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antikoncepční - birth, contraceptives, birth control, contraceptive, contraception
antikorozní - corrosion, stainless, anticorrosive, rust, anticorrosion
antikvář - an antiquarian, antiquarian books, the antiquarian, antiquary, antiquarian
antilopa - Blackbuck, antelope, antelopes, an antelope, the antelope
antipatický - antipathetic, antipathetical
antipatie - antipathies, antipathy, dislikes, dislike, of antipathy
antipyretický - antipyretic, pyretic, the antipyretic
antitetický - antithetical, antithetic
antiteze - the antithesis, antitheses, antithesis, the antithesis of, antithetical
antitoxický - antitoxic
antitoxin - antitoxin is, the antitoxin, an antitoxin
antitéza - antithesis of, the antithesis, antithesis
antologie - anthologies, anthology, anthology of, the anthology, an anthology
antracit - anthracit, anthracite, anthrazit
antropoid - Antropoid, anthropoid, the Anthropoid, the Antropoid, an anthropoid
antropoidní - anthropoid
antropolog - anthropologist, the anthropologist, an anthropologist, by anthropologist
antropologický - Anthropology, the anthropological, an anthropological, anthropological,
antropologie - Antropology, of Anthropology, anthropology of, anthropology
antropometrie - anthropometrics of, anthropometry, the anthropometrics, of anthropometry,
anténa - antenna is, the antenna, antenna, an antenna, aerial
anulovat - rescind, annul, nullify, override, cancel
anýz - anise, anis, of anise, aniseed
anýzovka - anisette
ančovička - anchovies, anchovy
anšovka - Hams
aparatura - apparatus, The equipment, Devices, the apparatus, equipment
apartmá - apartments, the apartment, suites, apartment, Suite
apartní - chic
aparát - machinery, machine, apparatus of, appliance, apparatus
apatický - lethargic, mopy, apathetical, apathetic, listless
apatie - stupor, lethargy, apathy, of apathy, listlessness
apatit - apatite, like apatite
apel - appeal to, appeals, an appeal, appeal
apendix - the appendix, appendix, an appendix
aplaudovat - applauded, to applaud, applaud
apokalypsa - Apokalypsa, apocalypse, the Apocalypse of, apocalypse of, the apocalypse
apokalyptický - an apocalyptic, the apocalyptic, apocalyptical, apocalyptic, doomsday
apokryfický - apocryphal, the apocryphal
apokryfní - an apocryphal, apocryphal, the apocryphal, by apocryphal, in the apocryphal
apolitický - not political, apolitical, apolitic, the apolitical, an apolitical
apoplektický - apoplectic
aportovat - retrieve, to retrieve, loves to retrieve her
apostrof - an apostrophe, single quotation mark, apostrophe, the apostrophe
apostrofa - the apostrophe to, apostrophe to, an apostrophe, apostrophe, the apostrophe
apoteóza - Apotheosis, the apotheosis of, apotheosis of the, The Apotheosis, apotheosis of
apoštol - an apostle of, apostle, apostle of, the Apostle, an apostle
apoštolský - apostles, the Apostolic, an apostolic, apostolic, the apostles
apretura - finishing, finishing of, glaze