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Fjalor Anglisht Shqip
abat - abbot, ABAT, the ABAT, the Abbot
abdikim - disclaimer, disavowal, disclamation, abdication, demise
aborti - abortion is, abortion, the abortion, abortions, an abortion
abrogim - the abolition, abolition
absolutisht - utterly, absolutely, is absolutely
absolutizëm - enlightened absolutism, of absolutism, absolutism
absorboj - absorb, absorb the, offset the
abstrakt - an abstract, abstract, the abstract
absurd - ludicrous, nonsensical, absurdly, farcical
acar - the frost, freezing cold, bleakness, frost
acaroj - sharpen, chafe, nettle, fluster, peeve
acid - acidic, the acid
aciditet - of acidity, level of acidity, acidity, acidity of
adapt - ADAPT
adaptoj - adapt the, adopt, adapt, simple adapting
aderim - accession by, adherence, accession, accession to
aderoj - adhere
adet - mode, habitude, manners, custom
adhurim - worship, delight, adoration, deification, idolatry
adhuroj - worship, adore, and worship, deify, bow
adhuronjës - idolatrous
adhurueshëm - adorable, be adorable, charming, it adorable
administratë - the administration, administration, administrative
administroj - manage, superintend, husband, administer, administrate
administronjës - administrator
admiral - Adm, Rear Admiral, admiral in, the admiral
admiroj - admire, worship, admire the, delight, adore
admirueshëm - an admirable, Wonderful, admiring, the admirable, admirable
adoptim - an adoption, the adoption, legitimation, adaptation, adoption
adresë - e, address, the address, addressed, email address
aeronautikë - aerostation, aeronautics
aeroplan - airplane, the plane, the airplane, plane, aircraft
aeroport - the airport, airports, airport
afishë - Only Tradition
afresk - mural, fresco, the fresco
afro - close, about, Afro, approximately, nearly
afrohem - approximate, draw near, approach, near, impend
afsh - oestrus, heat, odor, fervor, fever
aftë - fit, proficient, capable, able, skilled
aftësi - capability, ability, capacity, proficiency, skill
afër - close, nearby, about, by, near
afërsi - near, vicinity, the vicinity, close, closeness
afërt - close, near, closer, closest, nearby
agim - daylight, dawn, daybreak, sunrise, morning
agjenci - agencies, the agency, agency
agjent - the agent, agent of, agent, an agent
agjërimi - of fasting, fast, the fasting, the fast, fasting
agoni - moribund, the agony, agony, an agony
agrokultura - Co Agrokultura, agriculture, Agrokultura, agriculture presented

ahur - stable, cots, cot, cowshed, Cribs
ai - it, one, that, him, he
ajo - it, what, that, she
ajros - ventilates the, ventilate, ventilates, it ventilates
akademia - academics, academies, the academy, academia, academy
aksident - crash, accident, casualty, the accident, wreck
akt - an act, act, act of, action, acts
aktivitet - activities, business, event, activity, swing
aktivizohem - activate
aktor - player, stakeholder, an actor, actors, actor
aktori - actor, star, the actor
akull - ice, the ice
alfabeti - script, the alphabet, alphabet
alkohol - of alcohol, drinking alcohol, alcohol, alcohol there
alpinizëm - the mountaineering, mountaineering, mountain climbing, climbing
ambasadat - embassy, the embassies, embassies
amfiteatër - bowl, circus, amphitheater, the amphitheater
amtar - native, maternal
analiza - analyzes, tests, the analysis, analysis of, analysis
anatomia - the anatomy, Anatomy of, anatomy, dissection, Anatomia
andaj - so, hence, therefore, thus
andej - from there, away, there, thence
anekënd - throughout, around, across, around the, throughout the
anestezi - the anesthesia, anesthesia, anesthetics, analgesia, anesthetic
anethum - hyphen
ankesë - a complaint, an appeal, appeal, complaint, grievance
ankohem - grouse, moan, whine, complain, growl
ankth - nightmare, distress, anguish, anxiety, jitters
anonim - anonymous, Anonim, the anonymous, Us, named
ansambël - ensemble, ensemble of, the ensemble
antidoti - antidote to, antidote
antik - Antik, antique, the ancient, antic, ancient
antikitet - the antiquity, ancient times, ancient, antiquity the, antiquity
antropologjia - anthropology, the anthropology, anthropologies, Systemz
anulloj - invalidate it, cancel, invalidate, cancel my
anë - part, side, through, hand, by
anëtar - a member of, member, member of, members, a member
apartament - the apartment, apartment, flat
apo - or, or the, and
ar - gold, of gold
ardhshëm - next, the future, prospective, future, upcoming
arenë - theater, arena, an arena, scaffold, the arena
argjend - of silver, and silver, up silver, silver
argjendi - the silver, of silver, silver
argjendtë - a silver, silver, the silver, silvery
argjilë - earthenware, pug, Pug The, clay
argëtim - recreation, entertainment, pastime, amusement, fun
ari - gold, of gold, bear, the gold, golden
arkeologjia - archeology, Archaeology, archeology is, the archeology
arkeologjik - archeological, archeology, the archaeological, archaeological site, archaeological
arkitektura - architectural, architectures, the architecture, architecture

arkitekturor - architectural structure, architectural, architecture, an architectural structure, The
arkitekturë - architectural, architectorial, architecture, architecture of
arkëtar - checker, cashier, treasurer, booking clerk, paymaster
armik - hostile, the enemy, an enemy, foe, enemy
arnoj - vamp, cobble, doctor, mend, patch
aromë - aroma, odor, fragrance, scent, flavor
arrij - reach, catch, achieve, overtake, arrive
arritje - arrival, accomplishment, achievement, success, attainment
arrë - walnut, the nut, nit, nut
arsim - the education, educational, educated, education
arsye - reason, why, cause, reasons, therefore
art - the art, workmanship, arts, art The
arteria - artery
arti - the art, arts, of art, art
artificial - the artificial, synthetical, bait, false
artikull - the article, item, article, item has
artisti - the artist, artist, artists, entertainer
artistik - artistic, an artistic, feature, the artistic, art
artizan - artisan, handicraftsman, artisans, workman, craftsman
artë - gold, golden, the golden, the gold
arë - the field, arable, field
asgjë - is nothing, nothing, none, anything
ashensor - the elevator, elevator, the lift, lift
ashpër - sharply, severely, hard, harshly, roughly
asht - bones, bone
ashtu - so, well, also, as, just
askurrkush - nobody, none, no, cipher, nonentity
askush - no one, nobody, no, one, none
asnjëherë - never, ever
aspak - none, no, far from, not at all, nothing
aspirin - aspirin
astar - saddle, lining, spacer, the liner, liner
asteraceae - the Asteraceae, to the Asteraceae, Asteraceae
astronomia - Astronomia, astronomy that, astronomy, EX, Goose Hunting
atdhe - native land, country, motherland, homeland, fatherland
ateizmi - atheist, atheism, of atheism, the atheism
atje - out there, thither, there
atmosfera - atmosphere, atmospheres, the atmosphere
atomi - atoms, atom is, atom, the atom
aty - therein, there, thither, it
atë - him, that, father, her, it
atëherë - then, then it, then the, it
autobus - coach, bus, omnibus, buses, the bus
automobili - the automobile, the car, automobile, of the car, car
avokat - attorney, counsel, lawyer, barrister, advocate
avokati - solicitor, attorney, lawyer, counsel, advocate
avull - a steam, the steam, vapor, steam
azerbajxhani - Azerbaijani, Azerbaijan
baba - papa, sire, daddy, dad, father
babalok - daddy

bagëti - livestock, cattle, of cattle, the cattle
bajat - stale, stuffy, moldy, threadbare
bakri - copper, cooper
balet - the ballet, ballet, flying ballet
ballë - brow, forehead, front, forefront, fore
bambuja - Bamboo
banane - bananas, banana, the bananas, the banana
banjë - toilet, bathroom, bath, restroom, closet
bankë - a bank, bank, banks, the bank, bench
banoj - reside, dwell, inhabit, live, lodge
banor - dweller, habitant, a resident, resident, inhabitant
bar - the grass, the bar, grass, drug
barabar - evenly, indifferently, equally, equal
barakë - shelter, booth, shanty, hut, barrack
bardhë - the white, white
bardhësi - whiteness of, the whiteness, whiteness, white, the whiteness of
bari - herder, grass, herdsman, shepherd, the grass
barishte - greens, herb, herbs, the herb, grass
bark - belly, midriff, stomach, tummy, abdomen
barometri - manometer, The Barometer, barometer of, barometer The, barometer
bashkim - union, coupling, reunion, fusion, merger
bashkë - co, together, along, jointly, the co
bashkësi - communion, communities, community, the community, congregations
bashkësitë - community, the communities, communities
basketboll - basketball, the basketball
basketbolli - basketball court, a basketball, basket, the basketball, basketball
batakçi - gyp, knave, fiddler, blackguard, grafter
batanija - as covers
batanije - blankets, the blanket, blanket
baticë - high tide, influx, flow, flux, tide
be - swear, the EU, EU, European Union, oath
befasishëm - surprise, Coup, surprising, sudden, suddenness
bela - trouble, pickle, mess, mishap, disaster
beqar - single, celibate, bachelor, unmarried, batch
berber - shaver, barber, hairdresser, coiffeur
besnik - devout, loyal, faithful, the faithful, true
besoj - entrust, confide, consign, trust, believe
bestytnia - the superstition, the superstition of, superstition, superstition of
besue - reliability is well known
betejë - battle, the battle, warfare, combat, fight
betohem - vow, I swear, sworn, swear by, swear
bibla - Bible, the bible, bibles
bibliotekë - library, a library, the library, libraries
bie - drop, fall, flop, decline, tumble
bija - the daughter, daughters, daughter
bijë - the daughter, child, daughter
bilardo - billiards, pool, billiard
bilbil - whistle, nightingale, the whistle
bile - and even, even, indeed, nay
biletë - ticket, tickets, the ticket
bimor - the herbal, plant, herbal, vegetable

bimë - plants, the plant, plant
bimësi - lush vegetation, flora, the vegetation, vegetation
bindje - obedience, conviction, persuasion, assurance, submission
biografi - curriculum vitae, memoir, the biography, biography, biographies
biri - the son, son, son of
birra - the beers, the beer, of beers, beer, beers
birrë - beer, brewer, malt, of beer, the beer
birë - puncture, bore, puncture the, hole, the puncture
bisedoj - talk, confabulate, converse, confab, socialize
bisedë - the conversation, conversation, interview, chat, talk
bisht - tail, flagellum, ponytail, stalk, scape
biznesmen - businessman, the businessman, businessmen, a businessman
biçikletë - the bike, bicycle, bike
bjeshkë - mountains, mountain, the mountains, mountaineering, the mountain
blegëron - bleat
blej - buy the, buy, buy it, purchase
blerim - Azhar, verdure
blertë - tree, glaucous, verdant, green, signee
bllok - unit, the block, block, bloc, book
bluaj - grind, digest, crush, flour, bray
bombë - the bomb, bombing, bomb, bomber
bordurë - hem, edging, Shooting, border
bori - toot, horn, hooter, bugle, trumpet
borxh - indebtedness, debt, arrears, owing, borrowing
borë - the snow, snowy, snowing, snow
bosht - axle, shaft, spindle, axis, fulcrum
bota - the world, world, around the world, over the world
botoj - print, serialize, bring out, publish the, publish
botë - earth, world, globe, the world
braktisje - desertion, apostasy, abandonment, dereliction, neglect
bravë - hasp, lock, keyhole, the lock, fastening
bredh - wander, ramble, spruce, roam, fir
breg - bank, shore, hump, coast, side
bregdet - seashore, seafront, beach, coast, seaside
bregore - swelling, hummock, riparian, mound, hillock
brej - corrode, canker, gnaw, crunch, nibble
brenda - within, inside, inside of, in, into
brendshëm - inner, indoor, interior, internal, domestic
breshkë - the turtle, turtle, the tortoise, tortoise
breshër - the hail, hail, hail stones, hailstones
bretkosë - frog, a frog, breaststroke, frog and
bri - prong, horn, the horn
brinjë - ribs, side, hillside, ribbing, rib
britmë - hue, yell, shout, cry, ejaculation
brohoras - acclaim, rooting, cheer
brumbullak - plump, chubby
brumë - paste, pasta, strass, the dough, dough
brymë - hoarfrost, hoar, frost, rime
bubullin - fulminate
budalla - nerd, fool, gaga, stupid, silly
bujk - tiller, husbandman, farmer, a farmer, cropper

bujqësi - farming, agricultural, agriculture
bujqësor - agriculture, rural, farm, the agricultural, agricultural
bujë - the fuss, fuss, rage, the rage, furore
buka - the bread, bread
bukur - beautifully, nicely, the beautiful, nice, beautiful
bukuri - the beauty, splendor, charm, the charm, beauty
bukë - food, of bread, bread, loaf
bulmetore - diary, dairy, dairies, creamery
bunar - a well, the pit, the well, pit
burg - jail, the prison, prison, imprisonment, in prison
burim - resource, fountain, source, source of, spring
burrë - male, man, husband, a man
bursë - stock market, scholarship, exchange, stock exchange, stock
bushtër - the bitch, bitch
bust - bodice, torso, the torso, the bodice
busula - compass
butë - soft, mild, smooth, gentle, gently
buza - edge, the edge, lip, rim, brim
buzagaz - beaming, beam
buzë - brim, rim, skirt, hem, edge
buzëqesh - smiles at, smile, smiling, smiles
buças - roar, thunder
byrek - the pie, patty, pie
bythë - prat, fundament, ass, bum, buttock
bëj - make, fabricate, wreak, cause, do
bëmë - we did, did, have made, made, We made
bërryl - elbow, loop, the elbow, oxbow, toggle
bërtas - whoop, cry, scream, yell, shout
ca - few, several, couple, some
caktuar - appointed, certain, set, assigned, fixed
carpinus - Carpinus, Hornbeam, by Carpinus
cekët - superficial, shallow, the shallow
cep - prominence, nook, cusp, corner, tip
ceremoni - ceremonies, ceremony, rite, the ceremony
chess - shah
cicërin - prattle, peep, pip
cigare - smoke, of cigarettes, cigarette, cigarettes, weed
cila - which is, what, which, that, who
cili - which is, that, who, which
cilësi - qualities, capacity, texture, quality
cipë - peel, pellicle, membrane, husk, integument
copë - chunk, morsel, piece, loaf, shred
dajë - uncle, my uncle
dallgë - eddy, wave, surf, water wave, breaker
dallim - contrast, discrimination, differentiation, difference, distinction
dalloj - trace, discern, individualize, differentiate, distinguish
dalluar - distinguish, distinguishing, undetected, outstanding, distinguished
dalëngadalë - is slowly, slowly, gradually
dardhë - pear, the pear, pears
darkë - supper, dinner, the dinner, evening, night
darë - tongs, nippers, claw, pinchers, pincers

dash - the dash, ram
dashur - loved, wanted, dear, loving, beloved
dashuri - beloved, love, love the, affection
dashuria - the love, love, love of
dasmë - marriage feast, the wedding, nuptials, marriage, wedding
datë - on, date, dated, th
daulle - drums, drum, the drum
degë - subsidiary, branch, branches, offshoot, affiliate
dehur - drunk, screwed, drunken, intoxicated, pissed
deklaroj - stated, proclaim, declare, told, claim
dekor - decor, decoration, décor, the decor
dele - sheep, fold, of sheep, the fold
dem - neat, bullock, ox, bull
demografia - demography, demographics, the demographics, the demography, demographic
dentar - the dental, dental
dentist - the dentist, a dentist, dental, dentists
depërtim - insight, seepage, penetration, permeation, breakthrough
depërtoj - perforate, infiltrate, seep, thread, permeate
derdh - pour, shed, pour out, spill, ejaculate
derisa - while the, while, until the, until, till
derr - swine, guinea, boar, the pig, pig
dertim - plight, trouble
derë - door, door to, to door, the door
det - the sea, sea, seas
detar - maritime, seagoing, marine, nautical, sea
detyrim - obligation, constraint, liability, bond, compulsion
detyroj - dragoon, constrain, impel, bully, coerce
detyrë - duty, office, job, assignment, task
dhe - and the, and
dhelpër - Charley, Reynard, tod, fox goes, fox
dhembje - pain, dolor, sorrow, have sorrow, ache
dhi - the goats, the goat, goat, goats
dhjetë - of ten, the ten, ten, tenth
dhomë - the room, room, chamber
dhunë - violence, of violence, violent, violently, force
dhuratë - present, a Gift, gift
dhëmb - tooth, dent, fang, tine, cog
dhëndër - bridegroom, fiancé, fiance, groom, son in law
di - I know, know, knows, know the
dialekti - dialects, dialect is, dialect of, the dialect, dialect
dializa - dialysis
dialog - a dialogue, dialogue, the dialogue
diamant - brilliant, the diamond, solitaire, diamond
diametër - the diameter, in diameter, diameter of, diameter, a diameter
diarre - looseness, flux, diarrhea
diell - sunshine, sunny, the sun, sun, the sunny
dielli - the sun, sun
dikush - someone, somebody, one, anyone, anybody
dimri - Winters, winter, wintry, the winter
dimër - winters, the winter, winter
dinake - devious, subtle, sly, cunning, crafty

dinamiti - dynamite, the dynamite, of dynamite
disa - couple, some, certain, a few, several
distinktiv - badge, the badge, Sets
dita - the day, day of, the date, date, day
ditar - blog, diary, the journal, journal entries, journal
ditor - The daily, days, daily, day
dituri - wisdom, knowledge, wise, scholarship, erudition
dituria - the knowledge, the wisdom, knowledge, science, wisdom
ditë - days, day, the day, a day
ditëlindje - birthday party, birthday, birthdays
divan - couch, the sofa, settee, sofa
djall - demon, python, devil, Lucifer, imp
djalosh - boy, lad, guy, young man, stripling
djalë - boy, child, youngster, chap, son
djathtas - to the right, the right, the right hand, right hand, right
djathë - the cheese, of cheese, cheese
dje - today, Thursday, yesterday the, yesterday
djeg - gut, burn, incinerate, sting, grill
djep - cradle, bud, the bud, the cradle, carrycot
djersë - perspiration, exudation, transpiration, of sweat, sweat
dobi - utility, interest, good, benefit, avail
dobishëm - helpful, profitable, useful, handy, beneficial
dobësi - sinking, impotence, infirmity, vulnerability, weakness
dobësohem - lag, ebb, decay, wane, dilute
dobësoj - weaken, debilitate, attenuate, enervate, enfeeble
dobët - poor, poorly, weaker, weakly, weak
dokument - paper, documents, the document, record, document
dokumentacion - documentary, the documentation, documentation, documents
dollap - the closet, cabinet, closet, cupboard, buffet
dollar - dollars, greenback, the dollar, buck
dollari - dollar, the dollar
dolli - the toast, wassail, rouse, toast, Toaster
domate - the tomato, tomatoes, tomato, the tomatoes
dorezë - haft, handgrip, joystick, glove, handle
dorë - down, manually, hand, the hand, up
dosje - dossier, files, file, record, folder
dragua - monster, wyvern, dragon, tarragon, the dragon
dramë - drama, play, the drama
drangua - dragon
dre - buck, deer, elk, stag
drejt - to, towards, straight, toward, right
drejtim - management, course, terms, way, direction
drejtoj - lead, funnel, superintend, direct, govern
drejtor - manager, the director, director of, principal, director
drejtorí - the director, DIRECTOR, directorate, DIRECTOR-, directory
drejtë - straight, fair, entitled, the right, right
drejtësi - fairness, law, equity, justice, righteousness
drekë - noon, luncheon, dinner, the lunch, lunch
drenushë - young hart, hart, hind, doe
dreqi - the devil, the hell, devil, Dang
drita - light of, lights, light, the light

dritare - windows, window, the windows, the window
drithë - grain, crops, corn, cereals, cereal
dritë - illumination, light, the light
drogë - drugs, the drug, dope, of drugs, drug
dru - wood, tree, the wood
druvar - lumberjack, woodcutter, woodsman, feller, woodman
dua - love, wish, I, like, want
duhan - smoke, smoking, tobacco, smoker
duhani - tobacco, smoking, smoke
duhur - correct, proper, right, appropriate, properly
dukje - apparently, out, seemingly, noted, appearance
dukuria - the phenomenon, phenomenon, the occurrence, occurrence, phenomena
durimi - of patience, forbearance, longsuffering, endurance, patience
duroj - brook, bear, tolerate, endure, withstand
dush - the shower, douche, the bath, shower, bath
dushk - oak, the oak, of oak
duzinë - a dozen, dozen of, dozen
dy - the two, two, are two, both
dyfish - doubly, twofold, duplex, twice, double
dyll - waxes, paraffin, wax, beeswax
dymbëdhjetë - dozen, twelve, the twelve, the twelfth, twelfth
dyshek - the mattress, mattress, bed
dysheme - the floor, floor, floors, flooring
dyta - Secondly, latter, the second, second, half
dytë - second, The second, a second
dyzet - of forty, the forty, forty, and forty
dëbora - heavy snow, snowfall, the snow, snow
dëfrej - amuse, joy, dally, entertain, jollify
dëgjoj - hear the, listen to, hear, I hear, listen
dëlirë - frank, pure, candid, purity, chaste
dëm - damage, disadvantage, injury, harm, detriment
dëmtoj - deface, damage, vitiate, harm, cripple
dëmtues - harmful, defector, detrimental, injurious, deleterious
dënoj - discipline, damn, sentence, punish, condemn
dërgoj - send, dispatch, sending, consign, deliver
dërrasë - shingle, plank, planking, batten, board
dëshiroj - crave, like, wish, want, would like
dëshirë - wish, love, penchant, craving, liking
dëshmoj - evidence, infer, testify, witness, bear witness
eci - walk, tread, proceed, go, hike
edhe - the, also, too, well, even
egër - outrageous, the wild, savage, wild, feral
egërsi - savagery, rabies, cruelty, ferocity, callousness
egërsuar - infuriated, the infuriating, infuriating, the enraged, boisterous
eja - come on, come, come and
ekologjia - the ecology, ecology, Ecological, Ecological conditions
ekonomi - economic, economies, the economy, economy, economics
ekonomik - the economic, economic, economical
ekran - the screen, display, screen, the display
ekskursion - trip, outing, excursion, tour, jaunt
eksporti - export, the export, exports

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