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Escents Candle Company was founded on the principle of quality customer service. Not just to provide
our customers an excellent product in a timely manner, but, to provide an atmosphere of equality and
friendship. Many of our walk in customers like to stick around to chit chat, express feelings of joy to
sorrow. We manufacture our products with this in mind. We would like you to know that we will
provide quality products that will please you and your guests, just as we wish to please everyone who
walks into our store. If you have questions, ideas, or wants, just contact us and we will see what we can
Our candles are hand poured using the finest wax and fragrances available. Our 100% hand poured
candles like ambrosia, saddle up, and leather, to name a few, are poured to have a smooth finish, with
longer and clean burning, lead free wics. Escents Candle Company is not just about candles and wax
products, we have a variety of products for our customers to enjoy.
With over 150 fragrances to choose from, there is sure to be some or several that will satisfy your
palette. Hand poured products provide a long lasting and strong scent to fill your space. For those of
you who do not favor a strong scent, we have many scents that are subtly smooth for that background
We have just recently introduced Cubees (wax melts) in four different sizes. Four cell Cubee is our
sample size. Six, nine, and eighteen cell Cubees offer a variety to fit your needs.
Escents Candle Company is now carrying oils and oil warmers in all our listed fragrances in four sizes.
The oil warmers have dimming capabilities, which gives our customer more control of the fragrance
strength and the freshest scent possible.

How can we tell you, without sounding cliche, just how good our products are? All our wax products are
hand mixed and poured, right here in the USA, no machines here. This process ensures that the wax is
the best you will find anywhere. It is our experience, of over 20 years, there are none better.
Escents Candles are 100% money back guaranteed, and our customers continue to come back as we
strive in satisfaction and pride in the quality of our candles, Cubees, and Oils.
Check out what we have to offer and if there’s something you don’t see, let us know using the form on
the Contact Us Page.
Escents Candle Company, where the world makes scents!

When you first start living with candles on a day-to-day basis, you
probably don’t expect you’ll be doing much more than just striking a
match, then sitting back to enjoy the candlelight. Well, there is a bit
more to burning candles. For a few of us it’s a science; for most all of us,
it’s definitely an art—indeed, a lost art.
The good news is that the benefits of incorporating candlelight in your
daily life far outweigh the few easy things you need to do to take care
of them. And, there’s really not so much “to do” as there is to be aware
of— only a very few things you really have to do (see “Burn your candles mindfully” below).
The greater your awareness of living with and caring for your candles, the better they’ll perform, and
the richer your experience.
Discover the secrets for living by candlelight.

Some of these tips and tricks you may already know. Some you may not. They’re all very, very useful:

1. Burn your pillar candle one hour for every inch of its diameter the first time you light it. This will
allow the pool of wax to extend to the outside rim and prevent your candle from forming a
“canyon” in its center.
2. Burning your candle this way will also set its memory. Each time you re-light the candle it will
“remember” to burn out to the rim.
3. Trim the wick of any candle— canister candle, pillar, taper, tealight or votive—to one-quarter
inch every time you light the candle. This will ensure clean, smoke-free burning.
4. Be sure to remove any wick debris that has fallen into the candle.
5. If in the unlikely event that your candle is smoking, and you’ve already trimmed the wick to onequarter inch, extinguish the candle immediately. Pinch or trim the wick just a bit more and the
smoking will stop.
6. If you’ve bought a superior-quality candle, you shouldn’t have problems with smoking. Fine
quality candles are virtually smokeless.
7. In addition, scented candles will smoke more than unscented candles. Therefore, the scent in the
candle needs to be of the highest quality as well.
8. Candles need oxygen. If you burn a candle in a small, confined area it will smoke. So consider the
size of the room when you arrange your candles.
9. The most effective way to extinguish the flame of a candle is to use a candle snuffer. The snuffer
helps prevent the wax from spraying, and keeps the wick centered as well.
10. If you don’t have a snuffer, here’s an effective way to extinguish a candle: Position your forefinger
between the candle and your mouth, aligning it with the flame. When you blow at the candle,
the “air” will circle around your finger, and hit the flame from both sides, rather than
approaching it directly. It’s a clever trick. Try it!
11. You can keep your candles smooth and silky-looking by gently rubbing them with ordinary nylon
stockings. This will remove scratches, and will also rub off the “bloom” that forms on a beeswax
12. To guard your candles against fading, avoid placing them in direct sunlight.
13. Store your candles in a dry, cool, dark place.
14. Before you slip a votive candle into a votive cup or holder, drop a teaspoon of water into the
cup. This way, when you want to remove the votive candle to replace it with another, the candle
should slide out easily. Plus, you won’t have to struggle, or run the risk of damaging the holder.
15. Check periodically to make sure there is ample water remaining in the holder.
16. Special tip: To sample a scented candle, breathe the fragrance in from the bottom of the candle
rather than the top or side. Undisturbed by circulating air, the aroma will be intensely
concentrated there, more so than on any other part of the candle.

438 Andrews Hwy
Midland, TX 79707

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