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Artsy & The New York City Department of Education (cont.)

This guide, Teaching Art with Artsy, is one outgrowth of our
partnership, and we are pleased to make it publiclyaccessible. Teaching Art with Artsy directly illustrates how
Artsy can be used in conjunction with the NYC DOE’s
Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Visual Arts' 12th
Grade Benchmarks. For each type of Blueprint lesson we
have suggested specific categories or works on Artsy to use as
examples and/or to help structure the conversation about
art. Just click on any links (underlined in blue) to be taken
to their respective pages on Artsy.
Explore iconic works of art from Dutch painting to Buddhist sculpture. Left: Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a
Pearl Earring (ca. 1665). Right: Seated Shakyamuni Buddha, with hands in Bhumisparsha mudra, Seokguram
Grotto, Unified Silla period, ca. 751