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akcept - Accept, acceptances, Akcept
akceptace - acceptance of, acceptance, the acceptance, acceptances, acceptation
akceptor - acceptor, the acceptor, acceptors, an acceptor
akceptovat - accept the, accepted, to accept, to accept the, accept
akcie - shares, shares of, stocks, share, the shares
akcionář - a shareholder, shareholder of, the shareholder, shareholder, stockholder
aklamace - the acclamation, acclamation of, acclamations, acclamation
aklimatizace - the acclimation, acclimatization, acclimatization of, of acclimatization, acclimation
aklimatizovat - to acclimate, to acclimatize, acclimatise, acclimatize, acclimate
akné - the acne, acne, of acne
akolyta - the acolyte, an acolyte, Acolyte
akomodace - accommodative, acomodation, of accommodation, accommodation, accomodation
akomodovat - accommodate, to accommodate
akord - the chord, a chord, chord
akr - acre, hectares, acres, acre of, an acre
akreditace - accreditation, accreditations, the accreditation, accreditation of, of accreditation
akreditovat - accredit, to accredit, accrediting, accredited, accredit the
akrobacie - of acrobatics, stunts, aerobatics, acrobatics, Circus
akrobat - Aerobatic, The Acrobat, an acrobat, acrobat
akrobatický - an acrobatic, an aerobatic, acrobatic, aerobatic
aksamit - Aksamit, velvet
akt - act of, act, the ACP, ACP, nude
aktivismus - activism, activism of, activism is
aktivista - an activist, activist
aktivita - activity of, the activity, activity of the, activities, activity
aktivnost - activity
aktivní - the active, search, relevant search, active, an active
aktivovat - activated, activate the, to activate, enable, activate
aktivátor - activator, an activator, the activator, activator of
aktovka - attache, portfolio, bag, briefcase, satchel
aktualita - actuality, novelty, news
aktualizace - update, updated, updating, updates, Review
aktualizovat - update, to update, upgrade, updated, update the
aktualizování - upgrading, updating the, updating of, update, updating
aktuální - recent, current, actual, the current, topical
akumulovat - accumulating, accumulate, accumulate the, accumulated, to accumulate
akupunktura - acupuncture, of Acupuncture
akustický - sonic, audible, sound, acoustic, an acoustic
akustika - acoustic, acoustics of, Akustika, acoustics
akutnost - acuteness of, acuteness, The acuteness of, The acuteness
akutní - the acute, an acute, acute, both acute, of acute
akuzativ - the accusative case, the accusative, accusative case, an accusative, accusative
akvadukt - aqueduct in, an aqueduct, aqueduct, aquaduct, the aqueduct
akvarel - watercolor, a watercolor, aquarelle, water color, Akvarel
akvizice - acquisitions, acquisition, the acquisition, acquisition of, the acquisition of
akvárium - an aquarium, aquarium, the aquarium
alabastr - Alabastr, alabaster
alarm - the alarm, an alarm, alarm is, alarms
alarmovat - alarm, be alerted, alerted rapidly, alarmed
alchymie - alchemy of, the alchemy, alchemy, of alchemy
alchymista - an alchemist, The Alchemist, alchemist, Alchymista