cmplxwmn, J. Yoshida, Pam Arizona,
ABBLE, Enzyme, David, Heather, Cathy, Missy, Danielle Patrick, Jessica Simpson,
Adela Brent, Ms Y, Sarah Barbara, MConnolly, Lily, Billy De Voe, Greyjay, Petros
Evdokas, Morganne, Deena, Imogen, Scrump, Natasha Joseph, Jackie, Gabrielle,
Nabster, Corr, Jessica, Marianna, Regina Corsi, Littlewolf, Emily Waterpony, and
dozens of people who wish to remain anonymous.

Mad Maps Coordinator
Agustina Vidal

Art and Design:

Cover Art: Mohammed Fayaz aka Mojuicy
Art Director: Steven Garcia

Contributing artists:

JW Arndt, Eddy Falconer, Cara Hartley, Anastasia Keck, Till Krech, Jacks McNamara,
Jess Rankine, Joey Wilbur, Jodi Bentivegna


Guide Editor-in-Chief: Agustina Vidal
Guide supporting editors: Cheyenna Layne Weber, Lauren Taylor Hudson,
Daniela Capistrano

Images courtesy of: The Icarus Project Sacramento
This guide is available as a free file download at The Icarus Project website in online
and printer-ready versions.
Creative commons copyright 2015:
You have advance permission to print, copy, share, link, and distribute as many copies as you like, as
long as you include source attribution, do not alter content, and there is no commercial financial gain.
Please contact us for other uses.