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I've been following you for a long time.
I've been waiting a couple months to ask you some questions.
I'm with you on a lot of your plan. I've gone over it many times.
I have been working on a similar project for awhile now.
We might need to talk later about that.
But first I have to say, I've been doing a lot of research over the years on the police.
My mother was a sheriff for 20 years so I know both sides.
But your end plan has me feeling concerned.
It seems out of touch. People in the militaristic side of the system seem to come to some sort of truce
and agreement, easier than people on the ground feeling enforcement side. They seem to respect each
other more for the risks and positions they are in, but I wouldn't say they respect each others values.
But let me remind you, The police have been a growing issue for a long time. Non of these politicians
wishes are made possible without the compliance from law enforcement. And let me tell you, THEY
HAVE BEEN VERY COMPLIANT. We wouldn't be having these conversations if they weren't doing
I think you're giving these people way too much trust and stock.
I would not lean on a cop let a lone trust them to usher in the arrests and new found freedom.
Forget about the shining stars who like the constitution
Coming from Years of experience and interviews, most police fall into two categories
A) ignorance of the law
B)they despise the Constitution and the rights it gives; makes their job harder, gives people too much
freedom, They think we should all be in cages cause we look like animals.
These people are also guilty of treason and conspiracy against rights weather they know it or are too
complacent and don’t know it.
I have huge doubts that they will have the moral fortitude to make this happen.
And when this is all done, are you gonna tell them to turn around and arrest themselves as well after
they arrest the bankers and politicians?
Go out and exercise any of your rights, and see who shows up. Go protest something, raise a sign or
carry a gun and tell me who comes and makes an issue out of it. Are we going to give them a slap on
the wrist too and say, promise you'll finally uphold your oath from now on?
You asked “why haven’t they cleaned house, does everyone have dirt on them?”. The answer is YES,
and in fact you wont be given a position of power within that system unless they do have some sort of
dirt on you, because they use it as a string to have control over who they let inside and give power to.
Think back about when you were given that order to search and destroy that friendly village and
remember those people who were willing to do it. These are the same types of people you're dealing
What's the back up plan if this doesn’t plan out?
2nd question, Why doesn't the military work from the bottom up, and tell people to ignore all efforts and
laws that try to rope them in for victimless crimes. Tell people to just not pull over unless they hurt
someone or damaged something. And give them legal backing to use force to repel any attacks for
doing otherwise. Like how some states made it officially legal to shoot police if they try to break into
your house without a warrant or a faulty one(I say “officially” because even though that has always
been legal it rarely stops charges from being placed on people for doing so). Do the same thing for
being stopped for and searched for carrying a gun or filming a police encounter or protesting etc. Insure

and follow through that nobody gets charged for doing that.
Trust me, everyone including police will learn real quick that it's pointless to try to violate someone's
freedom when they are repelled with force and then acquitted for doing so later.
This is what people want to do anyways, people want to live like they are free. So there is no conflict of
interest like you would encounter with the police. The police can be about as immoral as the criminals.
It's like dealing with some western character, the good bad and the ugly. These people need to respect
the citizens and their rights, and it seems to me the only time they do that is when they know it can
sting them if they don't.
I also think the citizens arrest is not well defined or well understood. Why don't you try to work out
some sort of official guidance for college students or able bodied/able minded people to do this, like
what mao did with the cultural revolution, minus the violence, minus the overthrow of the
government(because that's not what this is), minus public executions, property damage and beatings
etc, give them official guidelines to arrest people and how to do it and give the people immunity from
all statutes that involve victimless crimes or are against the constitution.
By the way, I wouldn't even call this a revolution, I would refrain from using that word as much ass
possible, as this is not out with the old in with the new, it's simply enforcing the law that already exists
and upholding the official constructs of the government(the constitution).
What are your thoughts?

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