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concept was borne from a passionate desire to dispel the negative perceptions which the world
has held of the African Continent,
and to replace it with a positive
focus. That concept took form in
the creation of the Nomad Africa Magazine Project in
Nomad Africa Magazine is an elegant, luxury, PanAfricanist Magazine, targeting the Tourism, Travel, Social, Political, Cultural & Business fields prevailing in
Africa, operating out of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Nomad Africa Magazine Project celebrates life on the
African continent and promotes its vibrant pulse
through our Pan-Africanist ideology, to encourage the
solidarity of Africans worldwide. It aims to foster a
strong interest in the Continent's cultural heritage,
unique tourist attractions and countless Business Development and Investment Opportunities, with the
millions of people living in, investigating- or visiting
Nomad Africa Magazine Project inspires and breeds a
conscious, knowledgeable generation of visionaries
among our own, and influence positive perceptions
and appreciation for the true worth of Africa worldwide.
The Nomad Africa Magazine in print is circulated
across the African Continent with subscription and
distribution absolutely free, made available in VIP
lounges of major International Airports, some Airlines,
4 & 5 Star Hotels, Spas & Casinos, as well as Luxury
Cruise Liners sailing around our coasts. These copies
are free souvenirs, displayed and available to guests
to remove and keep, adding further value to the venues’ services.

Placements: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban,
Mauritius and several Northern African destinations.
New distribution points will be several locations in
Namibia, Nairobi in Kenya and Accra in Ghana, while
numerous International distribution venues are negotiated, including Europe, the United States of America,
United Kingdom, China and the United Emirates.
The Print Magazine is in tandem with:
Nomad Africa E-zine, published digitally, and circulated worldwide, in ‘mobile friendly’ format, to download no charge, with no T’s & C’s. Nomad Africa
Magazine bi-monthly Newsletter is sent to 65,000
subscribers internationally, with the number constantly growing.
NomadTV is the Online digital Television division of
the Nomad Africa Magazine project. It regularly features interviews with representatives of government
tourism boards across the continent of Africa to
showcase their unique offerings and destinations. In
addition, regular videos of newsworthy incidences,
discoveries and many other noteworthy occasions in
Africa are taped.
NomadTV is popularly employed to create advertorials for our Distribution Partners and Advertisers; all
our productions are showcased on our Website and
the NomadTV Youtube Channel.
The Nomad Africa Project has created a unique advertising platform in our Magazine, for clients wishing
to promote business, investments and awareness of
their services and products vested in Africa.
For more details, how you can partner with us, or invest in this unparalleled project, please send us an
email with your enquiry to and we will gladly respond to
arrange for a presentation.