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Lux Community Charter

Mission statement

Lux Eterna: Eternal Light
To provide a thriving community of like-minded gamers for the purpose of playing
together. A mixture of hardcore and funsies gameplay, we go with whatever fits the
mood. The 3 main pillars of Lux are Community, Leadership, and Organization. With a
focus on the main game “Divisions,” the community plays multiple different games
whenever possible.

A place for fellowship
An opportunity for growth
A trial for the Willing

● Cursing isn’t just accepted, it’s expected. Though when aimed at individuals, keep it
● No homophobic, sexist, or racist remarks (Keep yourselves in check. A tasteful joke
may be acceptable, but be aware of your audience)
● Keep people informed of:
○ Extended leaves: We do housekeeping on the forums regularly. If you’re going
to be AFK for a while, let us know so we don’t have to start you back at the
beginning when you return
○ New ideas: If you have a suggestion, let everyone know! We all love ideas and
new ways to grow the community
○ Concerns: Any issues that you can see? Let your peers know!
● Have fun

● Community
○ Cor: Overall deciders of direction and purpose of the clan. Keeps stuff working
■ For example, if 2 people have an issue with each other that they can not
resolve on their own, they should bring it to a Cor to be a mediator
■ Based on community size, there are currently 5 Cor positions
○ Cor Speaker: The Head or Face of the community. Holds no more political
power than the other Cor officers
○ Member: Part of the family
○ The Cor positions are elected by the community every 6 months. There are no
term limits, but it is recommended that you take a break to prevent burn out
● Division Games
○ Game Lead: Leader of a particular game section. Nurtures the “clan” (i.e.
Planetside, ArcheAge)
○ Game Officers: installed as seen fit for any purpose that is appropriate within
their particular game. If the game is a full-fledged clan division, game officers
might hold some level of responsibility in the community
■ Name scheme is determined by the Game Lead (Platoon Lead,
Guardians, etc.)

Basic Membership Details
● Maturity
● Fun
● Leadership
○ To be an officer in the community, you must be:
■ Seek and take responsibility
■ Committed to your peers and the betterment of the community
■ Know yourself and seek self-improvement
■ Set the example
○ Within Divisions, each game has it’s own leadership requirements. Refer to the
leadership within that Division
○ Leading is a growing process. Feedback from your peers will always happen
● Biology
○ Must have, at minimum, a pulse


Express interest

2. Sign up on the forums
3. Hop on the Teamspeak!

● Leadership within the community is dependant upon contribution to the community
○ Seniority does not matter
○ Stepping down from a leadership position is OK. If you’re job is recruitment
and you’re slammed with IRL stuff, that’s ok. Burnt out from doing it? That’s
● Leadership duties must be maintained. If you’re not doing your job, someone else
should be in the position, and that’s OK. If you want a “leadership role” just for the
sake of having it, look elsewhere
● Community members can hold a vote of no confidence towards a leader: Cor, Mod,
Game Leader, etc.
● Within each game, certain leadership positions might exist (e.g. Platoon and Squad
leaders in Planetside 2). Those duties must also be maintained

Division Games

Primary Lux activities
The “advertised” games
Largest following of community members
Usually have a "raid night" associated with them
Game Leads are free to determine the direction of their game

Community Games
● Games that everyone plays when they feel like it (“hey, anyone wanna play some
● This is the bread and butter of the community. These get members of separate
divisions to join together for camaraderie and banter, creating shared experiences
● Played mostly during the week, these games have no specifically set date assigned to

Starting a Division
● Getting a game into the clan’s main focus is an enormous responsibility and requires
● The Game Lead becomes the de facto leader for the Division, governing all decisions
and directions the game takes (though kinda staying within the guidelines of the
● In order to become a main focus within the clan, a game’s division must have:
○ at least 10 dedicated members frequenting the Teamspeak
○ a simple charter outlining the guidelines and mission of the clan within the
○ regular, planned events (ops night, raid night, etc.)
○ gratuitous amounts of fun
● In order for an individual to create a Division game, they must first bring this
expressed desire to a Cor leader. At this point, the Cor leaders will discuss the overall
desire for that game to be a Division game, the individual wanting to lead it, as well
as potential of that game moving forward
● After said meeting, the Cor leaders will hold another meeting with the individual
wanting to establish a new Division game, where the Cor leaders will express
comments, concerns, and overall thoughts, and the person wanting to establish the
new game will get to express their thoughts and desires for that game as a division
○ Keep in mind that, as the individual wanting to establish a new division game,
your comments in regards to how you feel about the game you want to
establish, as well as where you see the game going, have the potential to
make or break whether or not it happens. Nothing is set in stone until you
have gotten a fair chance to express your ideas and your feedback
○ Everyone is allowed to progress themselves, hence the idea of Community
Games. Division Games are a much larger challenge, and the Cor always
wants to help make them successful, but the task is not to be taken lightly
● If a Division cannot maintain the requirements, it will be placed on a 30 day
extension. If the missing requirements cannot be met, the Division will be moved to
a Community Game
○ Games can swap in and out of Division status. Having a game stay in Division
status is largely credited to the leadership and administration of that Division
○ Just because a game drops back into Community does not mean it can’t get
back into Division

Teamspeak Management
● Administrators are responsible for moderating the Teamspeak
● Acquiring Administrator status is an enormous responsibility and should not be taken

● Administrator status is given to Cor and Game Leads
○ Cor - In order to manage the community
○ Game Leads - In order to maintain their Division
● Mod status is given to Game Officers to help Game Leads in Division maintenance

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