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Česko-Anglický Online Slovník
abdikace - abdication, the abdication, abdicating, the abdication of, abdication of
abdikovat - abdicate, to abdicate, resign, to resign, abdicate as
abdominální - of the abdominal, the abdominal, abdomen, abdominal, of abdominal
abeceda - of alphabet, alphabet of, alphabet, the alphabet, ABC
abecední - the alphabetical, Abecední, alphabetical, alphabetic, an alphabetical
aberace - aberrations are, aberration, aberration of, aberrations, abnormalities
ablativ - ablative of, the ablative of, ablative case, the ablative, ablative
abnormalita - abnormality of, abnormalities, an abnormality, abnormality of the, abnormality
abnormální - the abnormal, by abnormal, an abnormal, of abnormal, abnormal
abonent - subscriber, a subscriber
absces - the abscess, abscess, an abscess, abscesses
abscisa - the abscissa, an abscissa, abscissa, an abscissa are
absentérství - absenteeism of, absentees, of absenteeism, absenteeism
absint - absinth, the absinthe, absinthe
absolutistický - despotic, arbitrary, absolutist, absolute, an absolutist
absolutní - the absolute, an absolute, complete, of absolute, absolute
absolutně - absolute, completely, an absolutely, totally, absolutely
absorbovat - absorb the, to absorb the, absorbing, to absorb, absorb
absorpce - the absorption, uptake, absorption of, absorption, of absorption
absorpční - absorption, absorber, absorbent, the absorption, absorptive
abstrakce - abstraction of, abstraction, abstractions, Abstract, of abstraction
abstraktní - of abstract, the abstract, abstract, an abstract
abstraktně - an abstract, the abstract, abstractly, abstract, in the abstract
absurdita - an absurdity, the absurdity of, the absurd, absurdity, the absurdity
absurdnost - absurdity, absurdity of, the absurdity, nonsense, the absurdity of
absurdní - ridiculous, an absurd, the absurd, preposterous, absurd
aby - in order, so, so that, to, that
achát - an agate, agate
adaptace - adaptations, adaptation of, adaptation, of adaptation, an adaptation
adaptovat - adapting, adapt the, adapt, to adapt, adapted
adekvátní - appropriate, adequately, suitable, adequate, an adequate
adheze - the adhesion, of adhesion, adhesion of, adhesion, adhesions
adhezní - the adhesion, the adhesive, adhesion, adhesive, an adhesive
adiabatický - adiabatically, atomising, an adiabatic, the adiabatic, adiabatic
adjektivní - the adjectival, an adjectival, adjective, adjectival
adjektivum - an adjective to, an adjective, the adjective, adjective to, adjective
adjunkt - clerk, an adjunct, adjunct
adjustovat - to adjust the
adjustování - of adjusting the, of adjusting, adjusting, adjusting the
adjutant - aide, adjutant of the, adjutant of
administrace - of administration, the administration of, administration of, administration, the
administrativa - administration of, administration is, the administration, administration has,
administrativní - office, of administrative, the administrative, administration, administrative
administrační - administration, an administration, the administration, admin, administrative
administrátor - an administrator, administrators, the administrator, administrator has, administrator
admiralita - admiralty, the Admiralty
admirál - Adm, the Admiral, Admiral of, admiral

adopce - of adoption, adoptions, adoption, adoption of
adoptovat - adopt the, to adopt, adopt, adopting, adopt a
adresa - address, address of, address of the, the address, address is
adresant - sender
adresovat - to address, addressed to, addressed, direct, address
adresát - the addressee, consignee, the addressee of, addressee, addressee of
advent - Advent, Advent in
adventivní - advent, adventive, adventitious
adverbiální - adverbial
advokát - attorney, lawyer, advocate, barrister, solicitor
aerob - aerobe
aerodynamický - streamline, streamlined, aerodynamic, wind, the aerodynamic
aeronautika - aeronautics was, aeronautics
aeroplán - Aeroplane, airplane
aerosol - particulate matter, an aerosol, matter, the aerosol
afekt - Affect, the affect
afektivní - of affective, affective, mood, an affective, the affective
afektovanost - gentility, affectation of, mannerism, frills, affectation
afektovaný - mannered, stilted, taffeta, affected, minikin
afinita - affinity of, affinity of the, affinity, the affinity, the affinity of
aforismus - the aphorism, aphorism, an aphorism, maxim, aphorism of
aféra - of affair, scandal, the affair, affair, affair of
agens - agent, agents
agentura - agency, Agents, an agency, Agency shall, the Agency
agilnost - the agility, the agility of, agility with, agility of, agility
agilní - agile, of agile, an agile, the agile
agitace - of agitation, campaigning, agitation, propaganda, canvassing
agitátor - the agitator, an agitator, canvasser, agitator, campaigner
aglomerace - agglomerations, agglomeration of, agglomeration, conurbation, the agglomeration
aglomerovat - to bake, bake the, baking, bake, agglomerate
aglomerát - an agglomerate, agglomerates, the agglomerate, agglomerate of, agglomerate
aglutinace - agglutination, agglutinating, of agglutination, agglutination of
aglutinovat - agglutinate, agglutinating, to agglutinate
agregace - aggregation, aggregation of, aggregations, the aggregation
agregát - assembly, aggregate, power unit, unit, plant
agrese - the aggression, aggression, of aggression
agresivita - aggressiveness, aggression, aggressivity, aggressiveness of, aggressive
agresor - aggressor, agressor, an aggressor, the aggressor
agronom - agronomist, Agronom, agriculturalist, agriculturist, an agronomist
agronomický - agronomical, agronomically, agronomic
agrární - agrarian, agricultural, the agrarian, of agrarian, farming
agónie - the agony, agony of, of agony, agony, death throes
ahoj - hi, Hey, bye, hello
akademický - academic, the academic, academical, an academic, scholastic
akademie - of the Academy of, College, Academy of, academy, of the Academy
akademik - academician, academic, an academic, an academician, academician of
akce - the action, actions, action, event, events
akcelerace - accelerator, the acceleration, acceleration of, the accelerator, acceleration
akcent - the accent, emphasis, an accent, accent, accents
akcentovat - accentuate, to accentuate, accent, accentuated, accentuate the
akcentování - accent lighting, accentuating, stressing, accentuating the, accentuation

akcept - Accept, acceptances, Akcept
akceptace - acceptance of, acceptance, the acceptance, acceptances, acceptation
akceptor - acceptor, the acceptor, acceptors, an acceptor
akceptovat - accept the, accepted, to accept, to accept the, accept
akcie - shares, shares of, stocks, share, the shares
akcionář - a shareholder, shareholder of, the shareholder, shareholder, stockholder
aklamace - the acclamation, acclamation of, acclamations, acclamation
aklimatizace - the acclimation, acclimatization, acclimatization of, of acclimatization, acclimation
aklimatizovat - to acclimate, to acclimatize, acclimatise, acclimatize, acclimate
akné - the acne, acne, of acne
akolyta - the acolyte, an acolyte, Acolyte
akomodace - accommodative, acomodation, of accommodation, accommodation, accomodation
akomodovat - accommodate, to accommodate
akord - the chord, a chord, chord
akr - acre, hectares, acres, acre of, an acre
akreditace - accreditation, accreditations, the accreditation, accreditation of, of accreditation
akreditovat - accredit, to accredit, accrediting, accredited, accredit the
akrobacie - of acrobatics, stunts, aerobatics, acrobatics, Circus
akrobat - Aerobatic, The Acrobat, an acrobat, acrobat
akrobatický - an acrobatic, an aerobatic, acrobatic, aerobatic
aksamit - Aksamit, velvet
akt - act of, act, the ACP, ACP, nude
aktivismus - activism, activism of, activism is
aktivista - an activist, activist
aktivita - activity of, the activity, activity of the, activities, activity
aktivnost - activity
aktivní - the active, search, relevant search, active, an active
aktivovat - activated, activate the, to activate, enable, activate
aktivátor - activator, an activator, the activator, activator of
aktovka - attache, portfolio, bag, briefcase, satchel
aktualita - actuality, novelty, news
aktualizace - update, updated, updating, updates, Review
aktualizovat - update, to update, upgrade, updated, update the
aktualizování - upgrading, updating the, updating of, update, updating
aktuální - recent, current, actual, the current, topical
akumulovat - accumulating, accumulate, accumulate the, accumulated, to accumulate
akupunktura - acupuncture, of Acupuncture
akustický - sonic, audible, sound, acoustic, an acoustic
akustika - acoustic, acoustics of, Akustika, acoustics
akutnost - acuteness of, acuteness, The acuteness of, The acuteness
akutní - the acute, an acute, acute, both acute, of acute
akuzativ - the accusative case, the accusative, accusative case, an accusative, accusative
akvadukt - aqueduct in, an aqueduct, aqueduct, aquaduct, the aqueduct
akvarel - watercolor, a watercolor, aquarelle, water color, Akvarel
akvizice - acquisitions, acquisition, the acquisition, acquisition of, the acquisition of
akvárium - an aquarium, aquarium, the aquarium
alabastr - Alabastr, alabaster
alarm - the alarm, an alarm, alarm is, alarms
alarmovat - alarm, be alerted, alerted rapidly, alarmed
alchymie - alchemy of, the alchemy, alchemy, of alchemy
alchymista - an alchemist, The Alchemist, alchemist, Alchymista

ale - yet, but the, but it, but, however
alegorický - an allegoric, allegoric, allegorical, the allegorical, an allegorical
alegorie - allegory of, allegories, an allegory, allegory, an allegory of
alej - further, below, alley, avenue
aliance - the alliance, alliances, Alliance of, the Alliance of, alliance
alikvotní - accrued, aliquots, overtone, aliquot, An aliquot
aliterace - the alliteration, of the alliteration, alliteration, alliterations, of alliteration
alkohol - liquor, the alcohol, of alcohol, alcohol, an alcohol
alkoholický - an alcoholic, alcoholic, the alcoholic, alcohol
alkoholik - the alcoholic, drunk, drinker, alcoholic, an alcoholic
alkoholismus - alcohol abuse, alcoholism, of alcoholism
alkoholový - alcohol, the alcohol, alcoholic, an alcohol
alkovna - alcove
almara - Almara
almužna - charity, almsgiving, handout, alms, pittance
alpinismus - mountaneering, alpinism, rope access, and rope access, mountaineering
alpinista - alpinist, mountaineer
alt - alto, the alt
alternativa - an alternative, an alternative to, alternative, alternative to, option
alternativní - an alternate, alternative, alternate, an alternative, the alternative
alternovat - to alternate, Alternating, alternate
alternující - Alternate, of alternating, an alternating, the alternating, alternating
altruismus - altruism, altruism of
altruista - an altruist, altruist, altruistic
altruistický - an altruistic, the altruistic, altruistic, altruism
altán - arbor, pavilion, summer-house, gazebo, a gazebo
aluviální - of alluvial, an alluvial, alluvial, the alluvial, of an alluvial
amarant - amaranth
amatér - amateur, an amateur, the amateur, ham, dabbler
amatérský - amateurish, amateur, the amateur, amateur and, an amateur
ambice - the ambition, the ambitions, ambitions, ambition, ambitions of
ambiciózní - the ambitious, ambition, ambitious, an ambitious
ambrózie - of ambrosia, ambrosia, the ragweed, of ragweed, ragweed
ambulantní - ambulant, outpatient, ambulatory
americium - the americium, are americium, of americium
ametyst - amethyst, Ametyst, an amethyst, of amethyst, the amethyst
amfiteátr - the amphitheater, amphitheater, Amphitheatre, an amphitheater
amfora - The Amfora, Amfora, the amphora, amphora
amnestie - by amnesty, amnesties, amnesty, an amnesty, the amnesty
amnion - of the amnion, the amnion, an amnion
amnézie - fugue, of amnesia, amnesia
amorfní - an amorphous, the amorphous, amorphous, of amorphous
amortizace - of depreciation, amortization, amortization of, the amortization, depreciation
amortizovat - amortize, amortized, to amortise, amortise the, amortise
amorální - the amoral, an amoral, immoral, of amoral, amoral
amplituda - amplitude, the amplitude, the amplitude of, amplitude of, amplitude of the
ampulka - ampoule, ampule, phial, ampoule of, vial
amputace - amputations, of amputation, amputation, for amputation, amputation of
amputovat - amputate, of amputating, amputating, amputate the, to amputate
amulet - an amulet, the amulet, talisman, charm
anachronický - an anachronistic, anachronism, anachronistic

anachronismus - an anachronism, anachronistic, anachronism, anachronism of
analfabet - an illiterate, illiterate, the illiterate
analfabetismus - illiteracy
analgetický - analgetic, an analgesic, the analgesic, analgesic
analogický - analogous, analogue, analog, analogical, analogous to
analogon - an analogue, an analogue of, an analogue of the, analogue of
analogový - an analog, analog, the analog, an analogue, analogue
analytický - the analytical, analytical, analytic, Analysis, an analytical
analyzovat - analyzed, analyze the, to analyze the, to analyze, analyze
analyzátor - parser, analyzer, the analyzer, Analyser, the parser
analýza - analysis of the, analysis of, analysis, the analysis, an analysis
anarchický - anarchic, the anarchic, anarchical, more anarchic
anarchismus - anarchism, anarchism is
anarchista - the anarchist, anarchist, an anarchist
anarchistický - the anarchist, anarchistic, anarchical, anarchic, anarchist
anatom - anatomist, an anatomist, the anatomist, anatomists
anatomický - anatomic, anatomy, anatomical, an anatomical, the anatomical
anatéma - anathema
andílek - an angel, cherub, Little Angel, a little angel, angel
andělský - angelic, cherubic, angel, an angelic, seraphic
anebo - or, or a, or the
anekdota - joke, an anecdote, anecdote, the anecdote, story
anekdotický - anecdotic, anecdotal
anemický - the anemic, an anemic, anemic
anemometr - anemometer, an anemometer, wind-gauge, echo, the anemometer
aneroid - the aneroid barometer, aneroid barometer, an aneroid barometer, an aneroid
aneurysma - an aneurysm, aneurysms, aneurysm, the aneurysm
anexe - annexation of, the annexation of, annexation, the annexation, anion exchange
ani - or, either, neither, even, nor
animismus - of animism, animism
animozita - animosity
animálnost - animalism
animální - animalistic, animal, animal animals
anketa - questionnaire, Poll, Anketa, survey, inquiry
ano - Ano, yea, yeah, so, yes
anomálie - abnormality, anomalies, an anomaly, anomaly, abnormalities
anomální - the anomalous, anomalous, anomaly, an anomalous, abnormal
anonym - poison pen, anonymous
anonymita - the anonymity, anonymity of, anonymity, the anonymity of, anonymous
anonymní - anonymous, an anonymous, the anonymous
anonymně - anonymous, anonymous basis, anonymously, an anonymous
anorganický - the inorganic, inorganic, an inorganic, mineral
anotace - annotations, annotation, annotation of, the annotation
antagonismus - antagonism, antagonism of, antagonism of the, the antagonism, antagonisms
antagonista - antagonist is, the antagonist, an antagonist, antagonist of, antagonist
antagonistický - an antagonistic, the antagonistic, opposing, antagonistic, antagonist
antedatovat - backdating the, backdate, backdating, antedate
anticipace - anticipation of, anticipating, anticipations, anticipation, of anticipation
anticipovat - to anticipate, anticipate, anticipate the, anticipating
antický - an antique, antique, ancient, classical, the ancient
antika - Antique, Antika, antiquity, the Antika, the ancient world

antikoncepční - birth, contraceptives, birth control, contraceptive, contraception
antikorozní - corrosion, stainless, anticorrosive, rust, anticorrosion
antikvář - an antiquarian, antiquarian books, the antiquarian, antiquary, antiquarian
antilopa - Blackbuck, antelope, antelopes, an antelope, the antelope
antipatický - antipathetic, antipathetical
antipatie - antipathies, antipathy, dislikes, dislike, of antipathy
antipyretický - antipyretic, pyretic, the antipyretic
antitetický - antithetical, antithetic
antiteze - the antithesis, antitheses, antithesis, the antithesis of, antithetical
antitoxický - antitoxic
antitoxin - antitoxin is, the antitoxin, an antitoxin
antitéza - antithesis of, the antithesis, antithesis
antologie - anthologies, anthology, anthology of, the anthology, an anthology
antracit - anthracit, anthracite, anthrazit
antropoid - Antropoid, anthropoid, the Anthropoid, the Antropoid, an anthropoid
antropoidní - anthropoid
antropolog - anthropologist, the anthropologist, an anthropologist, by anthropologist
antropologický - Anthropology, the anthropological, an anthropological, anthropological,
antropologie - Antropology, of Anthropology, anthropology of, anthropology
antropometrie - anthropometrics of, anthropometry, the anthropometrics, of anthropometry,
anténa - antenna is, the antenna, antenna, an antenna, aerial
anulovat - rescind, annul, nullify, override, cancel
anýz - anise, anis, of anise, aniseed
anýzovka - anisette
ančovička - anchovies, anchovy
anšovka - Hams
aparatura - apparatus, The equipment, Devices, the apparatus, equipment
apartmá - apartments, the apartment, suites, apartment, Suite
apartní - chic
aparát - machinery, machine, apparatus of, appliance, apparatus
apatický - lethargic, mopy, apathetical, apathetic, listless
apatie - stupor, lethargy, apathy, of apathy, listlessness
apatit - apatite, like apatite
apel - appeal to, appeals, an appeal, appeal
apendix - the appendix, appendix, an appendix
aplaudovat - applauded, to applaud, applaud
apokalypsa - Apokalypsa, apocalypse, the Apocalypse of, apocalypse of, the apocalypse
apokalyptický - an apocalyptic, the apocalyptic, apocalyptical, apocalyptic, doomsday
apokryfický - apocryphal, the apocryphal
apokryfní - an apocryphal, apocryphal, the apocryphal, by apocryphal, in the apocryphal
apolitický - not political, apolitical, apolitic, the apolitical, an apolitical
apoplektický - apoplectic
aportovat - retrieve, to retrieve, loves to retrieve her
apostrof - an apostrophe, single quotation mark, apostrophe, the apostrophe
apostrofa - the apostrophe to, apostrophe to, an apostrophe, apostrophe, the apostrophe
apoteóza - Apotheosis, the apotheosis of, apotheosis of the, The Apotheosis, apotheosis of
apoštol - an apostle of, apostle, apostle of, the Apostle, an apostle
apoštolský - apostles, the Apostolic, an apostolic, apostolic, the apostles
apretura - finishing, finishing of, glaze

aprobace - of specialization, approbation, inappropriately qualified, approvals
aprobovat - approve of
aproximace - approximation of, approximation, approximations, an approximation
apsida - apse, apsis, the apse
ar - of Ar, in Ar, r, the Ar
arabeska - arabesques, arabesque, the arabesque, of arabesque
aranžér - arranger, an arranger, decorator, window dresser, dresser
arbitráž - arbitration, arbitrage, the arbitration
arbitrážní - the Arbitration, arbitration, the Arbitral, arbitral, arbitrage
arch - architect, sheet of the, sheet of, sheet
archa - ark, Archa, the Ark, Ark of
archaický - archaic, an archaic, of archaic, the archaic
archanděl - the Archangel, archangel, an archangel
archeolog - archeologist, an archaeologist, the archaeologist, archaeologist
archeologický - The archaeological, an archaeological, archeological, archaeological, archaeologica
archeologie - archeology of, of Archaeology, Archaeology, archeology, of archeology
archeoložka - the archaeologist, archeologist, an archaeologist, archaeologist most, archaeologist
archetyp - archetype, the archetype of, an archetype, the archetype, archetype of
architekt - an architect, architect, the architect, architect of
architektka - architect of, an architect, architect, the architect
architektonický - an architectural, architectonic, architecture, architectural, the architectural
architektura - The architecture, architecture of, architecture
architráv - architrave of the, architrave of, architrave, the architrave
archivář - the archivist, archivist of, an archivist, archivist, Filing clerk
arcibiskup - archbishop, the Archbishop, Archbishop of, the Archbishop of
arcibiskupský - Archbishop, archiepiscopal, the Archbishop
arcibiskupství - archbishopric, the Archbishopric, archbishopric of, the Archbishopric of, an
arciděkan - archdeacon as, the archdeacon of, Archdeacon of, the Archdeacon, Archdeacon
arcijáhen - the Archdeacon, an archdeacon, archdeacon
arcivévoda - by Archduke, archduke, the Archduke, Archduke of
arcivévodství - archduchy of, the Archduchy of, the archduchy, archduchy, of the Archduchy of
aretovat - locked in place, latched, locked, arresting, be locked
areál - complex, premises, area, resort, grounds
argentinský - the Argentinian, Argentinean, Argentine, Argentinian, an Argentine
argumentace - arguments, reasoning, argument, line of argument, argumentation
argumentovat - argue, arguing, to argue, argued, argument
aristokracie - aristocracy of, nobility, of the aristocracy, aristocracy, the aristocracy
aristokrat - aristocratic, the aristocrat, an aristocrat, aristocrat
aristokratický - an aristocratic, noble, the aristocratic, aristocratic
aristokratičnost - nobleness
aritmetický - arithmetic, arithmetical, the arithmetic, the arithmetical, an arithmetic
aritmetika - arithmetic, arithmetics, the arithmetic, arithmetic of
arkebuza - their arquebuses, arquebuses, arquebus
arktický - an arctic, frigid, subarctic, Arctic, the Arctic
arkáda - arcade, Arkáda, arcade game, Arkada
armatura - fittings, mixer, valve, fitting, armature
armáda - military, the army, army of, army, the military
arogance - of arrogance, hubris, arrogance, arrogance of, the arrogance
arogantnost - arrogance
arogantní - snotty, smug, overbearing, arrogant, an arrogant

arogantně - smugly, arrogance, arrogant, arrogantly
aromatický - flavoring, the aromatic, aromatic, spicy, an aromatic
artikl - article, part
artikulace - the articulation, enunciation, articulation of, articulation, of articulation
artikulovat - to articulate, articulate, articulate the, enunciate, articulating
artritický - arthritis, an arthritic, the arthritis, arthritic, in an arthritic
artyčok - an artichoke, of artichoke, artichoke, artichokes
arytmie - arrhythmias, arrhythmia, an arrhythmia, of arrhythmia, the arrhythmia
arzenál - an arsenal, arsenal of, ordnance, armory, arsenal
aréna - hippodrome, the arena, arena, bullring
aróma - bouquet, aroma, flavor, relish, odor
asanace - sanitation of, decontamination, renewal, redevelopment, sanitation
asexuální - by asexual, of asexual, an asexual, the asexual, asexual
asfalt - asphalt, of asphalt, bitumen, the asphalt, tarmac
asfaltovat - tarmac, asphalt
asi - probably, about, around, some, of about
asignace - assignation, assignation of, the assignation, assignations
asimilace - assimilation of, the assimilation, of assimilation, the assimilation of, assimilation
asimilovat - to assimilate, to assimilate the, assimilating, assimilate, assimilate the
asistence - assistance of, assistance to, the assistance of, assistance, the assistance
asistent - assistents, an assistant, assist, assistant, assistant to
asistovat - assist, assisted, to assist, assist the, assisted by
asketa - ascetic, mortifier, the ascetic, an ascetic
asketický - an ascetic, asceticism, austere, the ascetic, ascetic
askeze - of austerity, asceticism, austerity, of asceticism, austerities
asociace - Association of, association, associations, the association, of the Association of
asociovat - associate, to associate the, associating, to associate, associate the
asociální - antisocial, the asocial, asocial
asonance - assonance, the assonance
aspekt - facet, aspect, aspects, aspect of, aspect of the
aspik - aspic, jelly
aspirace - of aspiration, aspiration of, aspiration, aspirations, aspirations of
aspirin - an aspirin, of aspirin
aspirovat - aspirate, aspire to, to aspire, aspiring, aspire
astigmatický - astigmatic
astma - of asthma, asthma
astrofyzika - Astrophysics, astrophysicist
astrolog - an astrologer, astrologer, astrologist, the astrologer
astrologický - Free Astrology, astrology, astrological, The astrological, an astrological
astronaut - spaceman, the astronaut, an astronaut
astronautika - space are included as, space are, space are included, astronautics industries,
astronom - astronomer, the astronomer, an astronomer
astronomický - an astronomical, astronomic, the astronomical, Astronomy, astronomical
astrální - of astral, the astral, an astral, astral
asymetrický - asymmetrical, an asymmetrical, an asymmetric, the asymmetric, asymmetric
asymetrie - asymmetries, of asymmetry, asymmetric, asymmetry, asymmetry of
asymptota - asymptotic, asymptote of, the asymptote, asymptote, asymptote ⇨
asynchronní - async, asynchronous, the asynchronous, induction, an asynchronous
atavismus - atavism
atavistický - an atavistic, atavistic

ateista - the atheist, an atheist, atheist
ateistický - godless, atheistic, the atheistic, atheist, an atheistic
ateliér - studio of, a studio, studio, atelier
atentát - attempt, assassination attempt, assassination, assassination of, the assassination
atest - attestation, attest, clearance, certificate
atestace - Postgraduate Diploma, attestation, the attestation, attestation of, attestations
atituda - atitude
atlet - athlete of, the athlete, jock, athlete, an athlete
atletický - athletics, an athletic, track and field, athletic, of athletic
atletika - track and field, Atletika, Track & Field, athletics
atmosféra - atmosphere of, atmosphere, the atmosphere, the atmosphere of, ambience
atol - Atoll neighborhood, Male Atoll, the atoll, atoll, Atol
atomický - The atomic, atomic, of atomic, an atomic
atomizovat - atomise the, to atomize, atomize the, atomize, atomise
atomizér - atomiser, the atomizer, an atomizer, atomizer
atomový - atomic, nuclear, atom, the atomic, an atomic
atrakce - atractions, interesting, attractions, attraction, attractions for
atraktivní - of attractive, beautiful, attractive, the attractive, an attractive
atribut - attribute of, an attribute, attribute is, attribute, the attribute
atropin - atropine
atypický - atypical, produce untypical, an atypical, untypical
auditor - the auditor, auditor of, auditor is
aureola - hallway, aureole, a halo, halo of
aut - rental company, Hire, rental, Car, cars
autentický - authentic, the authentic, an authentic, genuine, a genuine
autentičnost - the authenticity, authenticity of, authentic, the authenticity of, authenticity
autochton - autochthon, autochthones
autodidaktický - self-educated
autograf - autograph of, the autograph, autograph
autogram - an autograph, the autograph, autograph, autographs
autokar - coach is, coach, Motorbike, the coach
autokracie - autocracies, of the autocracy, of autocracy, the autocracy, autocracy
autokrat - the autocrat, an autocrat, autocrat, the autocrat chooses, autocrat chooses
autokratický - autocratical, an autocratic, autocratic, autocratic for, the autocratic
automat - automaton, machine, dispenser, automatic machine
automatický - Auto, automatically, the automatic, automatic, an automatic
automatismus - automatism, automatism of, automaticity, the automatism, automatically to
automatizace - automation, the automation, of automation of, automation of, of automation
automatizovat - automate the, to automate the, automated, to automate, automate
automobil - truck, vehicle, a car, automobile, car
automobilismus - car transport, automotive, motoring, motorism
automobilista - Car Driver, motorist
automobilový - car, motor, automobile, the automotive, automotive
autonomní - an autonomous, autonomic, autonomous, independent, the autonomous
autoportrét - selfportrait, self-portrait, self portrait
autor - author of, writer, author, the author, the author of
autorita - authority, the authority, the authority of, authority of
autoritativní - authoritative, magisterial, an authoritative, the authoritative, authoritarian
autoritář - disciplinarian, authoritarian
autoritářský - paternalistic, the authoritarian, an authoritarian, authoritarian
autorizace - Authorisation, authorization of, the authorization, authentication, authorization

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